ram feels sorry night scene under moon

Siya Ke Ram – Read 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 199]

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16th June Episode starts with

Mandodari telling Raavan that not just you, all the culprits who agreed with you for Sita haran, why did you kidnap Sita and kept her as hostage in garden, is this not a crime, should there not be punishment for this. Kaikesi asks her not to forget the queen’s prestige, its becoming your nature to get against Raavan’s every deed, I think Sulochana got courage to do this work from you. She says Lankesh….. Raavan says no Mata, Mandodari is saying right, culprit……. I m a culprit, as I captured a helpless woman, that’s why you are blaming me Mandodari, its right, Sita won’t be helpless from tomorrow, I m announcing, I will forcibly marry Sita. They all get shocked. He asks Meghnadh to hurry up and do arrangements for marriage. Mandodari cries.

Ram comes to Rishi Parbat. Hanuman sees Sugreev wounded. Sugreev tells Ram that you did not do this right, if you did not have to beat Bali, why did you call him to insult me, why did you challenge Bali. Ram says I know your trust has got hurt, there is a reason that I did not shoot arrow. Sugreev says what could be the reason, you are Raghuvanshi and had to fulfill promise. Ram says you and Bali looked identical, if I shot arrow, you could have got shot, that’s why I could not shoot Bali. Sugreev says no one can fail Bali, if you lose again, Bali will kill me. Ram says this time I will shoot arrow. Sugreev asks how will you differentiate between me and Bali. Laxman comes and asks Sugreev not to worry, we found a solution for this. He shows a red white garland. Ram says this time, you will challenge Bali yourself, Sugreev Dharm’s victory is possible when there is courage to stand against Adharm, don’t worry, this time Dharm will definitely win.

A man announces that Raavan is coming to the garden. Trijata gets away from Sita hearing Raavan is coming there. Raavan walks to Sita. Raavan says I came to inform you, its my marriage tomorrow, with you….. Sita gets shocked. Raavan says you will become Raavan’s wife tomorrow, be ready to fill sindoor of my name in your maang tomorrow, I thought you are special and gave you time to think, I gave you respect so that you marry me by your wish, but you have rejected my proposal and insulted me many times, but not anymore, you made me helpless to marry you forcefully. He turns to leave. She says Raavan, you are Gyani, don’t you know a married man can fill sindoor just once, Ram has filled sindoor in my maang, you have much ego to be powerful, but I will show you the power of Patni Dharm. Raavan shouts Sita, this decision will be made tomorrow, Raavan will fail or you will become my wife, Raavan did not lose to anyone till date. He leaves.

Trijata asks Sita what will happen now, how will you get protected by this Adharmi. Sita says don’t worry, one who has Dharm along, no Adharm can happen with such person. A lady tells Trijata that Mandodari is calling her. Trijata leaves.

Trijata meets Mandodari. Mandodari says you maybe knowing that Raavan is going to forcibly marrying Sita, I can’t let him do this Adharm, we have to stop this. Trijata says command me. Mandodari says there is just one way to make Sita leave from Lanka. Trijata says yes, this is right way to stop Raavan from doing Adharm, but this work is not easy, Sulochana also tried, but she was caught. Mandodari says Sulochana did mistake to trust Meghnadh, I won’t do this, so I called you, I m sure no one can do this work except you. Trijata says don’t worry, its my responsibility to make Sita run away from Lanka. Mandodari says fine, hear my plan carefully, at night I will wait for you with the boat man, you meet me near the river, along with Sita. Trijata says sure.

Roma does aid to Bali’s wounds. Bali says Roma, I m happy getting you, you would have forgotten Sugreev, that coward Sugreev won’t be alive for long time. Roma and Tara get shocked. Roma says but you promised me that Sugreev will be not harmed. Bali says yes, but he will keep coming between us, you can’t accept me heartily, once he dies, you will stay with me peacefully, tell me. She cries. He holds her and wipes her tears, saying tears don’t look nice in your eyes, you are my wife, not that coward Sugreev’s wife, get smile on your face now. He laughs. Tara looks on and thinks Bali’s Adharm has reached to the top level, its bad for a wife to think this, but now I wish that you get punished, that you die.

Ram stands alone somewhere and cries. Laxman says you really need rest. He also cries. Ram says Sita is waiting for me there, shall I rest here, resting for a moment is also not possible for me, being away from Sita, there is darkness in my life as Sita got away from me, when we get away from someone, we realize the value more, by getting away from Sita, I m realizing every moment that my life has no basis without her, she has sacrificed everything and came with me, for my sake, and I could not protect her. He cries. Laxman says no…. Ram looks at the sky and says when I see my moon, I get more restless for Sita, don’t know where is she and in what state.

Sita also looks at the moon. She says like you are seeing me here, same way you would be seeing Ram there too, right? She smiles and moon will he convey her message, tell him not to worry for me, I m protected here, I m waiting for him every moment. Ram says I had to protect her, but today I feel all my efforts are waste, till I find Sita, there is no end of my sorrow and pain. Laxman says I can’t see you in this state, I m the reason for your sorrow, if I did not leave her that day, she would be with us today, I m culprit, I did big crime by breaking your promise, I should get punish, you punish me severely. Ram says its not your mistake Laxman, Raavan is the culprit, he will get punishment for sure.


Precap :
Raavan asks for mahurat. The pandit tells Raavan to repent tomorrow, if you marry Sita, you and Lanka will get ruined. Mandodari asks Sita what would you do if your husband did Adharm. Sita says I would have left him by ending all ties.


** Jai Shree Ram **

bali beaten sugreev a lot

laxman brings mala for sugreev

mandodari says ravan is also apradhi

ram feels sorry night scene under moon

ram sees sugreev's condition

ravan says sita to marry him

ravan stops mandodari by saying anything

ravan to sita in ashok vatika

roma cries due to bad behaviour of bali

sugreev says to ram why didn't you killed bali

trijata meets with mandodari

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