sugreev cries seeing his brother dying'

Siya Ke Ram – Read 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 203]

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20 June Episode starts with

Bali asking who are you to punish me for my crimes. Ram says Dharm and Adhram, sin and good, all these are not related to one Rajya or person, its related to world, if any person is sad by Adharm, the world is also affected, if any person sees Adharm going on and does not try to end it, then the person is also guilty like the one doing Adharm. He tells Bali, your death is close, accept your Adharm, this is the last chance to get free of your sins, repent, else you won’t get free of it ever. Bali recalls how he evilly eyed Roma.

Bali says ego is so strange, that it does not break when death is infront of him, and person forgets to see the person opposite him, forgive me, you freed me from this Adharm and sinful life. He folds hands and says I now you relieved me of this sinful life. Tara comes running and cries seeing Bali’s state.

The marriage mandap is set. The servants do the needful arrangements. Kaikesi tells Raavan that wedding arrangements got completed, wedding should be done soon. Raavan says I m very happy seeing the arrangements, my incomplete dream will get completed today. Meghnadh asks what dream. Raavan says to marry with all rituals. Meghnadh says I will get Sita. Raavan commands him to get Sita here. Meghnadh levaes. Mandodari looks on.

Trijata goes to Sita and says Lankesh did all arrangements for marriage, mandap and yagna are made. Sita smiles an shows the beautiful flower to Trijata. Trijata says danger is close to you, try to understand. Sita asks her to see the flower, it seems so happy and without any worry that someone can pluck it anytime. Trijata says I m worried for you. Sita says just our Karm is in hands, we can obey Dharm, we can’t control anyone, similarly, Raavan’s behavior and deeds are not in our control, we can’t stop or explain him, let him do anything, I will do whats in my control.

Bali apologizes to Tara and says I have walked on Adharm path and did injustice with you, forgive me. Tara holds him and cries. She says no, I was just worried that you are not able to see the truth because of your ego, when will you see that truth, now when you have realized the truth, it got very late, nothing can change now. Bali says if you forgive me, then many things will change Tara. She says no, you have regretted for your mistake and repenting too, you don’t need forgiveness now. Bali says Kesari Nandan, you also explained me a lot, but I did not listen to you, its good luck to have a good friend like you, Sugreev has this good luck, whatever I told you, I told that mistakenly, forgive me. Sugreev turns his face away. Bali says Sugreev, I can’t even apologize to you, my senses got ruined to regard you as my enemy, my soul is not leaving as you did not forgive me till now, I deserve this. Bali cries and says its my last wish that I leave my soul infront of you, will you fulfill my wish, tell me Sugreev. Sugreev cries and sits near Bali. He says you loved me as a father and gave me teaching, but today I became an orphan. Bali says now I can die happily, as you have forgiven me, you accept my son Angad too.

Bali asks Sugreev to give father’s love to his son, which he could not give. Sugreev nods. Bali thanks Ram as he got his family’s love in his final time. He says this is the result of good deeds of my last birth that I came infront of you in my final moment. He dies. Tara shouts no and cries. Sugreev cries too. Everyone look on.

Meghnadh is stopped my Mandodari. She says I know you are going to take Sita to mandap. He says this is Raavan’s command. She says you always obeyed Raavan’s command being a dutiful son, without thinking is Raavan saying right or wrong, did you ever obeyed to your mother, did you think about my respect, is Lankesh’s marriage with Sita not my insult, you know this and helping your dad, do you want to do this. He says forgive me, its son’s Dharm to obey a father’s command. She shouts Dharm can’t be fulfilled by obeying Adharm, its necessary to obey mother, along obeying father, like Raavan commanded you to get Sita to mandap, I command you to leave from here without getting Sita. Meghnadh goes to her and says I would have obeyed you for sure, if Lankesh was just my father, but he is Lanka’s Swami, I would have gone against father’s command, but I can’t go against Lanka king’s command, I can accept to Putra Droh, but not Rajya droh, forgive me. He leaves. She cries.

Tara tells Ram that you have punished my husband for his Adharm and injustice and did his Uddhar, I request you to fulfill my last wish. She says by the arrow, you have freed Bali, you free me of this life by the same arrow. Ram and Laxman get shocked. Tara asks Ram to take the arrow. Hanuman asks what are you saying, do you think Ram did a crime or Adharm by killing Bali. She says no Hanuman, I did not mean this, how can I blame Ram, he has killed my husband and protected Dharm, customs and justice, I respect Ram for this. She says Ram, I m a Pavi vrata woman, after my husband’s death, there is no meaning of my life, so I request you to make me reach heaven, free me of this life.

Jamvanth says Devi, you are free of crimes, and Ram does not punish anyone free of crimes. Tara says wife is tied to husband by deeds and Dharm, like they have equal right in happiness and sorrow, if either of them does Adharm, both are guilty, not any one, so Ram won’t get any stain by killing me. She asks Ram to accept her request. Ram takes the arrow from her hands. Hanuman, Jamvanth and Laxman get shocked.


Precap :
Meghnadh tells Sita that its Raavan’s command to get you to mandap. She says I m not strained to do this, you will also face death along with your father. He angrily takes out his sword. Sulochana goes to Raavan and informs him that Mandodari is giving up her life and has sat on the funeral pyre. Raavan gets stunned.


** Jai Shree Ram **

bali ask tara to forgive him

bali regrets of what he has done

mandodri ask meghnad to help her

meghnad indrajeet pics of meghnad

ram and laxman emotional pics in skr

ram smiling pics in siyakeram

ravan smiling pics skr26

ravan wants to marry sita

sita smiles seeing flowers

sugreev cries seeing his brother dying'

sugreev sees bali lying on the floor

tara ask ram to kill with the same arrow from which bali is died

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