ram gives a ring to hanuman to give it to sita 28 june episode

Siya Ke Ram – Read 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 211]

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28 June Episode starts with

Raavan telling Sita that its right to punish her as she is talking bitterly, but my love for you is calming my anger, I will give you two months time, if your Ram does not come within two months, be ready to marry me, even Lord can’t stop me then. He turns to go. Sita stops him and asks him to start counting, your life has just two months now, you have set this by your challenge. He says huh, I will wait for two months to end. He walks off.

Hanuman gets to normal form and says I m blessed to see Sita, she is brave like Ram described her, I greet her with respect, I have to go to her and give her Ram’s message. Trijata comes there and Hanuman stops.

Mandodari says that happened which I was doubting, Lankini disappeared and some messenger has entered Lanka, this is some bad sign Vibhishan, no one is agreeing to me. Akshay comes and asks did you call me Mata. She asks him not to get in any problem, leave from here. Vibhishan says its wise to stay away from these problems. Akshay says I can’t disobey Mata’s command, give me two days time, I will talk to Raavan and take his permission, I will then go to Nanashri. She says just you understand my emotions and hugs him. she cries.

Hanuman says when will this woman go from here, I m getting late to meet Mata Sita, if I go infront of this Asur lady, my hardwork will go waste. He sees Asur lady talking with love, and says it seems she is well wisher of Sita, but this can be Raavan’s trick too. Trijata goes and asks everyone to have food. Hanuman thinks this is right time, I should go infront of Mata, how will she identify me in this monkey form, she can regard me Raavan’s Mayavi, I have to do something that Mata gets sure that I m Ram’s devotee and messenger, what shall I do, there is one day, I have to chant Ram’s name, that will help me meeting Sita.

He sits away in the bushes and sees Sita. He chants Jai Shri Ram. Sita hears him and smiles. She stops and sits back. Hanuman looks on. Sita says Ram naam….. who is here, Ram’s devotee, I remember well that this is Lankesh’s deceive, come infront of me. Hanuman says I was afraid for this to happen, Mata Sita thinks I m some Mayavi, I have to say such things that just Sita and Ram knew.

He sings Ram Bhakt hum mai Hanuman…… Sita hears him. He conveys message through the song, about Sita and Ram’s background, how they met Devi Ganga and other instances. Fb shows the moments. Sita looks for him and cries. Hanuman also cries. Sita asks who is here, knowing so much about me and Ram, the things just Ram and me know, he is surely Ram’s messenger, he can’t be any Mayavi. Hanuman smiles and says Jai Shri Ram. He jumps down the tree. Sita gets shocked seeing him. He greets her. She asks who are you, its been long to hear such a beautiful voice and song, how do you know Ram, were you doing Ram’s jaap. He says yes, I m Ram’s Sevak, I have come here as his messenger.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that today your Rudra avatar Hanuman met Devi Sita. Mahadev says yes, that moment has come when Hanuman will get blessed, but this moment would have become unforgettable if Hanuman met Ram and Sita together. Devi Parvati says your heart has much love and devotion for Ram and Sita, your wish will be fulfilled soon.

Sita says seeing you, all my doubts got cleared, my heart got happiness by hearing your voice, but you did not give me your introduction. He says I m Kesari Nandan Hanuman, Ram’s devotee, he has sent me to find you. She cries and says your words have truth, but I was deceived many times in Lanka, so I don’t trust anyone, do you have any proof that you are Ram’s devotee. He says your doubt is right, I asked this question to Ram, how will I prove my truth to you. She asks what did Ram say. FB shows Ram saying Sita will ask you about your truth proof, when she asks you, give this ring to her, she will understand that I have sent you, this is not just a ring, but a relation between Sita and me, which just Sita can understand. FB ends. Hanuman gives the ring to her and says Ram has given this ring for you. She gets shocked and cries holding the ring.

She holds the ring touching her forehead with respect. Harijan jaani…… Ram Ram…………plays……….. She sits crying and says getting your ring today made my heart peaceful, today I feel like you will come walking to me, I m incomplete without you here, come and take me along soon.

Hanuman says Mata, its not time to cry, its time to be happy, Ram will soon come to take you. She says you reached here based on your power and smartness, you ended my sorrows, I m thankful to you, I can’t pay off this favor. He says my life got blessed by helping you, I feel proud today, I m just Sevak of Ram and you. She asks son, how is Ram, does he have food on time, tell me, I m worried to know about Ram’s welfare. He turns his face away and cries.


Precap :
Sita says you don’t look that huge to get Ram and Laxman on your shoulders. Hanuman takes his giant avatar and she gets surprised. Akshay asks Raavan for a chance to get that messenger. Raavan says if Ram has sent that monkey warrior, they he will surely find about Sita.

28 june episode 28 june episode 28 june episode

** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman feels bad seeing sita situation in ashok vatika

hanuman meets mata sita for the first time in ashok vatika

hanuman on tree seeing sita ashok vatika

hanuman sing song bhakt mai

mahadev and mata parvati in siya ke ram

mandodri hugs akshay kumar

ram gives a ring to hanuman to give it to sita

sita listens jai shri ram in lanka

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