pics of love of ram and laxman talking 27 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 232]

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27 July Episode starts with

Raavan guiding the soldiers to wake up Kumbhkaran by all powers. He says this is my brother who doesn’t care for me, and Ram’s brother Laxman is always with Ram, Kumbhkaran is not waking up and I m making efforts to wake him, and Laxman always keeps his life at stake for Ram.

Ram goes to Laxman and gives him fruits. Laxman asks why did you get this. Ram says you always take care of me, is it not my duty to care for you being your elder brother. Laxman makes him sit and says serving you is my life’s motive, my life will get blessed, this is my Dharm and duty. Ram smiles. The soldiers make sound and hurt Kumbhkaran’s feet. Sita hears the sound. Sita says I think celebrations are happening in Lanka. Trijata says no, all this dhol nagada are to wake up Kumbhkaran. Sita asks what. Trijata says Kumbhkaran impressed Brahmaden and made the wish to get good sleep, so he sleeps for six months, then eats food and sleeps again, Raavan is making efforts to wake up Kumbhkaran.

Sita recalls Laxman and says Lankesh is doing this to wake up his brother, and on the other hand Ram’s brother Laxman promised to stay awake to serve Ram, like Raavan is doing this to wake up Kumbhkaran, Ram would have never done this, Raavan is sinner and making his brother part of his sin.

Meghnadh asks soldiers to use all their powers. Raavan says Kumbhkaran won’t wake up this way, get tasty food for him, he will wake up and then inform me. He leaves. Meghnadh asks soldiers to get delicious food as soon as possible. The food is brought and placed there. Meghnadh says if Kakashri does not wake up by using all the food, then its tough. The food smell wakes up Kumbhkaran. He gets up and smiles seeing the food. He says but, who dared to wake me from my sleep and why. Meghnadh says there is danger over Lanka, that’s why Raavan asked me to wake you up, he wants to meet you soon, Lanka needs you.

Trijata says Lankesh can wake up Kumbhkaran, but Kumbhkaran will never support him in his sins, because there is Dharm and good things in his heart. Sita says you are right, Kumbhkaran came to ashok vatika and greeted me as Devi, he is also good man like Vibhishan.

Kumbhkaran says if Ram has reached here and failed all our warriors, he won’t be any ordinary human, I met Sita in ashok vatika, I felt she is some great Devi. Raavan says you mean I should not take revenge for Surpanakha. Kumbhkaran says you should have taken revenge as a brave man, but by doing this cowardly thing, you kidnapped a woman and made our ancestors ashamed, Surpanakha was my sister also, if you woke me up and told me that matter, I would have told how to take revenge, any decision without good thinking takes Rajya towards destruction, I think you did not think anything in order to take revenge, you made Vibhishan leave from Lanka.

Raavan says I did not wake you to hear this about Dharm. Kumbhkaran says you did not hear me and Vibhishan, that’s why this is happening. Raavan asks him to go and sleep if he has no power left, I don’t need any coward brother, think about Dharm, Dharm says a brother should help another brother in tough time, rather than finding way to insult the brother.

Kumbhkaran says I m doing same and obeying my duty, I m not doubtful, I m your younger brother, its my duty to save you from any danger till I m alive, younger brother is friend and servant, till tomorrow’s sunrise, both sanyasi’s heads will be in your feet, but if I get killed by them, understand that they are not ordinary humans and no one can fail them, so return Devi Sita to Ram and apologize to him for your crimes, we lose or win this war, don’t forget, what you did is wrong. Raavan gets angry. Kumbhkaran leaves.

Vibhishan tells Ram that its big disaster. Ram asks what disaster. Vibhishan says Lankesh woke up Kumbhkaran from his sleep, that’s why earth is shaking, he will come in war instead Lankesh, he is my dear brother, he is a great man, he follows Dharm, he did not do any sin in his life, but Lankesh has made him part of his sin today. Sugreev says Kumbhkaran can stop himself from entering this war. Hanuman asks Ram shall we tell Kumbhkaran not to enter the war. Ram says Kumbhkaran is obeying duty towards brother, that’s why he decided to enter the battle ground, we should do our preparations.

Mandodari says Pitashri, you always stayed against Raavan, how did you decide to help Lankesh in this way, you are supporting Adharm. Mayasura says there is one way to stop Raavan, by supporting him, we have to show him difference between Dharm and Adharm, a big incident at home can make him realize his mistake. Kaikesi blesses Kumbhkaran and says I m proud of you, as you are going in battle ground for Lankesh, I bless you to win… Kumbhkaran says don’t bless me to win, just bless me to be on Dharm, man gets powerless if he gets against Dharm. Kaikesi asks what are you saying, Ram killed our big warriors, he is out enemy, you have to kill Ram for asur kul prestige and Raavan’s good, you have to come victorious.

Trijata says Kumbhkaran is going in war, not with bad enmity for Ram, but to do his duty towards Raavan. Sita says its pride to have brothers like Kumbhkaran and Vibhishan, he could have placed Gyaan in the world, and he is using his brothers for destruction.

Kumbhkaran says Raavan has forced Ram for this war by his Adharm. Kaikesi says I think you lost your senses by your sleep, you forgot my values and Asur kul Maryada. He says its not time to think of your values given to me, its time to think of values you gave to Raavan, I will go in battle ground to do my duty, when the world talks about mother’s duty, what will you answer, will you say, you sacrificed your three sons for your ego, we were born by great Rishi Vishwa, you should have given us good teachings and values, Rishi kul’s values and customs, but you gave us ego and hatred, world is won by love and compassion, not by power and pride, I don’t know the result of this war, but if Asur kul gets destructed, Lankesh and you will be equally responsible.


Precap :
Vibhishan asks Kumbhkaran did he choose Adharm path by leaving Dharm path. Kumbhkaran says move away from my way, else I will forget you are my dear brother. Kumbhkaran laughs and asks who is powerful enough to fight with him. He goes to step on Ram and his army.


** Jai Shree Ram **

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pics of love of ram and laxman talking

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