ram announces for yudh with ravan

Siya Ke Ram – 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 220]

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11 July Episode starts with

Angad coming to Raavan’s Rajsabha. Raavan and everyone stare at Angad. Angad says Jai Shri Ram, I m Bali’s son Angad, I got peace message for you Lankesh, Ram said he does not want to fight, he said he is giving you one more chance, accept your crime and return Sita with respect, beg for your life. Raavan says Angad, if you were not my friend Bali’s son, your head would have got separated from your body. Angad asks did your ego not end, I have come as Ram’s messenger, not Bali’s son. Raavan asks are you not ashamed to come as your father’s murderer’s messenger. Angad says Ram has killed Adharmi, he will kill you too if you don’t return Sita. Raavan asks is Ram so weak that he came to fight war with monkey army. Everyone laugh. He asks Angad to tell Ram to come and beg for his life, I will forgive him.

Angad shouts Lankesh, pride of power and courage is not good, every powerful man has to die some day, you all are proud of your power, but leave about failing Ram, if any powerful man present here could move my leg/foot from the place, I promise Ram will accept defeat and leave from Lanka. Raavan laughs. Angad says Jai Shri Ram and keeps his foot. The entire Sabha place shakes. They all get shocked and look at Angad. Angad says Lankesh, you call your Trilokpati, but why is there no one brave to move my foot, is your bravery stories all fake, do you have all cowards here, can’t you accept an ordinary monkey’s challenge…. Another Asur goes and tries his power. Raavan smiles thinking he would win. The asur fails and falls away. Raavan, Meghnadh and Akampana look on shocked.

An asur comes there and tries to move his foot. Angad smiles. The Asur could not move his leg, and everyone get shocked. Other Asurs try, and put all their power. Angad says Lankesh, I m ordinary monkey, all power is by Prabhu Shri Ram, who is present here to move Ram’s messenger’s foot. Meghnadh gets angry and goes. Angad says you have made Indra lose, think again before holding my leg, if you lose to me, what will happen of your victory story, will you be able to bear this insult. Meghnadh holds his leg. Raavan smiles being sure Meghnadh will win. Meghnadh tries hard. Angad stands calm and smiling. Raavan and Akampana get shocked.

Meghnadh fumes and tries again. He looks at Raavan. Angad asks Raavan are you mad to challenge Ram for battle based on these cowards. Raavan says you don’t know me, when I walk, earth shakes and Indra’s throne gets shaken up too. He walks to Angad. Angad asks Raavan to try once, if you could not lift my leg, what face will you show to your warriors, how will you win battle with Ram, who has many warriors like me. Raavan is about to hit Angad’s leg, and Angad moves his leg. He asks Raavan not to fall in his feet, if you want to get forgiveness, fall in Ram’s feet and apologize to him, Ram will give you life. Raavan says you want to scare me with your words, go and tell Ram, that Raavan wants to fight, this war will decide who is brave and who is coward, I declare the battle with Ram in this Sabha, now no one can save that Ram and monkey army from Raavan. Angad leaves. Raavan fumes.

Sulochana asks Mandodari can’t we stop this war. Mandodari says whoever wins in war, but women always fail, we are helpless, we can’t do anything than to wait for our loved ones to leave. Sita talks to Trijata. She says what’s the mistake of those widow women, whose husbands die in the battle, what’s the mistake of those children who lose their father.

Ram looks at the vanar sena. He says peace is important than battle, but evil sinner Raavan has rejected our peace proposal, that’s why according to Dharm, we have to punish evil king, that’s first most duty of a brave warrior, I declare battle against that Adharmi Raavan to protect Dharm. Everyone and the monkey army chant Jai Shri Ram.
Raavan and Meghnadh look on. Raavan says all these monkeys have come here to die along with Ram, I heard this foolish Ram obeys one wife Dharm, so he has come here after Sita. Ram says we will start our battle with tomorrow’s sunrise. Raavan asks Meghnadh to give him news of all the monkeys’ death, go with the best warriors, wherever you find any monkey or bear, kill them. Meghnadh obeys him and says I will end this battle before sunrise. He leaves. Raavan smiles.

Sita is restless. Trijata asks what happened, why do you look so worried. Sita says don’t know why, I feel worried, as if something bad is going to happen. The Asur army cheers for Indrajit Meghnadh. Meghnadh signs them to stop. He says there is nothing like Dharm and Adharm, right and wrong, just victory matters, you have to kill enemy, we have just to kill them and win in the war, no monkey should go alive from Lanka’s land today. They all chant Jai Lankesh. Meghnadh asks them to leave for attack. Sita says my heart is worried thinking of this battle, I m worried for Ram and vanar sena, give me info about Ram. Trijata says don’t worry, I will find out. She goes. Sita cries.

Asur army goes hiding and kill some of the monkeys. Other monkeys start running. A monkey goes to Sugreev and says Asur sena attacked on us at night by cheat. Sugreev, Hanuman and Angad look on. Meghnadh shoots numerous arrow and laughs seeing the monkeys dead. He says every monkey will die tonight and laughs.


Precap :
Laxman shouts Meghnadh, if you are really brave, come infront of me and fight with me. Meghnadh prays and shoots magical arrow at Ram. Ram falls down and faints. Everyone shout Prabhu. Sita gets shocked and cries, shouting to Lord how can you do this, Siya can’t be alive without Ram, nothing can happen to Ram. Everyone try to make Ram conscious and worry.


** Jai Shree Ram **

angad keeps his leg foot on the floor chanting jai shree ram

asur stares angad before trying to displace his leg

asur yodha tries to remove angad leg from ground earth

mandodari and sulochna are tensed about the yugh

meghnath tries to lift remove lef of angad'

meghnath angry to see angad in lanka

ram announces for yudh with ravan

ram feeling proud pics skr

ravan announces war yudh with ram in lanka sabha

ravan face pics siya ke ram images

ravan sitting on singhashan pridely

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