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Siya Ke Ram – Read 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 208]

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25 June Episode starts with

The Episode starts with Hanuman greeting Naagmata Sursa. He says I heard about you, I m Hanuman, I m going to Lanka to fulfill Ram’s work, let me go, I m getting late. She asks do you think I will let you go hearing your sweet talk, don’t be mistaken, if you try to go ahead forcibly, I will eat you alive. He says I have to go to Lanka to fulfill Ram’s command, if you wish to eat me, then fine. He flies. She opens her mouth. Hanuman gets away. She gets angry. He smiles. She inhales the air and swallows Hanuman. She says could anyone win over Sursa, I will eat anyone who tries to win over me, Jai Lankesh. She feels unwell. Hanuman comes out of her ear. He says I entered your mouth, you have eaten me, thanks, now if you permit me, can I go ahead to Lanka to know about Sita. She says no, this can’t happen, I won’t leave you alive. He thinks I have no time to play with her, I have to move her away from my path. He shouts Jai Shri Ram and takes his giant avatar. Jaise Jaise Sursa……………plays……………. Sursa gets shocked seeing him. He says I will make you reach your true lok, that’s Naaglok, not Asur lok. He hits on her head and she sinks in the sea. Jai hanuman……….. plays……….. He says person looks best in his own place.

Sulochana asks Mandodari about the food. Mandodari asks her not to worry, I m sure everyone will like the food today. She asks Daasis to serve the food to everyone. Meghnadh says the food that smells so good will be better in taste, it seems Mata has made special food for us. Sulochana says I m seeing happiness on his face after many years. Meghnadh praises the food. Kaikesi spits the food. Raavan and Meghnadh look on. Kaikesi asks Mandodari about the Satvik bhojan, how did she made this, its against our traditions. Mandodari asks whats the problem with this, the food which gives us happiness and peace to our heart is good. She argues. Raavan shouts Mandodari.

Kaikesi signs him to stop and goes to Mandodari. She says there is no need to give me knowledge about food, I know this is your plan, when your words did not affect my son, you tried to change our thinking and deeds by this food, you cheated Asurs, who taught you to make this Satvik bhojan. Mandodari says its certain that I did not learn this from you, I don’t think you want to know from whom did I learn and made this. Raavan shouts Mandodari and throws the table. He says no one can dare to argue with Kaikesi like this, just answer her, who has brainwashed you, who told you to make this food.

Mandodari says I learnt this food recipe from Sita. Raavan gets shocked and angry. Mandodari leaves. Raavan says Sita, Sita…. How dare you fill poison in our Kul by this Satvikta, by living on our favors, you have to pay the price for this. Sita says Ram, its much time now, I did not get your message till now, crows don’t lie, then why is your message reaching me so late, I m waiting for you every moment, I always look at the entry path, when will you come.
Ram sits sad and cries. He says I know Sita, you are alone there and waiting for me every moment, I feel every moment is like a year without you, trust me, I will come soon to take you, our separation will end forever. Hanuman flies in the air. He stops and thinks what happened to me, why did I stop, why am I unable to fly. He sees shadow in the water and sees Singhika inside the sea. He says whats this illusion. Singhika gets hold of him and pulls him inside the sea.

Hanuman says so its you. She asks why did you come here, why are you crossing this sea. He says leave me first, then I will tell everything. She laughs and asks him to give his introduction, else she will kill him. He says I don’t raise hand on any woman, and don’t go against my words, free me, and I will give my intro. She leaves him. He says I m Ram’s servant and devotee Hanuman, I m going to Lanka. She says then you won’t be saved from me. He asks her to give message to Raavan that Hanuman is reaching Lanka soon. She shouts you think you are very clever, I have right on this sea, no one can cross this without my permission, now recall your Ram, because your death time has come. She holds Hanuman and says now I will kill you. Hanuman smiles and gets his giant avatar. Jai Hanuman…………plays…………. Her powers fall short. She gets hurt.

Hanuman gets back to his form. He goes towards her and says I don’t use my power on any woman, but you made me helpless, you have become barrier in Ram’s work, whoever will become barrier in Dharm path, I will end her. She smiles and catches him again when he turns. He goes away. Her hands holding him get too stretched and she gets hurt. He says Jai Shri Ram and gets free of her clutches. He flies to her and beats her with his Gada….. He smiles. She falls away. He gets flying again.

Raavan comes to meet Sita. She sees his reflection in the water. He compliments her beauty and smiles. He says you told a good recipe of Satvik food, one who can make such good food, she will be very beautiful, her soul will be beautiful too, I will be blessed getting you. She shouts Lankesh, don’t misunderstand my good deeds as my weakness. He says no, I feel you like Lanka, you taught Mandodari about Satvik bhojan, its good you will bond with her, you have to become my second queen some day, its necessary that my wives like each other and have good bonding. She asks him not to day dream. He says I know you are liking me slowly, it would be good if you accept me and get happiness by taking the benefits of Lanka’s glory.


** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman defeats sursa nagmata

hanuman punished simbhika fight

kaikesi and mandodri debates on tamsik bhojan food

ram cries for sita 25 june episode siyakeram

simbhika tries to trap hanuman

sita missing ram so much skr

sita ravan in ashok vatika pics

sulochna and mandodri pics siyakeram

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