angad entry pics in siyakeram

Siya Ke Ram – Read 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 204]

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21 June Episode starts with

Meghnadh coming to Sita. He sees her sleeping and calls out Sita. Sita wakes up and sees her. He says Lankesh commanded me to get you to mandap. She says Raavan’s son Meghnadh, I m seeing for the first time that a son is supporting father in Adharm. He asks her not to give lecture, its my topmost priority to support my father and obey his commands, so I want you to come with me. She says I m not helpless to obey Raavan, he will be punished for his sins. Meghnadh says I can punish you right now, Raavan is marrying you, think its your good luck. She says no, you are egoistic like your father, and you are also full of Adharm, you will also die along with your father. He gets the sword and asks her to be quiet, else he will be helpless to kill her.

Ram tells Tara that Bali is dead, but his duties are not fulfilled, just you can fulfill his duties, Sugreev will sit on the throne and manage Rajya, but he will need your guidance in Dharm and all customs, you have to manage your son Angad too, can you get free of all these duties? Tara cries seeing Bali. Ram asks Sugreev to calm down, we have to conduct Bali’s last rites. Jamvath says according to Shastra, Bali’s son Angad has to do the last rites. Ram says sure, and asks Hanuman to get Angad soon. Hanuman says sure and goes.

Sita says you can’t do anything in the world, you are servant of your father by your body and mind, you have no right to take a decision. He shouts and says you crossed all limits, if you don’t come with me to the mandap, I have to drag you on the ground and take you. She asks why are you hesitant, fulfill your wish. She goes and sits. Meghnadh walks to her. He holds her hand and gets a shock. He gets away from her. Sita appears bright. He tries holding her again and is pushed away. He falls on the ground and sees her. She looks at him. He leaves.

Angad is shown. He stands at the top of the mountain. The monkeys climb the rope and asks Angad not to lose balance else they all will fall. Angad says friends, don’t worry, rocks can fall, but not Angad’s foot. Angad steps on the rope, and pulls them upwards. The monkey call Angad powerful and asks if he will come to Gurukul. Angad says no, I have to go to my Nana shri’s home. They leave. Hanuman comes to Angad. Angad greets him and asks why do you look worry, tell me. Hanuman says I got a sorrowful news. He tells him everything. Angad gets shocked and cries. Hanuman asks him to come along to Kishkindha, everyone I waiting for you there. Angad says sure

Angad comes with Hanuman. Ram tells Angad that Bali died by my hands, your heart would have anger for me, its natural. Angad says Hanuman told me everything, I m sad for my father’s death, but I have no bad feelings for you and Sugreev in my heart, my father went on Adharm’s path, you have freed him from Adharm and wrong customs path, I have got much love from Sugreev, I don’t have any anger in my heart. Ram says you are behaving according to Dharm, I m proud seeing this Angad, would you like to manage Kishkindha’s work. Angad says I would be thankful for your consideration, but Sugreev is like my father, when he is there, throne does not suit for a son, let me just stay as a sevak. Ram says right, Laxman go to Kishkindha and announce about Sugreev’s Rajya Abhishek and give Yuvraaj’s post to Angad. Sugreev asks how will this be possible without you. Ram says I can’t enter any Rajya, according to the promise I gave to my father, so Laxman will go with you to Kishkindha for this auspicious work. He tells Sugreev that our every moment is precious, Sita is waiting for us in Lanka. Sugreev says I understand, I will send all the monkey army to Lanka, they will find Sita and inform us. He leaves with everyone. Ram says just some waiting, I m coming soon to free you from Raavan.

Raavan sits in the mandap and is waiting for Sita. Kaikesi looks on. Pandit sees Raavan smiling. He asks when will the bride come. Raavan says mantras should not stop. Pandit continues mantras. Raavan asks Kaikesi why is this getting delayed. She says Meghnadh would be coming. Raavan says don’t know why Mehgnadh did not bring Sita till now. Meghnadh comes and says Pitashri. Raavan smiles thinking Sita came. Kaikesi says Meghnadh, you came alone. Raavan turns to see. Meghnadh says forgive me Pitashri, I failed to get Sita. Raavan gets angry and says you have killed Indra on my saying, you could not get Sita, that ordinary woman. Meghnadh says she is not an ordinary woman. Kaikesi says Meghnadh is right, it won’t be possible to get Sita against her wish. Raavan smiles and says so what if Sita can’t come here, I can go to Ashok vatika, now Lankesh and Sita’s marriage will happen there.

He asks pandit to proceed towards Ashok vatika. Sulochana comes there and tells Raavan that Mandodari …… Raavan asks what happened to Mandodari. She says Mandodari is sitting in fire and going to sacrifice her life. They get shocked. Raavan and everyone rush to see her. Mandodari sits in the fire ring. Sita and Trijata look on. Raavan and everyone see Mandodari in the middle of the flaming ring. Mandodari requests Raavan to leave thought of marrying Sita, else this fire of is her Pativrath Dharm, in which a Sati Stree will get burnt to ashes.
Precap :
Mandodari tells Raavan that she never went against him and always obeyed her Pati vrath Dharm, if you don’t agree to me, no one can stop me from entering this fire.


** Jai Shree Ram **

angad entry pics in siyakeram

ram smiling pics in skr

now we will find sita

meghnad fails to force sita for marry

jamvant ji pics in siyakeram

hanuman tells angad about bali's death

ravan sitting on vivah mandap

ravan thinking something

sita looks perfectly

sita sitting in ashok vatika

sugreev cries loudly on death of bali

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