ram gets angry on ravan

Siya Ke Ram – Read 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 187]

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4th June Episode starts with

Male pigeon saying our partner has sent me to inform you that…. Sita asks what…. FB shows Ram and Laxman reaching the ashram. They see everything shattered. Laxman checks the Rekha crossed. He recalls his words to Sita and cries. He shouts Bhabhi…… and looks for her. He says something bad happened here. He calls out Sita and says Ram has come, I told you nothing will happen to Ram, where are you. Raman drops his bow and picks a stool. Laxman says Sita is not here, don’t worry, I will look that side. Ram sees the broken pot and holds it. He cries and breaks the pot. Ram gets Sita’s cloth and flower garland. He cries holding that and shouts Sita… The pigeons look on, as Ram cries out his pain. Laxman goes to Ram. Ram signs him to stop. FB ends. Pigeon tells Sita that I have seen many in problems, but not in such pain, Ram was crying as if someone has snatched his health, not family. Sita cries.

Raavan concentrates in his tapasya. He recalls Sita and Kaikesi’s words, Surpanakha, Mandodari’s words. He opens his eyes. Asur comes to him and says I got the news like Lankesh wanted, we have seen Ram, he is in such pain that he would have died, I did not see any human in such pain. Raavan says keep on saying, I m listening. Asur says you know Lankesh, it seemed Ram is going to die, he is not able to eat, breath or talk, he is just saying Sita’s name, I heard he is big warrior, but he stays upset and helpless, if you command, shall I kill him. Raavan shouts no. Asur gets shaken up in fear and leaves. Raavan laughs and says killing you is like forgiving you Ram, your pain just started, you will die for sure, on your own, you will die every moment, keep crying and saying Sita…. Sita…… He laughs aloud.

Sita asks the male pigeon did you see Ram before coming here, do you know anything. She asks why are you silent. He says yes, I have seen him. FB shows Laxman finding Sita’s ring. Laxman shows it to Ram. Ram thinks of Sita, and how he once found the ring and goes to her. He says you forgot your ring in kitchen. She asks him to make her wear it. he makes her wear the ring. Ram cries. Chatayu calls out Ram. Ram and Laxman hear him and rush. Ram takes him in lap and asks about his state. Pigeon hears them. Chatayu says I tried to save Sita, but he took Sita. Ram asks who. Chatayu says the one we were afraid of, Raavan. Ram and Laxman get shocked. Chatayu says I attacked Raavan, but…. Ram says Laxman, we have to take him to hut soon.

Chatayu says no, all tries are waste now, its time for me to leave. Laxman says no. Chatayu asks Ram will you fulfill my last wish. Ram nods. Chatayu says I want to take my last breath in my best friend Dasharath’s son’s lap, will you fulfill my wish. Ram cries and rests Chatayu’s head in his lap properly. Chatayu smiles seeing him and says I have roamed all my life, now its time to return home. He takes his last breath. Ram, Laxman and that pigeon cry. Ram cries and closes Chatayu’s eyes. Ram and Laxman fume with anger. Ram says Raavan… FB ends. Sita cries for Chatayu. She says Ram would have known it, Chatayu would have surely told him that Raavan took me away, Ram would know where I m, he will surely come to take me. Pigeon nods and smiles.

Meghnadh asks Raavan what happened, is there any worry or dilemma. Raavan says storm will come. Meghnadh says I was also thinking same. Raavan says its not natural that Surpanakha got calm, she is thinking to do something. Meghnadh asks shall I increase soldiers outside her Kaksh. Raavan says no, they will be killed, we have to think what is she thinking. Meghnadh says we can make a solution if we know whats in her heart, her heart is like a maze. Raavan says we can stop a maze by a maze and smiles. Sulochana hears them and says so they are going to make a maze to stop Bua ji, as far as I know Raavan, he will make such maze in which Sita will also get lost, I have to do something, I have to make Sita run away before this maze is made.

Surpanakha goes to some place. She sees the Asur women praying. She goes to see Kaikesi, who is doing aarti. Kaikesi turns to Surpanakha. She says during my Sadhna, no one is allowed to come here except my devotees. Surpanakha says I have come here as your devotee, I want your help, I know you will surely help me. She tells why she wants her help….. Kaikesi looks on.

Sita tells the pigeon that you might be hungry, have this food. He says no, till you have food, how is this possible that I eat food. She asks him to do a work. He says sure, command me. She asks him to go Panchwati and give her message to Ram, but after that, you have this food, you came from far and have to go on long journey again, think of this as my command. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine, Ram will make things fine. She smiles.


Precap :
Pigeon tells Sita that he will come back soon with Ram’s message. Raavan shoots the pigeon. The pigeon falls down. Sita sees this and shouts no. Raavan tells Sita that you thought I will let him fly away with your message for Ram.


** Jai Shree Ram **

asurs doing puja

asurs got news about ram

jatayu wants to die on ram's lap

lankapati doing god's aradhna

ram closes eyes of jatayu

ram cries on jatayu's death

ram gets angry on ravan

ram put ring on sita's finger

ram screams ravan's name angrily

ram sees gajra fallen down

ram sees injured jatayu

ravan doing tapasya in lanka

sita talking in ashok vatika

sita talking to pigeon lanka

sulochna came to know aout ravan's strategy

supranakha ask kaikesi for help

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