ram at the yudhbhumi with laxman 18 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 225]

18 July Episode starts with

Vibhishan telling Ram about Raavan’s minister, it seems Raavan has sent him to head the army, and this Durmukh is another powerful warrior of Raavan. The war begins. Hanuman and Sugreev ask the army to attack. Ram and Laxman look on. Trijata sees Sita praying keeping the Akhand jyot infront of her. The minister says Sugreev, you got your brother killed by cheat, its insult for me to fight with a coward like you. Sugreev says Ram wants to place Dharm, its insult for a warrior to fight against Dharm, go and forgive to Ram, he will punish you. Durmukh says Hanuman, you have burnt Lanka, I had wish to punish you. Hanuman says the powerful warrior does not show his might, he just shows his power and skills in battle, come and punish me, why are you just saying big things like cowards. They both fight. Minister shoots at Sugreev. Sugreev gets saved and beats him. 

Hanuman beats Durmukh. Ram tells Laxman that they have to use their plan and win in the war, our plan says our army warrior will fight with the Asur who comes to fight with him. Laxman agrees. Ram asks Vibhishan what happened. Vibhishan says I doubt on Raavan’s plan, how can it be so simple, there is definitely some other plan. Akampana and his caste people come there shouting. Vibhishan thinks so this is Raavan’s plan, Raavan cheated Ram and his vanar sena. Akampana and his people kill many vanar. Vibhishan thinks vanar sena has to fail Akampana. Sugreev tells minister that you are full of Adharm, so your death is definite today. He beats the minister.

Hanuman asks Durmukh not to worry and pick his weapon, as they don’t attack on defenceless enemy. Durmukh beats Hanuman. Raavan is in his Rajya sabha. Ram asks who is he. Vibhishan says he is Akampana, Raavan’s spy, Raavan has kidnapped Sita by planned by Akampana’s information. Laxman says it means Sita was kidnapped because of him, he made Sita stay here being helpless in Asur Lanka, command me Ram to kill this Adharmi. Ram asks Laxman to punish Akampana for his sins and free him. Sugreev fights with the minister. Akampana is about to kill Nar. Laxman shoots at him. Akampana says I will punish my enemy. Jai Hanuman……plays………… Hanuman says Durmukh wanted to punish me, and throws him to Lanka asking him to go and ask Raavan how to punish me. The Lanka palace gets shaken. Raavan, Meghnadh and Kaikesi get shocked.

Trijata tells Sita that today’s war is very dangerous, I got info that Akampana and his violent warriors are attacking vanar sena. Sita smiles and says don’t worry, there won’t be injustice with anyone in this dharm yudh, the one who did Adharm will get punishment as per the sin. She sits praying.

Akampana says you came alone to me, you could have got Ram with you, I would have killed you two together, you have great love right. Laxman says you asurs know hatred and understand just language of punishment, what will you understand love. They shoot arrows at each other. Laxman shouts Akampana, you will have to bear punishment for all the tortures done on Sita in Lanka puri.

Sugreev beats the minister and says now even Lankesh can’t save you from my hands. He throws minister and shouts. Akampana aims to throw arrow, and the bow breaks. Akampana gets angry and runs to Laxman. Laxman shoots at his bow. Akampana looks around and lifts a big wheel. He runs to hit Laxman. Laxman prays and shoots at him. The arrow spreads in numerous arrows and kills Akampana. Akampana falls dead. Ram looks on.

Laxman sees Akampana. Vibhishan looks on, and worries seeing Akampana’s army still fighting. He tells Ram that Akampana is Kaal Bhairav’s preacher, he is maha tantrik, his soul is in head, till that breaks, his death is impossible. Akampana wakes up and walks with the sword after Laxman. Hanuman flies and gets in between. Laxman turns and sees Akampana alive. Ram holds a calm smile. Hanuman hits on Akampana’s head. Akampana and his people fall down. Jai hanuman…..plays…………… Laxman holds Hanuman and nods. Hanuman and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram looks on.


Precap :
Vibhishan tells Ram that it would not be easy to fight with Raavan’s powerful warriors. Raavan calls his warriors and says feel proud when I see my most powerful and brave warriors. He smiles.


** Jai Shree Ram **

asur attacks on sugriv skr

 ram at the yudhbhumi with laxman

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