sita feels sad very sad 29 june episode

Siya Ke Ram – Read 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 212]

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29 June Episode starts with

Sita asking Hanuman about Ram. Hanuman turns and cries. He says Ram’s state is like a lifeless body. Sita gets shocked and cries. He says he is always sunk in sorrow thinking of you, his heart is always lost to find you, he does not eat food and does not sleep, he just takes your name, he recalls you all day and night, sometimes he gets thinking of you and talks to jungle’s birds, animals, trees, stones, plants, water etc and asks your address.

FB shows Ram asking a plant did it see Sita. Sita cries. Hanuman says Ram is seen in many avatar in the world, someone called him Maryada Purshottam, Praja Palak, Raghunandan, but whenever I have seen him, I just saw Siya Ke Ram, his heart and everyone call has just your name, his eyes have your image, how shall I express his immense love. He asks her not to worry, Monkey king Sugreev and Praja is with Ram, when he gets your info, his worry and sorrow will end, he will be glad. Sita asks how shall I thank you.

Hanuman greets her. She says I m indebted to entire monkey race, my best wishes will always be with you son, while saying my sorrow, I forgot to ask how did you meet Ram. He says Ram came to Rishi parbat along with Laxman, while finding you, Sugreev was staying on mountain being afraid of his brother Bali, I met Ram and Laxman to know about them, Ram told his introduction and told me motive to come to jungle, then I made Ram and Laxman sit on my shoulders and took them to mountain. She says if you say, I will believe, if you look that huge to make both of them sit on your shoulder together. He says your doubt is natural, I will clear your doubt now. He says Jai Shri Ram and gets into giant form. She gets amazed.

She looks around and says I completely trust you, get back to your normal form now. He says sure Mata and gets back to normal height. Sita smiles and says Hanuman, your heart and mind are very gentle, tell me what happened then. Hanuman says then Sugreev told his problem to Ram, Bali has made Sugreev leave from his kingdom and snatched his wife, Ram assured Sugreev that he will punish Bali. Hanuman says everyone knows Ram killed Bali, but I know Ram killed Raavan hiding inside Bali, he did not free Sugreev’s wife Roma, but he freed you, I m sure that the way Ram freed Roma, he will kill Raavan and free you soon, that day is not far now when you and Ram will unite. She smiles and says you are mighty and powerful, you are also sensible enough, your good talk has cleared all the sorrow in my heart, I m very glad knowing my Ram has such a smart, powerful and mighty friend, now I m not worried for Ram, you are really Sankat Mochan.

He smiles and looks around. She asks what are you thinking. Sankat Mochan naam tiharo………….plays……….. He says I have sworn not to eat anything till I find you and fulfill Ram’s work, but now I have found you, I m blessed meeting you, now I m feeling hungry, so I m looking around. She tells him about many fruits trees in Ashok vatika, but its Raavan’s garden, and there are many Asur soldiers. He says I m not scared of them, allow me to go and have fruits. She asks him to go, recall Ram and have the sweets of this garden. He goes. She smiles seeing the ring.
Meghnadh comes to Akshay and sees Sulochana packing his bag. He says so its true you are leaving. Akshay asks how can I disobey Mata. Meghnadh says no son has to try to become good in father’s eyes, every son is a winner in father’s eyes since birth. Akshay says its easy for you to say, Raavan calls me a coward. Meghnadh says if you think this, I will give you a chance, I want to go for Devi Paatali’s Aradhna, but there is no one to whom I can give my duties, after you came here, my problem is solved, I can give my duties to you and go without any worry. Akshay says but Raavan won’t agree. Meghnadh says I will talk to him. Sulochana says its not just about Raavan, Mata asked Akshay to leave. Meghnadh says you tell Mata that Akshay will leave after few days, I stopped him. He leaves with Akshay.

Hanuman goes to fetch some fruits. He says after many days, I can eat plenty of food with Sita’s blessings. He shakes a tree and the fruits fall down. He starts eating and sees many other fruit trees. He plucks a tree and says I got all coconut, whats its use now. He throws the tree. Asurs come there and asks hanuman who is he, this is Raavan’s garden. Hanuman says fight is not good, you all can have fruits too, I won’t say anything to Raavan. They try to get Hanuman. Hanuman throws tree on them. Some of them run to call minister. Hanuman catches one with his tail and eats bananas. The minister comes there and sees Hanuman. He asks who are you, how dare you do this. Hanuman says I just came to eat fruits and end my hunger, your soldiers made me helpless to do this. Minister says I will make you helpless to die, and blows fire on Hanuman. Hanuman says now I have to shut his mouth. He throws a mango to shut his mouth while the Asur was blowing fire. The man falls down. Hanuman says they don’t even let me have food peacefully.

Meghnadh tells Raavan about his wish to pray to Devi Paatalika, as they have done progress by her blessings. Raavan says its good thought, I m sure you will take her blessings. Meghnadh says I will leave soon, but I have a request, give my duties to Akshay in my absence, he will know about entire Lanka. Raavan says sure. Asur soldiers come and ask Raavan to save them, a powerful monkey came in Ashok vatika and he ruined the garden, and killed our minister too. Raavan looks on. Meghnadh says I think this monkey is that secret messenger. Raavan says Meghnadh, I want you to…. Akshay asks for a chance to punish that monkey for all his crimes. Raavan says fine, go, punish him such that no one can dare to enter Lanka again. He says this is second monkey after Bali who crossed the sea and reached Lanka, if Ram has sent this monkey to Lanka, he would have surely come to find about Sita.


Precap :
Hanuman and Akshay fight. Hanuman beats Akshay. Sita says he can attack on you anytime. Meghnadh comes there and shouts vanar/monkey. He aims at Hanuman.


** Jai Shree Ram **

akshay kumar to leave lanka

hanuman becomes big in front of sita

hanuman tell sita ram and we will come very soon

hanuman tells sita about ram situation

meghnad give his responsibility to akshay

meghnad tell ravan to keep akshay

ravan pic on lanka skr

sita feels sad very sad

sita says hanuman that she is very helpful of him

sulochna came to about akshay

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