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Siya Ke Ram – Read 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 185]

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2nd June Episode starts with

Sita crying, Her wristband beads fall apart. She recalls Ram telling her that the beads are sign of heart, you control heart by patience. He gives her a bead and says for us, for me, you have to do this, because you are my power, remember Ram is nothing without Sita. She smiles thinking of Ram and looks at the beads. A lady gets food for Sita. She says you did not eat anything since you came here, till when will you not eat, will you stay hungry for years. Sita says getting away from Ram feels like my heart passed out, you are talking about years, years will pass easily. She cries.

Sulochana goes to Meghnadh. He asks what happened. She asks do you agree with whatever happened, is this right. He says you came to give me Gyaan on right and wrong. She says I had many expectations from you, but much limits got crossed by whatever happened, a woman is kidnapped, how can you agree to your father, such father who kidnapped a woman. He says you want to know whether I agree to Raavan’s doings, no…. but I have to support him. She asks him to think does he always want to follow Raavan, if your answer is yes, I will assure you that you are going towards your destruction. He says Raavan is not interested in Sita.

She says you are innocent, I can see Raavan’s interest well, as I m a woman and know a man’s sight, I know he will try to get Sita soon, Sita won’t be fine. He gets shocked and asks how do you know. She says I know a woman’s emotions too. He gets thinking. Surpanakha asks for more wine. Daasi says you already had many. Surpanakha commands for more wine and scolds Daasis. She says I m Surpanakha, Sita will get Raavan’s favors and I will sit quiet, no way, if anyone thinks so, then they don’t understand me.

Meghnadh goes to Raavan. Minister tells Raavan that they got info that soldiers are trying to protest, they are waiting for right time to attack, you have to check this matter, you command us what to do, I m waiting. Raavan asks do I need to tell you everything, don’t you have experience, will you waste my time in these little things, then why do I need you. Meghnadh says Lankesh needs rest, we will talk tomorrow. He sends minister. Raavan asks him to leave. Meghnadh leaves. Raavan looks at Sita.

Sita sits sad. Raavan calls Daasi and asks her to send good clothes for Sita. He stares at Sita. Sita thinks I came really far. She recalls Ram finding her. FB shows Sita asks how did you find me, I came very far. He says by my heart eyes. She asks heart eyes. He says when open eyes did not find you, heart eyes show the way. She asks how. He says we know whats seen, but we believe whats unseen, we just see with open eyes which is actually there, but by heart eyes, we see everything what is present and whats absent, we can’t experience unseen things with open eyes, this touch is just physical. He closes her eyes and holds her hands, and says by heart eyes, we experience the touch to our soul. He holds her face. She opens eyes and sees him.

He says Sita, husband and wife are such who can see each other anyhow, you see me with closed eyes now, come to me taking seven steps by belief. Sita walks to him closing her eyes. He says first step …. I will always take care of you, second step….. I will always try that our married life is blissful and successful, third step is a promise that I will secure you in tough times, fourth step is I will share all my happiness and sorrows with you, fifth step that I will accept my responsibility towards my children, sixth step is my promise that I will always be your friend, seventh step is I will always be with you. She also takes each step while he was talking to her. She reaches him and hugs him. He says we have united forever, not even seven steps, if you were much away, we would have united anyhow.

Sita is restless and looks around. She asks Ram to meet her again and cries. She falls down and recalls Ram. He falls in Ram’s arms and says you came. Ram says where did I go, Ram will be there where Sita is. Sita touches the ground and cries.

Sita turns and sees some soldiers there. They attack her. She closes her eyes and stands still. Meghnadh kills both the soldiers. Sita opens eyes and sees Meghnadh. Meghnadh says they both tried to kill you, if I did not kill then, you would have been not alive now, what is the reason for your behavior, why did she not protect yourself. She asks what protection, I m divided being separated from Ram, I don’t need to protect that part of my body which got separated from Ram…… and the part of my body which is left with Ram, does not need to be protected, so what part of body should I protect then….. He looks on.


Precap :
Raavan gets the news from an Asur. Asur asks shall we kill Ram….. Raavan shouts no, killing Ram will be ending his sorrow, Ram will die on own by bearing the separation pan. Ram shouts Sita…… and falls down.


** Jai Shree Ram **

ram holds siya in filmy style

ram sita romance in panchwati

ram teaches sita a lesson

ravan ridiculous look

sita cries and misses ram

sita cries in ashok vatika

sita cries loudly missing out ram there

sita listens ram's word carefully

siya ka ram romance pics

siya ram hugs and smile

sulochna advice meghnad to leave sita

supranakha sends soldiers to kill sita

supranakha drinking madira in lanka

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