ram thanks trijata for caring for sita so much 13 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 222]

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13 July Episode starts with

Sita crying. Sita asks Mahadev whats this injustice, you should have helped Ram in ending Adharm and injustice, did I come to Lanka to see this day, and Mata Gauri, you blessed me to be always Suhagan, was the blessing for this day, if Ram dies today, whats the promises then that we took infront of fire, marriage’s tradition will get ruined, there won’t be any belief on the fire by which we took rounds and vowed, Ram is not just my husband, he is representative of Maryada and Dharm, this war is not just to free me, if Ram dies today, it will be death of Dharm, my and Ram’s bodies are two, but we are one by soul, if Lord does Ram away from me, then my life will have no meaning. She cries and falls. Trijata cries and gets worried seeing Sita. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on.

Mandodari says Sita was kidnapped and she was bearing all Adharm, with the belief that her husband will come one day and free her of this Adharm, her sorrows will end and she will get justice, but today…. Sulochana, Sita’s belief got ruined, there can’t be bigger sorrow for her than this, that her life’s biggest part ended.

Kaikesi tells Raavan that he has won in the war, those two Sanyasis died, Sita’s pride will be shattered and fall in your feet, she will beg you to marry her, no need to marry her now, make her a Daasi. Raavan smiles and says no Mata, I will first marry Sita, I will make her my wife, then I will treat and torture her as Daasi. He laughs.

Devi Parvati asks Mahadev why is he silent, so much happened, Prabhu Shri Ram’s life is in danger, you have to do something, you are death’s Devta Mahakaal, a human’s life and death is in your hands, Ram’s life protection is important for the world, I have blessed Devi Sita to be suhaagan always, but how shall I let my promise break in your presence, do something. Mahadev holds a drum and plays sound. A white hawk flies to him and turns into human form.

Pakshi Raj Garud Dev greets Mahadev. Mahadev tells him that Ram’s life is in danger, he is affected by naag poison, no one can get that poison out than you, go and save his life. Pakshi Raj says sure and flies off. Devi Parvati looks at Mahadev.

Everyone cry and ask Ram to open his eyes. They all see the wind blowing. Pakshi Raj comes there and sees Ram and Laxman. The hawk sucks the poison from Ram’s toe. Ram’s body turns normal, and blueness sheds. Hanuman says Prabhu. Pakshi Raj then sucks poison from Laxman’s body and makes him fine. Ram and Laxman get conscious. Ram says Sita……. Laxman says Ram Bhaiya….. Hanuman and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram……

Pakshi Raj Garud dev comes to human form and asks Ram to allow him to leave. Ram thanks him for saving his and Laxman’s lives and also protecting Dharm, the world will be always thankful to you. Pakshi Raj says to purify the world, its my luck to support you and vanar sena. He flies. Everyone smile. Ram says Sita and worries.
Sita is unconscious and lying in Ashok vatika. Trijata looks at her. Laxman asks Ram to command him, he will kill Meghnadh. Ram says we have to fight with planning and have a battle with cool mind. Laxman says right, but Meghnadh cheated and used naag poison on you, he attacked all of us by cheat, he will surely be punished for this, I swear that Adharmi Meghnadh will die by my hands.

Trijata asks Sita to open eyes and get up. She says just Ram’s wellbeing news can make Sita fine, I have to go to Ram’s tent, I can go to any danger level to make Sita fine.

Meghnadh asks Raavan if he commands, I will kill entire vanar sena too. An asur says yes, there won’t be any better chance to show our power. All say same. An asur creature comes flying and gets into human form. Raavan asks Shuk what news did he get, did those two Sanyasis’ last rites happen or monkeys are still trying, your silence seems to some bad news. Shuk says both sanyasis are still alive. Raavan and Meghnadh get shocked. Meghnadh says its impossible that anyone survives after naagpal poison. Shuk says Garuddev has come to save those sanyasis. Raavan wonders why Garud dev has helped those sanyasis and saved them.

Trijata goes to tent area. Nar stops her and asks her reason of her arrival. She says I came to meet Ram. Nir says I think she is enemy, Raavan has sent her, we should kill her. She says no, its imp that I meet Ram. Ram comes with everyone and asks what happened Nar. Nar says she is Asur lady, she wanted to meet you. Ram asks Mata, who are you, why did you want to meet me. Trijata cries seeing him and says you called me Mata, even Sita calls me Mata and gives me respect, I wanted to meet you and today I have seen you, I feel blessed, you are same as Sita told me. Ram and Laxman listen to her.

Hanuman says I have seen her in ashok vatika, she takes care of Mata Sita, and her behavior towards Sita is very good. Ram asks her how is Sita. She says Sita’s life is in you, since she heard your death news, she lost her senses, I tried hard but could not break her unconsciousness, she will get up when she sees you with her eyes. Ram cries and says Sita….. He asks Hanuman to do this work, go and make Sita believe that I m alive, I m sure no one else can do this work. Hanuman nods and flies.

Ram folds hands and thanks Trijata for giving him info about Sita, and doing big favor on her. She says no Prabhu, you did favor on me by meeting me, you blessed me, all my life’s sins got washed off. She cries and steps back. She leaves.


Precap :
Hanuman informs Sita that Ram is alive. She gets glad. Kaikesi tells Mandodari that Raavan will kill Ram, if Ram is alive, it does not mean Ram is more powerful than my son. A huge Asur and his army goes to attack Ram. Ram aims at him.


** Jai Shree Ram **

garud dev come to cure shree ram and laxman

garudev heals ram from nagpak shakti

laxman takes a vow to kill megnad

mahadev aks garudev to recover ram from nagpak shakti

ram thanks to garud dev for saving his life

ram thanks trijata for caring for sita s much

ram thinking pics skr

ravan messenger tells that ram and laxman is still alive

ravan with kaikesi pics skr

sita cries a lot

trijata meets sees shree ram for the first time

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