ravan to kill mandodari 25 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 230]

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25 July Episode starts with

Meghnadh asking Raavan how can you become Ram, how is this possible. Raavan says this is the only solution now to get Sita. Kaikesi asks what happened in battle ground that you took this decision. Raavan says its Ram’s effect, I understood why Sita loves Ram, and what is Ram. He praises Ram and says I did not see such patience, belief, Dharm obedience, tolerance, promise keeping, responsible warrior skills in any man, how is it possible that all qualities are in one person, I understood why Sita rejected me, she can reject Raavan, but not Raavan in Ram’s disguise, I will take Ram’s avatar and meet Sita. Kaikesi asks how is this possible. Raavan says no one would have imagined that Raavan can become Ram, even Sita would have not thought this, when I use Mayavi powers and take Ram’s avatar, Sita will accept me. He leaves. Mandodari thinks if Raavan succeeds to take Ram’s avatar, it will be big disaster.

Sugreev says Ram stopped the war before the start. Sita tells Trijata that Raavan lost without battling. Angad asks what are you saying, how did Raavan lost. Sita says Dharm and Adharm were standing infront of each other, Raavan and Ram can’t be meaningless, the result will be bad. Sugreev says we have to make Raavan lose by our power, it will be waste to explain Dharm and customs to Raavan, you can imagine that our heads bowed down to Ram, but Raavan was not affected standing infront of Ram. Hanuman says your thoughts are not like a warrior, we have to make Raavan feel his failure, we have to make his ego break, so that he realizes his mistakes, and he gets weak mentally. He tells Sugreev that Ram has tried to do this by his talk to Raavan, the effect will be seen when right time comes. Trijata says yes, you are saying right, my pride and sins ended when I saw Ram. Sita says Dharm’s Jyoti ends all the ego and crimes.

Ram comes to Laxman. Laxman asks did you not sleep yet. Ram says I felt your pain. Laxman asks what pain can I have, Raavan is such Adharmi, why did you not kill him, I felt Sita will get free and we will leave for Panchwati, and stay happily, I was thinking this sunset will be end of darkness, I felt you and Sita will unite, but that also did not happen. Ram holds Laxman and says I understand your pain, even my heart wanted the same, to end this war today itself, but Laxman, benefit of the world is bigger than individual person’s benefit, this war and every decision will be an example for entire world, we have to place such Maryada for world, which will guide coming generations, we have to see about people and their betterment by being righteous in this war. Laxman agrees. Raavan does the Anushtaan and asks pandit why is it not affecting. The pandit says it seems its impossible for you to take Ram’s avatar. Raavan kicks the havan angrily and also the pandit. He says you have no right to stay alive if you can’t give me Ram’s avatar.

He is about to kill pandit, and Mandodari comes to stop. She asks him will he win if he kills innocent people, there is big difference in you and Ram’s thinking and behavior, if Ram is Dharm, you are Adharm, if Ram is truth, you are lie, if Ram is light, you are darkness, if Ram is pure, you are impure, your soul failed to get Ram’s Divya avatar, if you want to become like Ram, you have to accept his good things, you have to make your soul pure. He gets angry and puts sword on her neck, shouting Mandodari. She cries and says this is biggest problem of my life, that I can’t end my life when if I want, I have dedicated my entire life to you, you have right on my life and death. She gives his sword to him and asks him to kill her, and free her of her cursed life. He says no, I can’t kill you, but no one can stop me from becoming Ram. He leaves. She throws sword and cries.

Raavan goes to top of the cliff and calls out Mayavi powers, saying I have failed you all in war, you all are bonded to the promise to you, I m calling you now, come infront of me and protect me……. It thunders….. five Mayavi asurs come and ask him to command. Raavan says I want to get Ram’s avatar. Asur asks do you mean Dasharath’s son Ram. Raavan says yes. Asur says its impossible, Ram has Divya lok and special powers, no one can take his avatar.
Raavan says I did not call you to hear no, you have to make me take his avatar. Asur says Ram is just truth, even if you take his avatar, then you can’t take any other avatar in your entire life, you will lose all your mayavi powers by his goodness, becoming Ram means Raavan’s end, don’t do this. Raavan says I will get everything if I become Ram, just obey my command without any delay. The Mayavi asurs pass some powers to Raavan. Raavan gets Ram’s avatar. He says finally, Raavan has become Ram. He laughs.

Some Daasis run and shout for help. Meghnadh thinks why did Raavan take long to come. He asks Daasis whats happening. They say Ram has come here, save us. Meghnadh asks are you mad, its impossible for Ram to come here. Raavan walks in Ram’s avatar. Kaikesi and Mandodari get shocked. The soldiers and everyone surround Raavan in Ram’s disguise. Meghnadh gets shocked seeing Ram, and says you did right to come here, your death is definite today. He takes out his sword. Raavan shouts Meghnadh, and everyone get shocked. Meghnadh says Pitashri, you…. Raavan laughs and says yes Meghnadh, its me Lankesh, and like you got fooled by my avatar, even Sita will get fooled by my avatar, and accept me. He laughs is his evil way.

Sita is still praying in ashok vatika. She hears Ram’s call and opens her eyes. She gets shocked seeing Ram walking to her. Trijata and Sita get surprised. Sita says Raghunandan and runs to Raavan. Sita happily cries and goes close. Trijata happily cries and says I did not think Ram and Sita will unite so soon, but Lord has united them well today. Sita cries seeing Ram.


Precap :
Raavan talks to his persona, and says beg Ram for your life, hold his feet. Raavan in Ram’s disguise tells Sita that she has been in sorrow for much time, and he has come to end her sorrow. His talk makes her doubtful.


** Jai Shree Ram **

asur comes to help ravan by their maya

ram pics having beard during yudh

ram smiling pics in sone ki mahal

ravan accidentally tries to kill mandodari

ravan becomes angry at tantrik

ravan takes form of ram in yudh

ravan to kill mandodari

sita sitting under tree in ashok vatika

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