ravan awesome pic under moonlight 12 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 221]

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12 July Episode starts with

Asurs killing the monkeys. Hanuman, Sugreev and Angad kill many of the Asurs and fight. Meghnadh says vanars are scared of fire. Ram comes to that area and gets shocked seeing the monkeys killed. Meghnadh shoots the Agni arrow. Sita sees the Agni arrow and says its going in the direction where Ram and vanar sena is present, did Asurs cheat and attack on them, Trijata did not come till now with any news. Ram shoots the arrow and that nullifies the agni arrow. Hanuman sees Meghnadh and flies to him. He calls Meghnadh Adharmi, as he is Raavan’s son. He hits Meghnadh. Ram and Laxman shoot arrows on Asurs and kill them. Many more come running. Ram shoots them down. Meghnadh and Hanuman have a fight. Sugreev, Angad and Hanuman together beat Meghnadh. Hanuman steps on Meghnadh and is about to hit him. Ram stops Hanuman.

Vibhishan comes there and gets shocked seeing Meghnadh. Hanuman says Prabhu, this is Raavan’s son Meghnadh, he attacked on our vanar sena by cheat, his death will be right punishment for him. Laxman says yes, he has no right to live. Ram says killing him will be like giving Mukti to him, he will witness this Dharm yudh, Hanuman capture him. Meghnadh flies and laughs. They all look for Meghnadh. Hanuman sees an arrow approaching Ram and hits the arrow. Ram says he is magical, he can become invisible and attack on us. Vibhishan says you are saying true, he can see you being a Mayavi, but you can’t see him. Meghnadh shoots the many in one arrow. Ram senses the sound of the attack, and shoots an arrow to fail Meghnadh.

Meghnadh shoots a fire arrow. Ram shoots at it, and fails him again. Everyone get alert. Meghnadh shoots another Agni arrow and burns a tent. They all get worried as Meghnadh is not visible to them. Meghnadh shoots more fire arrows. Ram neutralizes the fire arrow effect by defending on time. Meghnadh gets angry.

Trijata comes to Sita, and says Asurs cheated, Meghnadh and his army attacked on vanar sena at night. Sita cries. Laxman shouts Meghnadh, if you have power, come and battle with me. Meghnadh says I was waiting for this moment. Ram says Laxman, Meghnadh is Mayavi, we have to be careful. Meghnadh prays and shoots arrow, which strike both Ram and Laxman. Hanuman shouts Prabbhu and holds Ram. Sita senses something bad happened and cries. Jamvanth holds Laxman. Hanuman cries and asks Ram to wake up. Meghnadh laughs. Ram and Laxman turn blue by the poison effect. Angad runs to call Ved. Meghnadh says no need of any Ved, there is no cure of this poison, these two Sanyasis death is definite now. Sugreev cries and shouts Adharmi coward, if you have courage, come here and fight.

Sita prays to Lord to protect Ram and entire vanar sena. Vaid Raj checks Ram and Laxman. Hanuman asks him what happened to them, will they get fine. Vaid Raj says sorry, they are hurt by incurable poison, there is no way to cure this poison, Ram and Laxman’s lives are in danger, no one in the world can save their lives. They all get shocked and cry. Hanuman says don’t say this Vaid Raj, nothing can happen to Prabhu Ram and Laxman, nothing will happen to Ram till I m alive. He asks Vaid Raj not to be hesitant and tell me if there is cure for this poison in three loks, I will find it, just tell me where will I get the medicine. Hanuman asks Ram to get up, he has to free Mata Sita and punish Raavan, you have to end Adharm in Lanka, and place Dharm on this land, open your eyes. He shouts Prabhu…..

Raavan says congratulations and drinks with all his Sabha. Kaikesi says finally both the Sanyasis got killed. Raavan says this one is for my brave and mighty son, they have come to free Sita and got free from this world, the war just started, I thought to have fun with those sanyasis in the air, but they turned out to be very weak, they came to make me lose in my Lanka. They all laugh. Meghnadh smiles.

Mandodari and Sulochana come there. Raavan welcomes Mandodari in her son’s victory celebrations. He says your worry ended today that a woman is going to become reason of my death. Sanyasi Ram and Laxman got killed before the war started, I did not kill them, your brave son Meghnadh killed them, they could not bear Meghnadh’s one arrow. Raavan laughs and says Vanvasi Ram, Sita’s love and belief, by which my life was falling in danger, Ram’s life has ended. Everyone leave. Mandodari and Sulochana leave. Raavan says listen to me Maharani, it seems she did not get happy with my victory, but Sita will surely get glad by this good news.

Sita worries and says there is silence in all four directions, it looks like war ended, don’t know what will be the result of the war. Raavan comes there and says Sita. He laughs and asks did you get good news of the war, how will you get the news, you are tied in ashok vatika, where air also asks me and enters, its fine, come with me, I will show you something, and seeing that you will believe me more than Ram, do you want to see your Ram. He asks Trijata to take Sita with him. Sita gets shocked.

Raavan takes Sita to the mountain, and asks her to see Ram, I told you his death is definite, I have done that, your Ram and his brother died. Sita gets shocked seeing Ram and Laxman. Raavan asks Sita to see the war result, this time there is no magic or cheat, you called Ram as Gurukul’s pride and Raghukul’s brave warrior, but he could not bear my first attack. Sita says no, this can’t happen, anything can happen but my belief can’t break. Raavan asks Trijata to inform him when Sita accepts this. He leaves. Sita shouts to Lord asking how can you do this, and cries.


Precap :
Sita asks Mahadev what is this justice, you should have helped Ram in this war, was I alive in Lanka to see Ram’s death here, Mata Gauri did you bless me for my husband’s long life for this day, was your blessings not effective. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on.


** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman ask vedya to cure ram and laxman

hanuman defeats meghna easily

laxman got hurt by nagpas shakti

meghnad becomes invisible and cheat

meghnad to harm ram and lakhsman

meghnath attacks at night on vanar sena

ram aims arrow at demons war

ram got hurt by nagpas shakti

ram seeks meghnad angrily

ravan awesome pic under moonlight

sita prays to almighty to save her raghunandan

sita shocking pics in lanka

vibhishan ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye

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