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Siya Ke Ram – Read 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 206]

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23 June Episode starts with

Raavan seeing Maa Kaali. She kills all the Asur sena. Raavan gets shocked seeing Sita as Maa Kaali. She shouts and attacks on him. Raavan shouts no and wakes up from his dream. He says what kind of bad dream was this, Sita in this avatar, why…. Dream is sign of future, before this bad dream affects my life, I have to find its meaning. Sita is sad…..

Kaikesi asks what, Kaali’s avatar, seeing Sita in Kaali’s avatar is a sign of danger on entire Lanka. Raavan asks what danger, Sita is here in my clutches, she is helpless. She says no Raavan, Sita is helpless and can’t do anything, what about those who are coming in her search. Ram tells everyone that Lanka is the place full of danger, it will be tough to find Sita, if work is done for Dharm, then we get power to fight with any problem, I m sure you all will soon find Sita and inform me, I request you all that you leave for fulfilling this aim. Jamvanth, Sugreev, Angad and Hanuman greet him. Sugreev says if anyone returns without finding Mata Sita, then they will be punished. Raavan asks are you saying about two Sanyasis, they are just human, they can’t do anything. Kaikesi reminds that those Sanyasis are not alone, they have monkey army, Sugreev is helping them, maybe they have other friends to support them, we have to be alert, increase the security at Lanka’s entry point, no one should be allowed to enter Lanka. Raavan says I have thought what I have to do now.

Ram stands in the rain and cries seeing the sky. Sita is also sorrowful and cries. The rain drops fall on Ram’s face. Ram holds the rain drops in his palm, and says Sita, these are not rain drops, its your tears for me, I promise you that Raavan has to pay for your each tear.

Hanuman, Angad, Jamvanth and others move ahead. Raavan tells Sita that Ram reached Kishkindha, he has killed powerful Bali too, you should be very happy, but remember one thing, whatever is happening here is my trap, Ram is getting trapped, let him come to Lanka, he will meet his bad fate and death, you will see his sorrow. Sita says I m feeling happy as Ram is coming close to Lanka, he will soon solve the problem for what he is coming. He asks are you trying to scare me. She says no, I m trying to make you realize your Adharm limit ended, so your heart has this fear and terror born, so you came to make me afraid. He says no, I came to make you face the truth, your husband’s death will soon happen by my hand, you have belief on his powers, I will kill him, you will be responsible for his death, I pity on your sorrowful and bad future. He laughs. She says we shall wait, and see who will get pity on whom.

Hanuman and everyone proceed to Lanka. Days pass and they move on nonstop. Angad says we are just going on walking, we don’t know where to lead, I feel we failed in our work, if we go back without doing this work, Sugreev will not leave us alive. He gets sad. Hanuman says I understand your feelings, but remember you are son of powerful monkey king Bali, you are mighty like him, this regretting does not suit you, we need some rest, we should take rest and then go ahead with all our heart. Jamvanth agrees and says we will go ahead after resting for a while here. Angad says we can’t go ahead, there is a huge sea, I m thinking where will we go. A vulture comes flying and says you said true, you all can’t go anywhere from here, your death is definite. They all get shocked. The vulture says I m going to get my food today, I will eat all of you today.

Trijata comes to Sita and says my heart got a Jigyasa/curiosity today. Sita asks what, you ask. Trijata says I m sure, your handmade food will be best in the world, and whoever eats it once will always remember that food taste. Sita recalls serving food to Ram and Laxman. Trijata asks where are you lost. Sita says nothing Mata, I recalled some old days. Trijata says I also want to cook tasty food, can you tell me your recipe to make food. Sita says sure, this is my good luck, there is someone here who praises the food I made. She tells her about the three types of food Tamsik, Rajsik and Satvik, our thoughts depend on it, Tamsik which is made by killing animals, it gives you anger and person does not get peace, Rajsik is made by vegetables and does not involve killing of any animal, its made by all the natural things, then Satvik food gives peace and happiness to our heart, Ved and Dharm Shastra say Satvik bhojan is the best.

Mandodari comes and says I will also make Satvik food by this recipe now. Trijata says Maharani, you here. Mandodari says I just came to meet Sita, by because of you, I got to know about Satvik bhojan. Sita says its pleasure to know this, but will anyone have Satvik bhojan/food in Lanka, they will be eating Tamsik bhojan. Mandodari says I don’t know, but I m sure they all need satvik bhojan, you said that the person’s behavior and thoughts is like the food they consume, who knows the people’s heart here changes by switching to Satvik food, maybe Raavan’s thoughts will change by this, and he can follow Dharm path. Sita smiles.

Raavan walks to Sita and looks at her angrily. Sita turns away. He says you can’t ignore my existence so easily, you will feel my presence by any of the feelings. She asks him does he remember that his words show fear and regret. He says everyone get scared of me, they just see death meeting me, they get shaken up like a dry leaf, but you… I have to praise your courage. She says that day would be blessed when you could understand my courage, Lanka and Asur praja would be blessed if you understood my Dharm and Maryada, you can test my courage, but be ready for your Adharm and bad doings, Ram will come to punish you for your sins any moment. He says Ram will never enter Lanka, as Asur Tri Stree is protecting Lanka’s sea limits, even Devtas can’t fail them, those three women Sursa, Singhinika and Lankini will become the barriers for Ram. Sita sees the three Asur Stree there. Raavan smiles.


Precap :

Ram tells Laxman that we will get information about Sita. Laxman asks till when will we wait here. Ram says I m sure Hanuman will get some news about her. Hanuman flies in air and thinks to find Sita soon.


** Jai Shree Ram **

angad got depressed by finding the sita

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ram in moonlight looking dashing siya ke ram

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