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Siya Ke Ram – Read 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 197]

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14th June Episode starts with

Trijata seeing Lord Vishnu. She gets stunned and cries. She folds hands and says what did you do Sita, you made me see Ram in a moment, you made me feel my life is so fake, this one moment changed my definition of my existence, I m such bad to attempt to break your belief, I did many Adharm and gave you such sorrow. She recalls what she did and cries. She apologizes to Sita, and says I will do anything to repent for my sin. Sita says you are equal to my Mata, don’t embarrass me by apologizing to me. Trijata says Mata, me? Such a bad and evil lady, you are giving me respect as your mum, today I have seen Shri Ram, and also got happiness to be called Mata, I m blessed. Sita hugs her.

Raavan shouts Surpanakha, and looks at her. She is in jail. She calls him selfish and womanizer. She asks him why did he come now, I got insulted because of Sita, you are going to marry her, shame on you, you want to make Sita your life partner, she will become a reason for your destruction, your Lanka will be ruined. He says you have got mad, you forgot the difference between right and wrong, you crossed all limits today, I can’t see a sister who deserves my love and pity, now its useless to talk to you. He turns to leave. She says did you not feel good to hear truth, you crossed limits. Meghnadh looks on. Raavan tells Meghnadh that mad/poisoned people don’t have right to be alive. He leaves. Surpanakha insults Raavan more. Meghnadh gets angry.

Sugreev says I m very lucky Ram, that you heard my problem and promised to solve it, its imp to kill Bali and end the Adharm, but…. Ram says tell me whats the problem. Sugreev says its impossible to kill Bali and make him lose. Laxman asks what are you saying, you are doubting on our power. Sugreev says forgive me, I did not mean that, I want to tell about Bali, he can’t lose to anyone, even powerful man gets weak infront of him. Ram says its possible, but he did not do any Adharm till now, Adharm lessens the man’s powers, Bali’s failure became definite the day when he made you leave from Kishkindha, and when he eyed a woman badly and had wrong rights on her, a woman is one who starts a world/family, the man who insults or kidnaps her, its important to kill such men, Bali’s end is definite now.

Sugreev says I understand your emotions, but before facing Bali, we have to know his powers. He looks at Jamvanth. Jamvanth nods. Jamvanth tells Ram that Bali is such powerful that he can throw off seven trees at one go, the man who has shoot those seven trees by one arrow in one shot can fail Bali. Ram looks at the trees.

Meghnadh gets poison from Akampana and says now Bua ji’s time is getting over. Akampana asks why do you need this poison to kill Surpanakha, we could have easily killed her and threw her in the sea. Meghnadh says the reason is Raavan’s prestige, the world knows the brother’s love for sister, Raavan killed her husband to save her prestige, he kidnapped Sita to take revenge for her insult, I don’t want anyone to point on Raavan for her death, so I planned this to kill her, that’s why I got this poison from you to make it look natural. Sulochana hears all this and gets shocked. She makes the show piece fall and hides. Meghnadh looks outside and does not see anyone. Akampana asks who can dare to come in this Kaksh. Meghnadh says just Sulochana can come here without my permission, I hope Sulochana does not do any mistake again. Trijata asks Sita to have food, and calls her daughter. Sita asks how can I eat food given by Raavan. Trijata says I remember this, so I did not get fruits from Raavan’s garden, but from my area trees, don’t say you won’t have this, whats the mistake of tree if it grows in Lanka, you called me Mata and you can agree to me. Sita says I m glad that Dharm started on this Adharm land. Trijata says you have started this Dharm, and gave a light to my Dharm, you get credit of changing my heart. She asks the servant to get her food here, and says I will have food with Sita today. She asks Sita will she have any problem with this.

Sita says no Mata, this will be my good luck. Trijata gives her the fruits. They sit to have food. Sita sees her food plate and asks how will you have food without any taste. Trijata laughs and says we Asurs eat food for energy, not any taste, how did you know this is tasteless. Sita says food’s taste can be known by its smell, do you all have such food. Trijata says yes. Sita says that’s why you all stay angry. Trijata asks what connection does taste has with anger. Sita says its simple, good taste makes you happy, which lessens tension and anger in mind, then we can follow Dharm easily, that’s why we should have tasty food to please our mind and heart. She asks her to wait, and gets some leaves. She sprinkles the leaves and mixes in the food. She asks Trijata to have food now. Trijata eats the food and likes it. She says this is very tasty, if Lanka residents have such food, they will be happy and Dharm will reside here too.

Sulochana goes to jail to meet Surpanakha. Guard stops her and says no one is allowed to go here. She asks don’t you know me. He says its Meghnadh’s orders, forgive me. She kills both the guards and runs to Surpanakha. She opens the lock and asks Surpanakha to come with me. Surpanakha says Meghnadh’s wife Sulochana came to free me from jail, there will be some special reason. Sulochana says I don’t have time to explain, come with me. They leave. Meghnadh comes there and sees the dead guards. He says you did not do this right Sulochana and shouts.
Ram goes and aims at the tree. Everyone look on. Ram shoots the arrow at the first tree. The arrow pierces the first tree bark and then all the seven trees. Ram Ram……plays………… Sugreev, Hanuman and Jamvanth smile. Ram asks any other doubt now Sugreev. Sugreev says no Raghunandan, there is no doubt now.


Precap :
Bali confronts Sugreev and says I was waiting for you. Sugreev and Bali have a fight. Ram aims at Bali. He gets confused between Sugreev and Bali.


** Jai Shree Ram **

ram ready to shoot 7 trees in a row

hanuman is with shree ram

meghnad burst out of anger on sulochna

meghnad plans to kill supranakha surpadkha

ram after making holes in all 7 trees

ram face zoom hd pic

ram shoots an arrow pic

ram to shoot 7 tress in a row

ram will kill bali

ravan emotional red eyes

ravan got sentimental after listening to supranakha

seven trees in a row together

sita advices trijata to feed tasty and yummy food

sita trijata having food together

sita trijata hugs siyakeram

supranakha is in karagas jail

trijata joins hand to sita

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