sita prepares for akhand jyot 15 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 224]

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15 July Episode starts with

Battle commencing between vanar sena and asur sena. Angad asks vanars to open the door, and some asurs get inside. Sugreev smiles and shouts attack. Vanars attack on those asurs. Meghnadh looks on. vanars stop as wind blows and they hear someone laughing. Ram, Laxman, and everyone look around. There is much smoke which blocks their sight. DhumRaksh appears there and laughs. Vibhishan, Ram, Laxman, Hanuman and others get shocked. Vibhishan says DhumRaksh. Asurs attack on vanar. DhumRaksh beats the monkeys and kills many soldiers. Ram, Sugreev and Laxman get worried.

Sugreev tells Ram that this devil is killing our vanar soldiers, we have to do something soon. Ram aims and shoots at DhumRaksh. DhumRaksh changes his place by turning to smoke and laughs. Meghnadh looks on. DhumRaksh says Vanvasi Ram, I did not come to kill you, I came to kill your sena. He kills more vanar soldiers. Vibhishan says this is DhumRaksh, he is very powerful and mighty, he stays in smoke and we can’t know his position, our soldiers are not able to see him by smoke and he is killing them, we have to stop him Ram. Ram stops everyone and jumps ahead.
Trijata goes to Sita and tells about DhumRaksh, don’t know how Ram will deal and fight with that sinner Mayavi. DhumRaksh kills more soldiers. Ram shoots at him and he disappears. Meghnadh smiles. Ram shoots again. Sita smiles. Trijata says you are smiling, when there is big danger on Ram and his vanar sena. Sita says because I believe Ram’s might and smartness, he can sense even wind, don’t worry, DhumRaksh can’t do any harm to Ram and his army.

Ram hears DhumRaksh’s steps and prays holding a bow. He turns and shoots at his leg, injuring him. Ram’s team smiles. DhumRaksh disappears. Ram hears his steps again and shoots at his hand. Meghnadh fumes seeing this. DhumRaksh runs towards Ram. Ram shoots at him, and makes him fall. DhumRaksh gets up again and goes to strike. He throws his weapon towards Ram. Ram shoots the arrow, which pierces the weapon and strikes DhumRaksh’s head. Maryada purshottam Ram….plays…………. vanar sena jumps happily. Meghnadh gets angry. Sugreev and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Laxman, Vibhishan smile seeing Ram.

Meghnadh goes to Rajya sabha and meets Raavan. He informs Raavan and says our powerful Dhumraksh is killed by Ram in battle ground. Raavan gets shocked. He says warrior either kills or gets killed in battle ground, there is nothing to get sad or regret. Meghnadh says they have got more confident by this win, command me to kill them. Raavan says not now, war is best way to test our power, this is time to test Lanka’s hardwork, might and power, leave this, go and pray to Devi Paatali to win, I know very well how to win this war over those Sanyasis.

Raavan goes to Kaal Bhairav lok and sees some asurs praying. He greets the idol and looks at everyone. They stop. Raavan cuts his finger and drops blood there. Akampana comes there and greets him, asking you are here to do puja of Kaal bhairav. Raavan says yes, I came to invite you, you and your world people were always not considered, now you all will be called a part of asur Samrajya, its time you show you deserve to be part of asur clan, you will be leading the war tomorrow. Akampana gets glad and agrees.

Laxman says I don’t know why Raavan did not send Meghnadh today, I would have killed him. Ram says its Raavan’s plan to send his warriors and get our soldiers killed, when our power gets less, he will attack on us. Vibhishan says yes, he used same plan to fail Devraj Indra. Angad says it means we should not lose our strength and soldiers. Ram says yes, we have to end Raavan’s warriors by our plan and we will weaken his strength, and finally we will win. He asks Angad to lead army tomorrow in the war. Angad agrees.

Sita lights a diya. Trijata asks did you light this for Ram’s victory. Sita says this Akhand Jyot is a symbol of Ram’s victory. She sits keeping the diya and prays.

Ram and his army see asur army led by Durmukh and a minister. Vibhishan tells Ram about Durmukh and Raavan’s minister, whom Raavan sends in war. Ram looks on as war begins, and Sita sits praying.


Precap :
Second day of war continue. Akampana and his people come running there to attack.


** Jai Shree Ram **

all army ready for yudh on ranbhoomi

asur yodhas comes to fight with vanar sena

dhrumkash comes to fight with vanarsena

jamvant pics fighting with asur sena

ravan ask akampana to support him and mates

ravan pics during yudh

sita prepares for akhnad jyot in siyakeram

sugriv pics fighting in runbhoomi

trijata informs sita about war status

vibhishan pics in siyakeram star plus

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