sita holds flower and remembers about ram

Siya Ke Ram – Read 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 188]

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5th June Episode starts with

Pigeon asking Sita to command him. She says Ram is already worried for me, don’t say anything bad to him, he will get sad hearing my state. He asks what good will I say about you to Ram, everything is wrong here. She says tell me, that my problem is just that I m away from him, he would be anxious to know about me, he will ask how am I here, do I eat food or not, you can’t lie to him, just tell him whenever he eats food, I will know and I will also have food then, I feel scared sometimes, tell him that I sit under the sky and think that he maybe also waiting to meet me again, he gives me courage. Pigeon cries. She says if Ram wants my heart pain to get less, ask him not to cry, and tell Laxman, I could not protect his promise, forgive me, tell them I m here, I m waiting for them, tell them the directions to reach here, so that they can take me soon.

Kaikesi asks why. Surpanakha says you know I m right, I m cheated. Kaikesi says you are a fool, I can’t help you, accept whats happening. Surpanakha says I realized like I m left alone, you were my mum and dad after dad left, you taught me everything, then why did you not teach me to lose, my nose has cut now, this havan is made to put what we can give, the thing which is not of any use to us, you put me in this havan, I have always become a reason of shame and problems for you, let me die. Kaikesi says fine, I will help you, but I can’t kill anyone. Surpanakha says I m not asking you to kill anyone, you gave me medium to get my aim. Kaikesi asks what do you mean. Surpanakha says I want to learn something from you. She smiles.

Pigeon asks Sita to allow him to leave. Sita wishes him a safe journey. He says I will return soon with Ram’s message for you. He flies away. She smiles. Raavan shoots down the pigeon. Sita gets shocked. Pigeon falls on the ground. She cries and shouts no. She runs to the pigeon. She turns and sees Raavan. Raavan goes to Sita. He says you thought I will let him fly away with your message, there is just one way to leave from this garden, that will take you to my Bhavan, why do you want to cry, everything can change in one moment, all this sorrow can change to happiness. He asks are you done with your crying for this bird. She says no, I m not crying for him, he got Mukti. He asks are you crying for your state, because you love the man who is not here, your freedom is impossible.

She says I m crying for her, whom I met some time before, she just loves you, you insulted her love and you are here standing infront of me, I m crying for the one who can get rid of this pain. He thinks Mandodari, why did she meet Sita. He says I want to give you respect, and you are saying bad words for me. Ram is just a prince, I m the king, Lankapati Raavan, your name is nothing infront of me, you have seen my grandeur, tell me is Ram anything infront of me, what are you thinking, tell me what is Dasharath’s son infront of me, I heard his head has no crown, what did he do, how many did he fail, I have failed Indra, I m more Parakrami/mighty, I have more power. She tells him that its power to fail the enmity in enemy’s heart, not by failing the enemy. He asks whats special in Ram. She says those who are special, they have nothing else than specialty, my Ram is such, I can start, don’t know when will it end. He asks what start. She starts saying about Ram.

She says you did not see crown on his head, it does not mean there is no crown, his crown is not of gold and jewels, his crown has worry about becoming ideal for his Praja, how to be present for the people always and make their sorrows away. Ram ram….plays…………. She praises Ram comparing him with a lotus, he just speaks truth, his speech is so pure that everyone feels like Lord avatar, he uses weapons to protect people, not to kill anyone helpless, when I touch his hands, all my worries for gone, his legs go ahead to end all worries and wherever he steps, that bhoomi is blessed, the touch of his feet gives life. Mata Ahilya’s scene is shown. She says his heart is pure like gold, where I stay, and no one can make me out from his heart. Raavan shouts Sita…. And goes.

Sulochana comes to Sita. Sita asks did you come back, do you want to hear more about my Ram…. Sulochana says I have come to take you along with me. Sita turns and looks at her. Sita asks who are you. Sulochana says I m Lankesh’s son’s wife, I want to help you, come with me, trust me, I m saying for your good, you maybe thinking why I want to help you, why will you trust me, I m Raavan’s bahu. Its not necessary that I agree with Raavan’s deeds, I m a woman and I can’t let this happen with any other woman, else I can never forgive myself.

Sita says whatever you want to do for me, I m thankful to you, I very well know that this can be dangerous for you to come here, even thewn you came here, but…, Sulochana says but you won’t run away, right? Why? I m giving you chance to return to your husband, I don’t know what did Raavan think, but many people will try to attack on you, let me free you. Sita says you are Raavan’s bahu, you don’t know you will break the maryada by freeing me. She asks whats the difference between Maryada and bandhan, both are limits. Sita recalls Ram’s words and cries. Sulochana says forgive me if my question has given you sorrow. Sita says not sorrow, an old moment came in my mind, forgive me, but for my freedom, I can’t put you in risk. Sulochana asks what will you do, a maze will be made here, till when will you wait. Sita looks at the sky and says till Ram comes here. She sees a thread on the ground. She picks it and cries, recalling Ram. FB shows….. Ram asks Sita what is keeping her awake. She asks how do you know I m here. He says this world brings me to you by numerous ways. FB ends. A flower falls. She picks the flower and cries, asking Ram to come soon.
Precap :
Raavan tells about Trijata. She asks her to go and show Sita such a future, where Ram has died and Sita has become Raavan’s queen.


** Jai Shree Ram **

mata kaikesi angry

pigeon gets emotional

sita denied sulochna to get rescue

sita holds flower and remembers about ram

sita let the ravan knows about ram

sita looks on happily

sita offer food to pigeon

sita sees ravan annoyingly

sita talking to the pigeon

sita tell ravaan about ram

sulochna wants to rescue sita from lanka

supranakha talks emotionally to kaikesi

ravaan killed the pigeon

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