ram infront of ravan in yudh 22 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 229]

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22 July Episode starts with

Raavan coming in the battle field along with his army. Ram walks towards him. Laxman worries, and Hanuman stops Laxman. Ram recalls Mareech’s words, Chatayu’s words, and Hanuman’s words about Raavan kidnapping Sita, and Sita’s message. Ram gets tearful eyes thinking of Sita’s kidnapping, and all the torture she faced in Lanka.

Ram says Raavan, if my arrows have not ruined you and your army, the reason is just one, I want some answers from you, and you can just answer when you are alive. Laxman says why is Ram getting emotional, he should shoot and kill Raavan. Hanuman says no, he is not just your brother, but a good doer too, he is seeing Raavan not just as his enemy, not also with his truth, Ram knows he will kill Raavan, he is sorrowful that world will lose a knowledgeable man like Raavan because of Raavan’s pride. Laxman says Ram should not delay to kill the Adharmi Raavan.
Raavan asks is this vanvasi Ram, I did big mistake, he does not look a warrior, he feels sorrowful man who is in sorrow to lose his wife, he looks very ordinary, that’s why I did not get any protection from Brahmadev, Ram is saying he did not kill me as he wants to ask me question. He laughs and says this is called covering up cowards, Tridev gets shaken by my name, I can kill you in a moment, but its said, we should respect last wish of the dying person, Sita says you follow Dharm, rules and customs, if you know Naagrik life rules, then you should have taken permission of king to enter the area, you stayed in my area Panchwati in 10 years and killed my Asurs, you have ruined the rules. Ram says no, I was just staying as vanvasi and I have right to stay anywhere, it was my Dharm to punish your Asurs, who was troubling others.

Raavan asks was it Dharm to cut a woman’s nose. Laxman asks why is Ram talking to Raavan, he should kill Raavan. Ram says I did not say it was Dharm whatever happened with Surpanakha, but you should have talked to me, why did you kidnap Sita, the one who wants justice does not cheat. Raavan says Sita’s crime was that she was your wife, I wanted to punish you, I knew there can’t be bigger punishment for any man than to snatch his wife, that’s why I snatched Sita from you Ram, I can see sorrow on your face, here if you insult anyone, result is also insult, you insulted my sister and I insulted your kul by kidnapped your wife.

Trijata chants Om namoh…… Sita sees Trijata and smiles. She says Mata, what are you doing. Trijata says I m born in Asur kul, my Dharm was Asur Dharm, then one day, you came in my life, then you changed my thinking, since my eyes have seen Ram, I realized how to lead my life, I did not do any Dharm work in my life, but today I m praying so that Ram wins in this war of Dharm and Adharm, so that Lankesh dies and you get free. Sita says I m sure Dharm will win in this war, Ram will win, but Ram will not kill Raavan till Raavan realizes his entire sins, only then Ram will free Raavan of Asur clan.

Ram says Raavan, I heard, no one is as knowledgeable as you, but you aren’t. Raavan says you doubt on my Brahma Gyaan, you see today what’s called Gyaan. He starts proving his Brahma Gyaan. Everyone look on. Raavan laughs and asks did you see Brahma Gyaan. Ram completes the lines, and the Vedcharan Gyaan. He says you have said Vedcharan Gyaan, which you obtained by reading Ved and puraan, this is not BrahmaGyaan, its obtained by getting in Brahma tapasya which would have made you free of all sins and ego, but you obtained Vedcharan Gyaan, which made you egoistic, you have incomplete Gyaan and because of it, you will become reason of entire Asur kul destruction, you should have used your knowledge to do good, but you used it for wrong. Raavan says its good, you talk well to cover your cowardness, I heard Raghuvanshi sacrifices life when they break any promise, you also broke your promise, why are you alive then, why are you shocked, you promised Sita that you will protect her, you took seven rounds with her and promised to stay with her always, how did you protect her, she was kidnapped, your promise broke, you have no right to be alive, don’t you have courage to commit suicide.

Ram says I have come here to fulfill my promise to Sita, I came here to do Pati Dharm, she was kidnapped by cheat, so no promise broke, if I could not make her free from your clutches, then promise will break, but that won’t happen, I will take her back with me safely. Raavan laughs and says till I m alive, this is not possible. Ram says you don’t realize your end is close, this is because of your ego, there is still time, accept your truth else… Raavan asks else will you kill me, how will you kill me, by hiding behind tree or shooting arrow, coward battle with me, don’t waste time Ram. Laxman gets angry. Raavan shouts battle with me coward. Ram takes an arrow and stops. Raavan laughs and asks what happened, are you afraid seeing Raavan infront of you, did all your Gyaan disappear, accept your truth that you are a coward.

Ram says Raavan, this is Dharm yudh and there should be obedience of battle rules, there can’t be war after sunset, even if there is biggest enemy infront of you, war will begin tomorrow, but you don’t believe in Dharm yudh, you can cheat if you want. He leaves. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan gets angry. He returns to his palace.

Raavan is worried. Kaikesi, Mandodari, Meghnadh and Sulochana come there. Kaikesi asks how did this happen, how is Ram alive after you went in battle. Raavan says its because I did not feel right to kill him today, he has solved all our problems. Kaikesi asks what solution. Raavan smiles and says Ram is the solution himself, I decided I will become Ram. They get shocked. Raavan says that Ram on whom Sita completely trusts and whom Sita trusts.


Precap :
Sita talks to Trijata and says Raavan and Ram are going in war, and this will have a bad result. Raavan says Sita can refuse to me, but she can’t refuse to Ram, I will go to Sita in Ram’s disguise. He gives an evil grin.


** Jai Shree Ram **

angry laxman pics at yudhbhumi skr

ram can't attack after sunset as it is dharmyudh

ram crying pics during yudh dkr

ram infront of ravan in yudh

ravaan pics in siyakeram sp

ravan come back to lanka without fighting with ram

ravan in his chariot enters yudhbhumi

sita smiling pics with trijata skr

vanar sena and asur sena to start yudh fight war

vibhisan helps ram in yudh with ravan

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