ram sees moon and remember sita

Siya Ke Ram – Read 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 200]

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17th June Episode starts with

Trijata going to Sita. She asks the Asur women to keep an eye and no one should not informed about this matter. She wakes up Sita. Sita asks you here at this time, is everything fine. Trijata says yes, come with me. Sita asks where. Trijata says you called me Mata, trust me, come with me. Sita says but…. Trijata holds her hand and takes her. A lady asks is everything fine. Trijata says yes, and takes Sita ahead. Trijata and Sita reach the river. Trijata says Sita you have bear much troubles here in this sin and Adharm land of Lanka, go now and meet Shri Ram, a beautiful future is waiting for you, leave. Sita asks what are you saying, shall I leave being afraid of this Lanka, do you know the meaning, what will society say if I do this, did you think of it, you are equal to my Mata, do you want to stain your daughter forever. Mandodari comes and says I don’t want this to happen. Sita looks at her. Mandodari says I want to protect my husband’s life, so I request you to leave Lanka.

Pandits check the kundlis. Raavan says now I will ruin your love and belief’s pride, Sita you will know tomorrow, to whom did you challenge. He asks when is the shubh mahurat. Pandit says there is shubh mahurat, but… Raavan shouts but what…. Mandodari says I know Sita, you will have to face many family and society problems, but I request you to understand a wife’s pain, my life’s firstmost motive is to protect my husband’s life, Lankesh wants to marry you, I don’t want him to marry you forcibly. Pandit says shubh mahurat is not for marriage, but for repentance, if any person repents by true heart, his lifelong sins will get cleared, he will become pure and without any sin, if any person does Adharm in this mahurat, it will be disaster, if you forcibly marry Sita tomorrow, your life and Lanka’s future will be in problem. Raavan gets angry and says for a knowledgeable person like me, all these books are waste, what way will they guide me. He burns the books and says I will marry Sita tomorrow, that moment will be regarded most auspicious in the world. He leaves.

Sita says I understand your worry, but you are also a woman, like I m a woman before being Ram’s wife, so a woman is going to ask a question to other woman, I want you to answer it as a woman, not as Lankesh’s wife. She says wife’s duty is to protect a husband, so you want to protect Raavan, but as a woman, you should stop your husband from doing sin and Adharm, he would have misbehaved with many women like me, even then you want to protect your husband, a wife is support to husband in all his good and bad deeds, are you not becoming a part of his bad deeds by doing this, I will go from here, but what will happen then, your husband will get any other woman and behave badly with her to keep his ego, nothing will change if I go, just because my presence is making you fear for Raavan and Lanka, so you want to make me leave, would you fear the women by whom you did not have any fear, did you help any helpless woman in past, answer me Devi, don’t you think I should stay in Lanka till everything change or ruin in Lanka, its better for Lanka to end than being a sin land. Mandodari stops her, and says I also have a question, will you be able to answer.

She says if your husband’s behavior was like Lankesh, what would you do. Sita says if my husband went on Adharm’s path, I would have tried to stop him, if he did not listen to me, I would have left him, punishment is result of sin, if Ram was there in Raavan’s place, I would wished same that he gets punished for his sins, even if I have to give up my life, I won’t go till Raavan does not get punished for his sins, the question is not just about me, my respect and safety. She goes back. Trijata and Mandodari look on.

Mandodari goes to Raavan. He smiles seeing her. She looks at him with tearful eyes. He asks why do you look upset, are you upset because of my and Sita’s marriage, you used to say that the problem for me is Sita, as she is stranger for me, now I m going to marry her, I m getting rid of a big danger. She thinks Sita said right, I have protected a Adharmi till now, so I m equally responsible for his sins. He says I know what you would be thinking, its natural to be insecure, that whether you will get respect or not, you will always be a queen forever, now get happy. She looks at him angrily. He leaves. She thinks of Sita’s words.

Ram sits crying alone and sees Sita’s jewelry. He recalls her words. She asks if I get lost in jungle some day then….. He cries holding her bangles and other ornaments. He says Sita, I did not imagine to get away from you, you are bearing punishment of my bad fate, I got vanvaas and you had to roam in jungles, killing the Asurs and Dharm Sthapana were my duty, I had to bear the punishment for Surpanakha’s insult, but you are bearing the revenge and Adharm.

Sita asks Trijata what are you doing Mata. Trijata greets Sita and says I m greeting an exceptional woman. She says an ordinary woman spends her life in the worry of her family, you are extra ordinary, you sacrificed everything for Dharm. Sita says no, I m also a commoner. Trijata says its natural to lose trust on Lord by such fate that you got here to Lanka, whats the reason on this unbreakable trust on your husband. Sita says trust is very imp in any relation, I did not trust Ram and I m here, the mistake I did, I can’t repeat it, if I leave Lanka, it would mean that I did not trust Ram again, that I believed that he would not come to free me. Trijata cries and says your trust will surely win, Ram will surely come to free you from Lanka, this is not just your belief now, but mine too. Ram says you are bearing punishment of my fate, but I have belief that you are stronger than me, you would balance yourself, I know even if I break, you will always keep your patience and courage, but I know, you have belief that I will surely come to free you, I promise you that I will not break your trust. He cries and says your Ram will surely come…..


Precap :
Kaikesi tells Sita that she came to give her a chance such that if Sita agrees, then even Mandodari will be Sita’s servant. Sita gives her a chance to save Lanka. Kaikesi shouts foolish woman…. Ram tells Sugreev that you are going to fight with Adharmi Bali. Sugreev says this time I will fight till my last breath or die, but I won’t come back by leaving the fight, I promise you Ram.


** Jai Shree Ram **

trijata greets sita for her hard devotion

trijata ask sita to leave sita

ram stting under moonlight thinking about sita

sita ask mandodri few questions

ram sees moon and remember sita

ram burning his patrika

mandodri denies to answer ravan

mandodri ask sita to leave lanka

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