sita being the most sativta lady

Siya Ke Ram – Read 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 201]

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18th June Episode starts with

Ram hearing Hanuman chanting Jai Shri Ram. Ram says who is doing my name’s Jaap. He goes and sees Hanuman doing the Jaap. He calls out Kesari Nandan. Hanuman opens his eyes and sees Ram. He says Ram…… and gladly greets Ram.

Ram asks why were you doing my name’s Jaap, Hanuman. Hanuman folds his feet and says this name is within me. Ram says get up and holds him. Hanuman says its like my inner heart always echoed this name, I failed to hear that sound, till I have met you, I got the motive of my life, now you are my Prabhu/Lord, my Aradhya/worship. Ram asks why are you saying this. Hanuman asks are you testing me, you are not identifying your bhakt/devotee and Sevak/servant, come with me. He gets Ram to the top of the mountain and says when I did not meet you, when I did not know about you, I made this drawings. Ram sees his drawing. Hanuman says but after meeting you, I have no doubt that this is you. Ram looks at him. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on and smile. Ram asks but Hanuman, how is this possible, you made this without meeting me.

Hanuman says before sun rises, the light ends darkness, same way your image has lightened my identity, I have seen this image even in my dreams, I used to make the drawings on these stones, I used to get happy and excited with devotional feelings, you are my Guru, I was waiting to meet you, so to calm my heart, I left my everything and came to this mountain, I started waiting for you, I was sure you will surely come to this jungle one day to meet your devotee, now my waiting is over, now accept me as your sevak and make my life’s aim completed. He holds his feet. Mahadev says Hanuman has given Prabhu’s place to Ram and founded Lord Vishnu’s status in the world, Hanuman’s love, dedication and selfless service for Ram will set up Ram’s status as Lord in the world. Ram says seeing you Hanuman, I thought of my younger brother Bharat, I got away from him because of vanvaas, but you have taken his place, you are like my brother Bharat, and brother’s place is not in feet, but in heart. He hugs Hanuman and smiles.

Kaikesi meets Sita and says Lankesh loved many women, but its first time that I came to meet one of those women, think its your good luck that I m standing infront of you, I came to give you such chance, after which Mandodari will also become your Daasi. Sita says you made this Samrajya/empire by dedicating your entire life, listen to me carefully, you gave me a chance, now I m giving you a chance, to save this Samrajya, if you don’t listen, then all of this will shatter into a shred, there is still time, explain your son. Kaikesi says I m Raj mata of Asur kul, no one had courage to talk to me like this, I wish to punish you and show your crime. Sita asks why are you hesitant, I m standing infront of me, punish me if you want. Kaikesi fumes and shouts foolish woman…. She walks to Sita angrily. She stops seeing the fire protecting Sita. She gets shocked seeing Sita’s powerful avatar and goes back.

Sugreev tells Ram that he is ready to battle with Bali. Ram says Sugreev, remember that I will kill Bali just to install Dharm and justice, my arrow will pierce Bali’s chest, but he will get punished by you, you are not punishing your brother, but a culprit, if revenge is in heart, the burden can’t get off from heart, don’t miss this chance and fight with your total powers, without getting afraid, you have to fail Bali, you are going to punish Bali for his crimes, you are with Dharm, and Dharm is with you, have this belief. Sugreev says this time, I won’t return getting scared or failing, I will come back alive and by winning, I promise you. Hanuman says Jai Shri Ram, and gives a garland to Ram. Ram makes Sugreev wear it. Ram says this is not just a garland, this is the garland of your victory, I will not have any illusion in identifying you and Bali. Sugreev says Jai Shri Ram along with others, and asks Ram to permit him to go for the battle. Ram nods. Sugreev leaves. Ram looks on.

Vibhishan is praying to Lord. Mandodari comes there and sits there crying, recalling Sita’s words. Vibhishan hears her cry and stops his prayers. He turns to see. He goes to Mandodari and asks her what happened. She says supporting injustice and crime is also a type of crime, Lankesh is walking on the path of Adharm, knowing this, I always tried to protect him, you have alerted me many times, but I did not listen, I have placed Amrit kalash in his navel and safeguarded him forever. He asks whats the matter, tell me clearly. She says I met Sita today, she is not an ordinary woman, after meeting her, I felt like I was blindfolded till now, now I can see complete truth, its first time I m regretting for my crimes. He says its good sign to realize the mistakes, because after realizing mistake, there is possibility to rectify the mistake. She says now I know what I have to do, Stree Dharm is imp than Patni Dharm, I will sacrifice anything to fulfill Stree Dharm, I would also go against my husband if needed. He looks on.

Sugreev goes to the palace and calls out Bali, challenging him for the battle. He says you think you will stay here happily after snatching my wife and everything, come out, I will punish you for your sins. Bali comes and says its good you came here yourself, I will kill you before you reach Rishi Parbat. Sugreev runs. Bali shouts coward, stop. Sugreev says I will punish you such that you did not imagine. Bali shouts to him asking him to stop. Sugreev asks him to come. Ram and Laxman hide behind tree and look on. Sugreev says you were like a father for me, than elder brother, I loved you like a son, and respected you, I accepted all the punishments given by you, today you are more than an enemy for me, you did big Adharm, even if I die today in this battle, I will free Kishkindha from your Adharm, get ready for your death Bali. Ram aims at Bali……


Precap :
Ram aims, and kills Bali. Bali says Ram, I heard you are righteous. Ram says you had to pay for your bad deeds. Bali tells Ram that whatever you do, your life will never get rid of my stain of killing me.


** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman doing ram ram jap

hanuman says now ram is his prabhu

kaikesi goes angry on sita words

ram images made by hanuman on rocks ram innocent cute sweet pics

ram looks cutely to hanuman

sita being the most sativta lady

sugreev encourages bali for the fight

sugreev to fight with bali for the last time

vibhishan listens to mandodri vyatha

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