sulochna is now a prisoner

Siya Ke Ram – Read 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 198]

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15th June Episode starts with

Sugreev saying Bali takes opponent’s half powers, I have seen this, its impossible to fail him. Laxman says even making Ram lose is impossible. Ram says no, Bali has Brahmadev’s blessings, we have to think about it and do something that it does not harm Brahmadev’s blessing and also kill Bali, it will be right that I won’t go infront of Bali in the fight. Hanuman asks Prabhu then how will Bali get killed. Ram says Hanuman, you will challenge Bali from Sugreev’s side. Sugreev says challenge from my side, no… Ram says Bali will come hearing the challenge, Sugreev will fight with him, but that Adharmi will die by my hands. Hanuman says Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai.
Sita says I m bearing this sorrow every moment, whom should I share this sorrow with. She holds a tree and says you are Ashoka, free of every sorrow, whoever comes to you gets free of sorrow, I will share my sorrow to you. Trijata comes and asks what are you doing Sita. Sita says I was talking to this Ashok tree and sharing my sorrow, what are you hiding Mata. Trijata says I made something for you. Sita asks her to show it. Trijata shows Lord Vishnu’s idol. She says this is my Shri Ram I have seen. Sita says he is not Ram. Trijata says this may not be your Ram, but I have seen him in this avatar, just Sita is not waiting here for you Prabhu, I m also waiting for you. Sita smiles.

Surpanakha asks Sulochana why did you get me here. Sulochana says they want to kill you. Surpanakha says I won’t run like a coward, I will kill Sita. Sulochana says you worry for your love, you trusted your brother and now he is after your life, he wants to kill you and asked my husband Meghnadh to kill you. Surpanakha gets shocked and cries. She says you also thought I m Sita’s culprit, why do you want to protect me now. Sulochana says you were doing crime before and I was against the crime, today someone wants to kill you and do a crime, I want to stop that crime. Surpanakha says I always thought bad of you, forgive me, you did favor on me by saving my life. She gets on the boat. Sulochana asks her to leave fast. Surpanakha nods and leaves.

Meghnadh comes there and shouts Bua ji…. Sulochana gets shocked seeing his anger. He says Raavan’s rule is to deal with criminal’s supporters as the criminals, you will be punished Sulochana, arrest this woman.
Hanuman meets Bali. Bali asks why did you come here. Hanuman says I got king Sugreev’s message. Bali laughs and asks what king, which kingdom does he have. Hanuman says all the monkey kings have chosen Sugreev as their head, if you knew this, you would have not laughed and got worried, King Sugreev has challenged you to fight with him, he will do arm wrestle with you and fail you, he will punish you for the Adharm and other crimes. Bali laughs and says he will punish me, that coward has this courage to challenge Bali, I think he forgot the old beating, if he had belief, why did he not come to challenge me, I would have killed him. Hanuman asks him are you scared of Sugreev’s challenge. Bali fumes and says I will be scared of that coward..? I would have not wasted time by fighting with him, but you provoked me, where is that coward. Hanuman says Sugreev is waiting for you in wrestling ground. Bali says that fool is not waiting for me, but his death. He leaves. Hanuman smiles and says for whom is death waiting, you will know this after going there.

Sulochana is chained and arrested. Raavan says I thought you are sensible and knows Rajya work being Meghnadh’s wife, you have disappointed me, your work was against Raavan’s command, this is called Rajya Droh, why did you do this Sulochana. She says Pitashri, forgive me, I have disappointed you as Kulvadhu, but its my duty to protect Kul’s prestige, you have kidnapped Sita for your sister’s sake, and today you are ready to kill your sister, which customs are these, is these politics to kill your sister right, then its good I don’t know any politics and plannings, if this is Rajya Droh, I accept the punishment. Kaikesi and Mandodari look on.

Meghnadh asks Sulochana to control her tongue. Raavan says you will be punished for sure, but you will yourself decide your punishment. Sulochana says give me death, whats the benefit of being a part of this family where women are not respected, where relations are not kept, is this not a Kul Dharm to protect a woman, and if Kulvadhu protects a woman, its Rajya Droh, I m not afraid of punishment, Lanka will be ruined if this is Lanka’s customs. Meghnadh keeps sword on her and shouts Sulochana. She says I gave this chance to you before, don’t miss this chance to kill me today. Mandodari shouts Meghnadh and stops him. Mandodari tells Raavan that every culprit should get punished equally, if freeing Surpanakha from jail is crime, then kidnapping a helpless woman is also a crime, if Sulochana is culprit, then you are also culprit.

Ram and Laxman hide behind the bushes. Sugreev waits for Bali. Bali comes there and says its good you called your death yourself, I was waiting for this day. Sugreev says even I was waiting to punish you for doing immoral with my wife. Bali asks are you not afraid to die, how did you coward get this courage. Sugreev says this is Dharm’s power, there is no fear, I have no devotion for you in my heart after what you did with my wife, you are just a Adharmi for me, Kishkindha is ruining and Praja is upset with you, now its my duty to end this Adharm from my Rajya. They both start fighting. Ram aims at them. Sugreev and Bali with same looks, and clothes create uncertainty. Ram gets confused seeing them. Ram aims at them and looks at them……. Sugreev and Bali hit each other and fight continues.

Ram asks Laxman who is Bali between them. Laxman says both brothers look same. Ram and Laxman look on. Sugreev thinks why is Ram waiting, and not shooting the arrow. Bali hits on Sugreev’s head. Ram says its tough to identify these brothers, if my arrow shoots Sugreev, it will be a disaster. Laxman says it will be right if you don’t shoot arrow, why did Sugreev not tell us that his brother looks like him. Bali overpowers Sugreev. Sugreev thinks Bali will kill me, I have to kill him and reach Rishi Parbat. He puts soil in Bali’s eyes and runs. Bali runs after him. Ram and Laxman look on.


Precap :
Raavan informs Sita that he is going to marry her tomorrow, be ready to have sindoor of my name. Sita shouts Raavan. Sugreev is wounded and tells Hanuman that no one can make Bali lose. Ram comes there. Sugreev asks Ram why did you challenge Bali by my name when you did not had to kill Bali.


** Jai Shree Ram **

bali and sugreev having malya yudh siyakeramsp

hanuman invites bali to fight with sugreev

mandodari compare ravan and sulochna

mandodari stops meghnad

meghnad scolds sulochna for rajdroh

ram aims to kill bali

ram plan to kill bali

ram side view cute pic

ram to shoot bali or sugreev

sita says her sadness to ashok tree

sulochna is now a prisoner

supranakha got to know about ravan's evil plan

trijata makes a clay model of shree ram

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