kumbkaran see ram as vishnu bhagwan 29 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 234]

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29 July Episode starts with

Hanuman saying Jai Shri Ram and pushing Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran says great, there was no mighty warrior come who moved Kumbhkaran back in war, who are you brave monkey. Hanuman says I m Ram’s devotee Hanuman. Kumbhkaran says the one who lit fire in Lanka. Hanuman says yes, I will make you lose today. Kumbhkaran says I m impressed seeing your bravery and power, and your words. Hanuman asks him to go back or die by fighting. Kumbhkaran says I m pleased seeing monkeys’ unity, but I chose to fight with Ram. He laughs. Hanuman says we have to stop Kumbhkaran any way. Laxman takes Ram’s permission and goes.

Trijata tells Sita that Vibhishan explained Kumbhkaran to walk on Dharm path and leave from the war, but Kumbhkaran decided to do brother’s duty towards Raavan, he entered the battle ground, this day is very difficult. Laxman shoots arrows on Kumbhkaran and warns him not to walk ahead. Kumbhkaran clears the arrows off his body and says finally, you came infornt of me Ram. Laxman says you have face Ram’s brother Laxman before facing Ram.

Kumbhkaran says you have cut my sister’s nose, you are the cause of all this. Laxman asks him not to judge wrong without knowing all facts, it was your sister’s mistake that day. Kumbhkaran says what was wrong and what was right that day will be decided in war today. He throws a weapon at Laxman. Laxman shoots arrow and bursts his weapon. Kumbhkaran gets angry. Laxman prays and shoots arrow at him. His leg catches fire. Kumbhkaran flows off fire. He prays and gets a miraculous fire round. Everyone look on. Kumbhkaran throws the fire ball towards Laxman. Laxman shoots arrow and blows off the fire. Kumbhkaran gets shocked again. Laxman prays and tells Kumbhkaran that your life got over now. He shoots at Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran gets shot at shoulder, and removes the tiny arrow.

He throws it and says Laxman, you are not any ordinary human, you have failed all my Divastra, I took decision that I will just fight with war, before coming in war, but you made me helpless to change my decision. He prays and gets a huge weapon. Vibhishan tells Ram that this is Mahadev’s Trishul, no weapon in trilok can stop this. Kumbhkaran says Har Har Mahadev and throws trishul at Laxman. He laughs. Ram worries and shouts Laxman. The trishul stops near Laxman’s face……. They see Hanuman holding the trishul by all his power. Jai Hanuman…..plays…………………. Hanuman turns the trishul towards a mountain. Kumbhkaran gets shocked. The mountain bursts by the weapon. Vibhishan says Hanuman saved Laxman from this big problem, but there is bigger problem, that’s Kumbhkaran’s anger, Brahma, Indra and Mahadev’s Dhyaan gets ruined by his anger, just you can save vanar sena by his anger Shri Ram. Ram goes to Kumbhkaran……

Trijata asks Sita not to worry, Kumbhkaran can create problem for vanar sena, but I m sure Ram will fail all problems. Sita says I know, but I m worried, Ram did not kill any innocent person, its first time that two Dharm followers will fight against each other, one Dharmatma will die in this Dharm war, as she has taken Adharm path.
Kumbhkaran sees Shri Vishnu’s avatar in Ram, and gets shocked. He thinks why is he seeing Vishnu in Ram…. He recalls Lord Vishnu’s words about his births, and how Vishnu will kill him in his different avatars, and do his Mukti from the world. He thinks Ram is Narayan, he took birth on earth to free us, and Sita Mata residing in ashok vatika is avatar of Mata Laxmi. He prays in heart, and greets his Leela. He stops himself from folding hands, and says no, if I fold hands, he will forgive me, my Mukti won’t be possible, I have to get death by Prabhu Shri Ram’s hands any way.

He asks Ram not to think and fight, as warriors do not think when they stand in battle ground, warriors uses weapons. He says lift your weapon Ram and fight with me. Ram says Vibhishan told me that Dharm stays in your heart, and you did not do any Adharm in your life, you are just obeying your duty towards your brother Raavan. Kumbhkaran thinks does he not want to kill me, no this can’t happen… Ram says you are pure hearted man, and I have no enmity with you, so I can’t punish you in war, I request you to return. Ram folds hands. Kumbhkaran says no, this can’t happen, I came to fight with you, its insult in world for brave warrior to return without fighting. Ram says according to Raghukul tradition, we don’t shoot arrow at any innocent man.

Kumbhkaran thinks if Ram does not kill me, how will I get Mukti. Ram goes back. Laxman says whats this, Ram is coming back without killing Raavan’s brother. Kumbhkaran asks Ram, where are you running like cowards. He lifts a huge boulder and throws at Ram. Laxman shouts Bhaiya. Ram turns and shoots arrow at boulder. The boulder bursts. Kumbhkaran gets bigger rock this time. Vibhishan and everyone look on. Ram shoots arrow at Kumbhkaran’s hand, which falls off. Vibhishan worries for him. Kumbhkaran prays and gets a weapon in his hand. Ram shoots at him and arrow tears off his second hand too. Vibhishan cries.

Ram shoots at Kumbhkaran, while Kumbhkaran was going to step on Ram. Kumbhkaran falls back and sits. Ram’s army chants Jai Shri Ram. Kumbhkaran says whats my bad fate, when you are infront of me, during my last time, I don’t have my hands to greet you, my life got blessed by getting death from your hands. He falls down. Vibhishan shatters seeing this sight and cries. Ram holds Vibhishan. Vibhishan says after knowing Kumbhkaran will die in the battle ground, I could not save him. he apologizes to Kumbhkaran. Ram says any loved one’s death is very painful, but sometimes we know the result and still we do what destiny makes us do, that’s why forget sorrow and be proud, that Kumbhkaran knew the consequences and still did his duty towards Raavan, that’s why the world will know Kumbhkaran as Dharmatma Kumbhkaran. Ram looks at Kumbhkaran.


Precap :
Kaikesi goes to Raavan and decides to stop the war, and return Sita to Ram. Raavan goes to Sita angrily and says Ram has killed my brother Kumbhkaran, I will not leave you alive.


** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman feels proud skr

hanuman stops mahadev astra thrown by kumbkaran

kumbkaran arrives at battlefield

kumbkaran attacks laxman with mahadev astra

kumbkaran got hurt in the yudh

kumbkaran see ram as vishnu bhagwan skr

pics of laxman and ram in lanka skr

ram cuts both hands of kumbkaran and give him mukti

kumbkaran will be known as dharmatma kumbkaran

ram killed kumbkaran

ram shows his vishnu roop to kumbkaran

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