bali got hurt by arrow ban

Siya Ke Ram – Read 19th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 202]

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19th June Episode starts with

Sugreev and Bali’s fight going on. Sugreev says I will punish you for all the crimes, for not believing me, for making me leave Kishkindha, for snatching my wife. He beats Bali. Laxman says its right time to shoot Bali. Ram says no, let Sugreev get his revenge and punish Bali, if I try to shoot before that, Bali will try to cheat. Bali stops Sugreev and pushes him away.

Bali thinks to use his vardaan/boon and take Sugreev’s half powers to kill him. He smiles. He pulls Sugreev’s half powers from him. Ram and Laxman look on shocked. Sugreev turns weak. Bali laughs.

Kaikesi is in her Kaksh and worried thinking of Sita. She sees the fire in her Kaksh and gets scared. She calls out Daasi, and says its all fire around, come fast. The Daasis come and ask what happened, why are you scared. Kaikesi says its all funeral pyres burning in all the four directions. Daasi asks where. Kaikesi sees everything fine. Raavan comes and asks what happened Mata. Daasis leave. Kaikesi says I m seeing burning funeral pyres everywhere. He says its nothing like that here, did you give clothes to Sita. Kaikesi says since I met that unlucky woman, I m seeing burning funeral pyres around, its big abshagun. He asks funeral pyres, abshagun, what are you saying. She says Sita is not any ordinary woman, she has strange powers, marry her soon…….He says sure Mata.

Trijata says if there was any other woman instead you, she would have broken, but you are getting more courageous when problems are increasing, what’s the secret, is this just by love and devotion. Sita says I m taught that situation is not good or bad, our thinking makes it good and bad, our intentions control our happiness and sorrow, devotion for Lord and love for Ram are the basis for my courage, I m not seeing anyone with good or bad perception, here in Lanka….someone wants to kill me, insult me, but there are some people who want to protect me, and respect me, I don’t have any expectations from anyone, I just have hope. Trijata asks is hope not a type of expectation. Sita says expectations makes us desire things, when the result is not according to our desire, we get upset, but hope is like a light, that’s why a hopeful person does not get upset in any situation, he always has hope that something good will happen, this gives courage to bear sorrow, if result is not according to expectation, hopes gives courage to bear the result, I have lived my life like this. Trijata says I don’t understand your words completely, but I know it has truthfulness of Lord.

Laxman says Bali is doing Adharm by taking Sugreev’s powers, this is against the rules of the battle. Ram says yes Laxman, the right time has come now. Bali beats Sugreev. Ram aims at Bali.
Roma cries and says I have dedicated my love, Stree Dharm and everything to Bali, to save Sugreev’s life, now I feel my sacrifice has gone waste, Bali will end my husnand’s life today. Tara consoles her and says Adharm’s sword can be powerful, but can’t cut the shield of truth and Dharm, Sugreev knows no one can stay infront of Bali’s powers, even then if Sugreev challenged Bali coming out of Rishi parbat, there is some reason, which we don’t know. Roma says no, I think he challenged Bali in his anger.

Bali asks Sugreev to get ready for his death, and laughs. Ram says move Sugreev…. Bali beats Sugreev. Sugreev comes in the path of the aim. Ram tries to shoot Bali. Laxman says no, wait. Sugreev falls down. Bali steps on his chest and laughs. Laxman fumes. Ram aims at Bali and shoots the arrow, when Bali was going to hit Sugreev with his weapon and kill him. Ram’s arrow hits Bali’s chest. Bali falls down. Sugreev looks at Ram. Ram nods.
Maryada Purshottam Ram……plays……… Ram and Laxman walk to Bali. Bali sees Ram and gets shocked. Hanuman and Jamvanth also come there. Bali asks Ram who are you.

A guard informs Tara about Bali getting wounded by the arrow, it seems his end is close. She gets shocked. Bali says Dasharath’s eldest son Ram…. I heard you do justice, this is not right to challenge me for battle and killing me like this. Ram says if I challenged you and fought, I would have fought, according to the battle, I would be regarded Kishkindha’s king, but now I m staying as a sanyasi, Raj path is useless for me, I did this to help Sugreev, I did not do this to add up my prestige. Bali asks why did he shoot him by hiding and cheating him, why this death for a powerful man like me. Ram says the sins you did, its very bad, such sins are prohibited even in animals’ society, when you showed such bad behavior, there was no option than to kill you this way, result is according to your bad deeds. Bali says no Ram, your words can’t calm my heart, death should be according to the person’s environment, your society rules are different than our rules, you are Dasharath’s son, you are Raghukul’s responsible person, but your goodness is just your pretention. Bali says remember, I will be killed by your arrow, but your bright future and good behavior will never get free of the stain of killing me. Ram looks on.

Bali says the world is against this work, I m not sad for my death, but how will you prove your Adharm right. Ram sends Laxman. He says the one who dipped in Adharm…….Dharm and righteous words don’t suit him, about my deeds, I m ready to pay for my deeds, but being afraid of the result, I can’t ignore my duty, I heartily accept all the consequences of my deeds, your end is close, recall all the sins you did, where did your Dharm go when you made Sugreev leave from kingdom and tried to kill him, did you not remember your Dharm when you eyed Sugreev’s wife badly, who was like a daughter for you, you were a king also, not just answerable to relations and duties, did you not remember any Dharm then. Bali says I did crime in my Rajya, not yours, you did not have any enmity with me, then why did you shoot at me, who are you to punish me for my deeds. Laxman, Ram and everyone look on.


Precap :
Tara runs to Bali. Bali feels sorry to not listen to her, and facing this day. Tara cries. Mandodari asks Meghnadh did he not think of his mum’s respect by supporting his dad in remarrying and doing this Adharm. He says its my Dharm to support my father. She says walking on Adharm’s path is not any Dharm Meghnadh


** Jai Shree Ram **

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kaikesi says sita is not an ordinary woman

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