hanuman increases the size of his tail in lanka 1 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – Read 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 214]

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1 July Episode starts with

Mandodari crying seeing Akshay. She asks him to get up and gets shocked. She says this can’t happen, you had to go to your Nana’s place, you promised me son, you can’t refuse now. Kaikesi, Sulochana, Vibhishan and everyone look on shocked. Mandodari says I made kheer for you, you like it, I will feed it to you, you know Meghnadh eats your kheer, get up, why are you not listening, you are my obedient son. She cries.

Raavan says Mandodari, accept the truth, Akshay Kumar was my…… She says not a word anymore, are you not ashamed, that monkey did not kill my son, my son did not die in any war, you have killed my son, I explained you many times to send back that woman, she can be Lanka’s destruction, you did not listen to me, now we are bearing this, this is start of the destruction, now see how many brave men die in this Lanka. Kaikesi gets worried.

Trijata says Hanuman should have not killed Akshay Kumar. Sita says it was not Hanuman’s mistake, he tried to explain Akshay, but Akshay disagreed and fought with Hanuman. Trijata says whatever, I m feeling scared, no one worries for Dharm and Adharm, they will just regard Hanuman as Akshay’s murderer, they will punish Hanuman. Sita asks what will they punish him. Trijata says death punishment for killing someone, this is rule of Lanka. Sita worries.

Meghnadh gets Hanuman to the Sabha. Raavan and everyone look on. Meghnadh says Pitashri, as per your command, I captivated this monkey and got him infront of you, he is that monkey who entered Lanka and killed my younger brother, now you decide his fate. Akampana says before punishing this monkey, his intro is necessary. He asks Hanuman who are you, what’s the motive of your coming here, you did big crime of killing Raavan’s son Akshay, what’s your benefit in doing this.

Hanuman says Maharaj Lankesh, I m your friend Bali’s younger brother’s Sugreev’s messenger, you would be knowing your friend Bali died because of his Adharm, Maharaj Sugreev told me to tell you that if you don’t learn Adharm path, you will also die/face consequences like Bali. The soldiers catch Hanuman. Trijata says Hanuman has killed Akshay and has hurt Raavan’s pride and glory, now any miracle can save Hanuman from Raavan. Sita says no miracle, just Dharm can protect Hanuman, its not Hanuman and Raavan’s war, its Dharm and Adharm’s war, whenever that happened, Dharm won always.

Meghnadh shouts Vanar, what’s the motive of your coming here, give your intro, else I will kill you. Hanuman asks prince Meghnadh, did anyone not tell you excess anger is not good for health. Meghnadh asks him to control his tongue. Raavan asks Hanuman to say his truth, one mistake can make him die. Hanuman says Meghnadh is mistaken to think he has captivated me, I will clear his illusion first. He says Jai Shri Ram and gets free of all the chains. Raavan and everyone get shocked. Hanuman asks Raavan don’t you know to respect guests, don’t you know Atithi Devi Bhava, don’t you ask guest to sit, I think you forgot all the rules of welcoming guests, if you don’t ask me to sit, I will do arrangements to sit. He makes a seat for him by his long tail. They all get shocked. Hanuman jumps high and sits on his tail rounded chair. Jai jai hanuman……………plays…………..

Devi Parvati says Prabhu, you are sitting infront of your biggest devotee in your Rudra avatar, but your devotee who wanted to win world by his devotional power before, is not able to identify you now, what’s this fate. Mahadev says yes, sometimes devotee thinks he is bigger than Lord, being in his ego and pride, this happened with Raavan too, but there is motive that I went to Lanka, I have to explain Raavan to get back on Dharm path, this will be last warning for Lankesh from my side, if he does not understand, his destruction is definite.

Hanuman says Lankesh, you want to know who I m and what’s my motive to come here, so listen, I will tell my truth, I m Ram’s messenger Pavan putra Hanuman. He says I have crossed the ocean and came Lanka to find out Sita. Raavan and everyone get shocked. Raavan says so my doubt was right, those Sanyasis did not get anyone to face me, so they got friendly with monkeys, they are cowards. Hanuman says there is no one in three loks, that Ram and Laxman can’t win upon or need anyone else, you know this well, so you kidnapped Sita by cheating, you knew you can’t face Ram in battle, now listen to me carefully, I request you to obey Dharm and send back Sita to Ram with respect, stop your destruction, this is last warning for you, if you want to stay alive on earth for more time, then hold Ram’s feet and beg for forgiveness, Ram has a big heart, he will surely forgive you. Raavan shouts Vanar.

Hanuman jumps down and shortens his tail. He says shouting will not change the truth, I was trying to explain you, I think my Dharm talk did not affect your heart, now you get ready to die along with your supporters, Prabhu Shri Ram will come soon to Lanka to free Sita, kill you and set up Dharm here. Raavan asks Meghnadh what are you looking on, just kill this monkey right away. Meghnadh gets his sword and goes to Hanuman. He is about to strike Hanuman, and Mandodari stops him. She tells Raavan that the monkey who killed my son Akshay, I will decide his punishment. Raavan smiles.

Sita recalls Akshay’s death and cries. Trijata asks what happened. Sita says Devi Mandodari would be in pain, her dearest son died today, she knows Dharm, Adharm, right and wrong difference, she will understand its not Hanuman’s mistake, but whats more than a son for a mother, will her heart forgive Hanuman.
Raavan asks Mandodari what punishment do you want to give to this vanar. Mandodari asks will you punish him what I want. He asks her to say, I m ready to give cruel punishment to him, he did a big crime. She says if you want to punish him by my wish, then I want him to be freed. Raavan and everyone get shocked. Hanuman looks on.


Precap :
Raavan says we have to cut this vanar’s body and send him from Lanka, he loves his tail right, Meghnadh burn his tail. Meghnadh asks soldiers to burn Hanuman’s tail. They light Hanuman’s tail and laugh.


** Jai Shree Ram **


hanuman increases the size of his tail in lanka

hanuman shows his power to meghnad

hanuman sitting on his tail in front of ravan

mandodri debates with ravan for akshay

mandodri shocked seeing akshay kumar dead body

mata parvati pics in siya ke ram

meghnad about to punish hanuman in lanka

ravan and his family at akshay funeral

ravan sitting on his singhashan

sita says now lanka vinash is nischit

sita with trijata in skr

sulochna crying seeing akshay kumar died

trijata tells sita about hanuman got caught

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