ravan drinking madira and chilling

Siya Ke Ram – Read 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 190]

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7th June Episode starts with

Trijata asking Sita to see her fate in her eyes. Sita looks in her eyes. Trijata worries as nothing is happening and says look in my eyes carefully. She says impossible, how can this happen, you should see what I want to show you. Sita says I m happy seeing what my heart eyes are showing, who knows you may see what I m seeing now and you may understand it too. Trijata leaves.

Sulochana tells Meghnadh that there is nothing imp than husband’s trust for a woman, you assured me that I can trust you. He says you trust me, then it will be right if I know whats the matter. She says I want to know the maze secret. He asks why, what is the need to know the secret of the maze. She says Sita will be leaving from here tonight. He asks what do you mean, how is this possible. She says if you don’t know, you will be saved from lying. He worries. She says you understand that Sita’s place is not here, I don’t want you to do Adharm of lying to your father. She holds Meghnadh and says I m asking you to help your wife and do your Dharm. She holds his hand and says you can do this for me. He says I heard maze changed its shape every day, its shape won’t be same tomorrow. She says but it will be same today. He cups her face and says yes.

Trijata comes to Sita again, and gets some women beating plates and making noise. Sita looks on. Trijata makes a white-black powder line and then fills colors. The women set the black magic kund. Trijata sits there and starts doing her evil magic, while staring at Sita. She cuts her own finger and does her tilak. She sits chanting the mantras. She says now you can’t be saved of my power, now you will see your husband’s death in my eyes, now you will know the motive of your arrival here, you will see your future with Lankapati Raavan. She laughs and stares at Sita. She tries to show destruction to Sita. Sita smiles. Trijata gets shocked seeing Raavan’s death. She sees all her magic ruined, and that skeleton head melted by the fire. Sita asks what did you ssee….

Mandodari tells Sulochana that I don’t know how will this happen. Sulochana says I prepared everything, you just keep Raavan with you tonight, I will enter maze and get Sita out. Mandodari nods. Vibhishan comes and asks what after that. They look at him. He asks Sulochana to answer him, you have to send Sita safe from Lanka, will you be able to do this, you will need a boat, did you arrange it, answer me, if not then, I can arrange that. Sulochana and Mandodari get glad.

Sulochana says but… why do you want to help us. Vibhishan says because I m worried for my brother Raavan, if we don’t do anything in time, it will be destruction, he has done many bad things, but this time it will be a reason for his ruin, its necessary to send Sita away from here, only then I can save Raavan from the upcoming harm, because I have a doubt that if Sita stays here, she will become a cause of Raavan’s death some day. Mandodari asks Sulochana how will you convince Sita from running away, you said she refused. Sulochana says I can try again. Vibhishan asks how will you come out of the maze. Sulochana says my husband is doing his dharm towards me. Vibhishan gets shocked and asks Meghnadh, are you sure, no, he can never do anything against his father. Sulochana says a son won’t help, but a husband will surely help. You arrange the boat, I will reach there with Sita.

Raavan says Trijata would have made Sita think to marry me by showing that future, Sita would be seeing the dreams of becoming my queen. He laughs. Trijata comes there and is tensed. She says Lankesh….. He says just tell me fast what happened, did you create magical illusion. She says yes, I have seen it too. He drinks wine and laughs. He says I had this expectation from you, go and be with Sita, show such sight again and influence her heart. She gets speechless and leaves. Raavan says Sita and laughs.

Sulochana goes to Sita. Trijata stops her and says you here, by whose permission did you come here. Sulochana asks what a foolish question, you think anyone can dare to come here with Raavan’s permission. Trijata says but I was with Lankesh just now. Sulochana says Raavan has sent me, he is happy as you all are taking care of Sita, so he has sent sweets. She asks Daasis to distribute it. Trijata stops her. Sulochana says Raavan won’t like hearing that you doubted on his dear son’s wife. Sulochana shows the flowers and says Raavan has sent this for Sita. Trijata smiles and asks Sulochana to go. Sita smiles seeing Sulochana.
Sulochana gives the flowers to Sita and says this is for you. Sita smiles and takes the flowers. Trijata and Asur women sit eating sweets. They all get dizzy. Sita smells the flowers and sees everyone falling down. Even Sita gets dizzy and holds her head. Sulochana holds her. Raavan sits to dine. Mandodari asks Daasi to serve Raavan. Raavan signs them to stop, and asks Mandodari won’t you serve me today. She apologizes and serves him food. He says I feel like everyone in this Bhavan is adamant towards their duties. She says no. He says I was informed that you are worrying a lot for the guest, you did not feel necessary to take my permission to meet Sita. She asks whats the need to say indirectly like the maze, you can tell it straight if its about Sita. He shouts and asks why did you go to meet Sita. She says Sita loves Ram a lot, what you want, its not possible. She cries. He gets angry and starts leaving. She says Sita is not a guest, but bounded here, don’t go.


Precap :
Surpanakha says I will get such woman to kill Sita, a Rakshakh like Singhni. She kills someone. Sita is shown.


** Jai Shree Ram **

mandodari talks with ravan

ravan drinking madira and chilling

ravan impresses by trijata

sita contacting eye with trijata

sita happily sees sulochna

sita seeing trijata maya

sulochna and mandodari pics

sulochna convinces meghnad

trijata contacting eye with sita

trijata perform maya puja

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