ravan thinks to return sita back to ram 26 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 231]

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26 July Episode starts with

Raavan in Ram’s disguise, saying Sita, I have to come to end all your sorrows, we have to bear so many troubles in this life, I did not rest for a moment, I continued to search for you, see I have come. Sita looks at him with doubt…… Ram looks around and says Lankesh has kept you here, in this garden….. you are Raghuvansh’s prestige, Raghukul’s vadhu, Janki’s daughter, Raavan kept you here.

She says no, not Lankesh, I have decided to stay in this garden myself, that sinner did many yagya to get me, he has given many proposals to make me his wife, but I rejected his proposals always, I told him that he can’t take my husband’s place ever, and asked him not to try to become Ram, that sinner and cheater Raavan told me that he killed my husband Ram, but who will tell that fool that my husband is Lord of Kalyaan, who can harm him. Raavan gets angry. She says Raavan is such a fool, he is regarded as Gyaani and Shiv bhakt, how can he be so foolish, I m getting laugh on him. Raavan controls his anger, and says Sita, but now I have come, believe me. Sita moves back, and Trijata gets puzzled. Raavan says I will punish that Raavan for all his crimes. He walks to her, and Sita gets away.

She gets sure that he is Raavan and speaks against him to provoke him to get to his real form. She says….. Raavan….. the man who kidnapped a woman and insulted her, he has written his and Asur kul destruction by his own hands, now even Lord can’t forgive him. Raavan thinks what is she saying, did she identify my real form. He says Sita, believe me, I told you, I will punish Raavan for all of his crimes, I came to take you, come. She asks him who are you.
Raavan gets shocked and says Sita, its me, your Raghunandan Ram, are you not identifying me.

She says whoever you are, your Mayavi avatar can’t cheat me. He says what are you saying, its me Ram, for whom you were restless, look in my eyes, you will see my truth. She says I can see the truth in eyes, its Raavan’s eyes who kidnapped me in saint’s avatar, but not anymore, none of your cheat can deceive me foolish Raavan. Raavan gets angry and comes to his real form. Trijata gets shocked. Raavan says Sita, you lost your last chance, I tried hard to get you, but your husband and entire vanar sena have to pay for your deeds, you will be responsible for their death.

She says seeing Ram, everyone’s sorrow ends, person gets free of curse by taking Ram’s name, you took Ram’s avatar, I m sure your soul will get some change, you will get some sense for sure. He leaves angrily.
Meghnadh asks Raavan what happened, where is Sita, did your plan work. Raavan recalls Sita’s words. Kaikesi asks what happened, you took Ram’s avatar and now this thinking…. Raavan says I did big crime by kidnapping a woman, we have to return Sita to Ram, and announce to end the war. Mandodari and Sulochana smile. Kaikesi says this coward talks do not suit Raavan, if you do this, Asur kul will laugh on you. He asks Asur kul will be proud of me that I tortured Sita and did not obey Dharm and Maryada, will they be proud of me for bad sins? He leaves. Mandodari says Raavan took Ram’s Divya avatar for couple of moments, and he starts regretting for his deeds, when he apologizes to Ram, his entire sins will be washed off. Meghnadh asks Mandodari to stop praising Ram and goes.

Raavan goes to his Kaksh, and sees his inner soul telling him that he is happy with war ending decision, return Sita to vanvasi Ram soon, when anyone goes to apologize to Ram or takes his avatar, then …. He says your decision to apologize to Ram is right, when Lankapati Raavan will apologize to Ram infront of everyone, think how much proud will you feel, fall in Ram’s feet, if Vanvasi Ram does not forgive you, then cry holding his feet, then he will forgive you, you are trilok pati Lankesh, you got scared of Ram, how can you be such weak person, no you can’t be that mighty Raavan, you can’t be Lankesh. Raavan gets angry and breaks mirror. He shouts I m Lankesh, not weak, I m supreme, I will end Ram’s existence by killing him.

Vibhishan prays in the tent. Ram comes there and says you two brothers have so much difference. Vibhishan says Shri Ram, there was a time, when Lankesh was great Shiv devotee, a big Gyaani, he used to love all of us, he was happy and promised me that I can live my life independently, so I left Asur life and walked on Krishna’s devotion path, but because of Lankesh, our relations changed, I have followed Dharm path by leaving Adharm, but world will always see me with disbelief. Ram says decision to walk on Dharm path is always tough, so person takes the easy Adharm path, but whoever has courage and belief to walk on Dharm path, the world always remembers them, that’s why the world will always remember you Vibhishan.

Raavan says tomorrow will be last day of Ram’s life, Meghnadh do preparations for my departure. Mayasura comes there and says you won’t go in war Lankesh. Meghnadh greets him as Nanashri. Raavan walks to Mayasura and greets him. He says you here…… Mayasura says Lankesh, you would be shocked seeing me here, but you are my daughter’s husband, so I have to think of your good, I did not come to stop you from going in war, war started and now it can’t be stopped. Raavan says I m blessed that you came here by forgetting the anger and annoyance against me, what message did you come to give me. Mayasura says the army fights war, I did not come to stop you, but I came to explain you war plan. Meghnadh says Nanashri, I will go instead Pitashri.

Mayasura says no, you are prince and Lanka’s future, you won’t go. Raavan asks who will go then. Mayasura says war needs mighty warriors, and also huge looking, seeing whom enemy’s army gets shaken up. Meghnadh asks who is such man. Mayasura asks him to think. Raavan says my brother, Kumbhkaran, he is huge and powerful, he is best in all Rakshaks, Ram and entire vanar sena will die by his anger, Kumbhkaran will go in war tomorrow. They smile. The soldiers beat the drums and make sound by playing shank to wake up Kumbhkaran. Raavan and Meghnadh come there. Raavan says make more sound, wake my brother Kumbhkaran up.


Precap :
Kumbhkaran says if I fail in war tomorrow, then understand that those vanvasis are not ordinary humans, apologize to Ram and beg for your life, return Devi Sita to vanvasi Ram. Raavan gets shocked. Kumbhkaran goes in the war and laughs. Ram looks at him.


** Jai Shree Ram **

arrival of meghnad's nana father of mandodari in lanka

ram face pic in siya ke ram

ram in the ravan style skr

ravaan comes in his real form skr

ravan in the form of ram pics

vibhisan becomes emotional thinking about yudh result

sita sees ram in ashok vatika

sita looking to ram innocently siyakeram

ravan thinks to return sita back to ram

ravan sees an another ravan who exite him

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