kumbkaran laugh loudly in yudhbhumi 28 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 233]

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28 July Episode starts with

Angad telling about Kumbhkaran, he is mighty and very huge, he can hit or army in one go. Sugreev says yes, he will try to scare our army, we should do something. Laxman says we should kill him before he attacks our army. Ram says no, we should let him come close and then surround him so that he does not get any chance to win. Vibhishan gets tearful eyed. Ram holds him and says I know your sorrow, like you love your brother, I also love my brothers, a good well wisher brother can’t think or see his brother’s bad, Kumbhkaran’s heart is pure and clean, but if he is supporting Raavan, it will be counted in Adharm deed, as Dharm has one path, which can’t be left or changed.

Asur soldiers play the shank. Kumbhkaran comes there laughing and earth shakes up. He scares vanar sena and they all fall down. They run away and he laughs. Laxman says Vibhishan, your brother Kumbhkaran looks very huge and powerful. Hanuman asks how does he get food in Lanka, how do they arrange his food. Vibhishan says he loves food, he eats food which is consumed by entire Lanka. Laxman says I heard he sleeps a lot. Vibhishan says yes, Brahmadev was pleased with him and asked Kumbhkaran for a boon, Kumbhkaran wanted to ask for Indrasan and his tongue slipped and he said Neendrasan, Brahmadev blessed him to sleep for 6 months and stay awake for one day.

Sugreev stops Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran asks him to move off his way, I came to fight with Ram, not you. Sugreev hits on his foot. Kumbhkaran kicks him away and laughs. He shouts Ram, where are you, come forward. Ram looks on. Laxman asks Ram to command him, he will see Kumbhkaran. Vibhishan asks Ram to allow him, I want to request Kumbhkaran to come back to Dharm path. Laxman says he won’t agree and may hurt you. Vibhishan says no, he is my elder brother and would not hurt me, I want to do my duty to stop my brother from going on Adharm and injustice path, maybe he will leave from war. Hanuman says it’s a good thought, if you can explain Kumbhkaran and if he gets on Dharm path, then Lankesh will win. Ram nods to Vibhishan.

Vibhishan goes to Kumbhkaran and asks for blessings. Kumbhkaran says you already got blessings, what can I bless. Vibhishan asks him to bless him to be rigid on Dharm path. Kumbhkaran says you chose your path, now move off from my war path, else I will forget you are my brother. Vibhishan asks shall I understand that you also sacrificed me like Raavan. He cries. Kumbhkaran takes him on his hand.

Kumbhkaran says you know this is not truth, I can’t leave you ever. Vibhishan asks did I do any crime by taking Dharm path. Kumbhkaran says Dharm and Adharm, right and wrong, its not our work to decide this, its decided by country and situation. Vibhishan says thing that changes by place is not Dharm, one that has selfish greed is wrong, we can’t change Dharm, but can decide to choose Dharm or Adharm. Kumbhkaran says you can’t influence me with your words, person obeys Dharm by his values, like you have left kul and everyone for your Dharm and Gyaan, same way I regard it as my Dharm to protect my kul and everyone, I can’t see who is on the either sides now.

Vibhishan says don’t you believe that supporting Raavan in Adharm is going against Dharm. Kumbhkaran says we are Raavan’s two hands, you left Raavan, like Ram’s brothers are with him, you should have been with Raavan, you did not do brother’s duty, you will be called Lanka’s traitor Vibhishan, if we all die during war, promise me that you will do our last rites according to Shastras, because its just you who will be alive after the war’s end. He drops Vibhishan back. Vibhishan cries. Kumbhkaran says go from my sight, because you are my enemy in this war, not my brother. Vibhishan goes away.

Ram tells Vibhishan that the worry on your face shows Kumbhkaran rejected your proposal and wants to fight for Raavan’s sake. Vibhishan apologizes. Ram says no need to apologize, you gave a chance to Kumbhkaran to come to Dharm path, but he decided in Raavan’s favor, its not your mistake, we get result based on our deeds and decisions, Kumbhkaran has to bear result of his deeds today.

Kumbhkaran laughs and says I heard there are many big warriors in Ram’s army, but the vanar are just vanar, no one has potential to fight with me. Angad challenges him for war. Kumbhkaran laughs. He asks Angad who is he and asks for introduction. Angad says my might is my introduction. Kumbhkaran says I don’t have time, I came to end Ram and his army, either give me introduction or move off my path. Angad says I m powerful Bali’s son. Kumbhkaran says Bali’s son, Ram killed your father and you came to lose life in this war by helping Ram, you ashamed your father, I won’t be hesitant to kill such a bad son. He is about to put his foot on Angad. Everyone look on. Hanuman comes in between and uses his gada to stop Kumbhkaran’s foot.


Precap :
Laxman aims arrow and shoots at Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran gets a magical weapon to throw at them. Vibhishan tells Ram that its Mahadev Shiv’s weapon, no one in trilok can stop it. Ram shouts Laxman as Kumbhkaran throws the weapon.


** Jai Shree Ram **

angad challenges kumbkaran to fight with him

hanuman pics during yudh in lanka

hanuman protects angad from kumbkaran foot

kumbkaran laugh loudly in yudhbhumi skr

kumbkaran lifts vibhishan on his hand

pics of ram in the yudh skr

ram looking to kumbkaran

sugriv making strategy for the yudh

vibhisan loves kumbkaran very much srk

vibhisan tries to convince kumbkaran to be with ram

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