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Siya Ke Ram – Read 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode :196]

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13th June Episode starts with

Sita smiling and sitting under the tree. Raavan says this attempt also failed. Trijata says yes. Raavan says how to win you Sita, I forgot war and women are won by power, it does not suit me to wait for a woman, if I can kidnap her and get her here by my power, I can marry her by power, woman can just be won by power, not any love and waiting. She thinks its not good to use power and force Sita. She says sorry, give me one more chance, I understood how to convince Sita. He says fine, I will give you last chance, if you fail, whether I get Sita or not, you will get death. Meghnadh comes and says Bua ji/Surpanakha got mad, she is killing any soldier who is taking food for her, no soldier is ready to go to her now. Raavan shouts Surpanakha.

Hanuman asks how do you know Sugreev. Ram says a Daanav Asur attacked us on the way. FB shows Ram shooting a cursed Asur. The Asur thanks Ram for relieving him from the curse and ending him, and says Sugreev will help you in the work you are going to do. FB ends. Ram says that’s why we want to meet Sugreev, can you let us meet him. Hanuman thinks even Sugreev is in problem, how will he help them, and what is their problem, I have to know. He asks who are you, how can Sugreev help you. Ram says we are Kaushal Naresh Dasharath’s sons, he is my younger brother Laxman, and I m Ram. Hanuman gets stunned and greets him. Ram Ram……plays……………

Ram says 13 years ago, I came on vanvaas with my wife and brother to fulfill my promise to my father, we faced many things during our stay in the jungle, we have killed many Asurs, we then met Surpanakha who tried to kill Sita, mistakenly Surpanakha’s nose got cut, and then Raavan wanted to take revenge and planned to kidnap Sita, he has sent his Mama Mareech as a deer, and I could not understand the scheme as per the fate, Adharmi Raavan took my wife to Lanka, so we both are going to free Sita and punish that Adharmi Raavan for his bad deeds, we want Sugreev’s help in this. All the moments are shown in flashes. Hanuman gets teary eyed.

Hanuman says Sugreev will help you, this work can be done easier by his help. Ram says but you did not give your true introduction till now. Hanuman gets away and gets in his real form of Hanuman. Ram and Laxman look on. Ram smiles. Mahadev and Devi Parvati smile.

Hanuman walks to them. He says hey Ram, I m Anjani Putra Hanuman, I m best friend and minister of Sugreev, Sugreev is Bali’s younger brother, Bali did not trust Sugreev and made him leave the kingdom, he has tortured Sugreev, Sugreev is staying at Rishi Parbat now, I changed my avatar so that Sugreev does not fall in any problem, forgive me. Ram says no, there is nothing to apologize, you did right. Hanuman says I did not identity you, I feel I did big crime to doubt you. He cries and sits on his knees, to apologize. He sits folding hands and cries. Ram holds him and hugs. Mahadev smiles. Hanuman says I m your Sevak from today, come I will take you to Sugreev. Hanuman shows his powers and smiles.

Trijata recalls Raavan’s words and looks at Sita. She walks to Sita. She asks her to listen carefully, Lankesh is going to take big decision for you, I stopped him now, but can’t stop him for much time. Sita asks what cheat will he do now. Trijata says not cheat, he wants to get you by power. Sita asks did you come here to scare me. Trijata says no, I don’t know why, its not natural, but I m worried for you. Sita smiles and says Ram protects me, no one can harm me. Trijata says so much happened, what could Ram do, maybe Ram is your cure of all problems, when Adharmi Raavan insults you, Ram won’t be here to save you, this is Lanka, the powerful man gets the woman, and no one is more powerful than Raavan, where is your Ram. Sita says Ram is in me, this presence is enough to stop Raavan.
Sugreev apologizes to Ram for doubting him, and says I thought Bali has sent you to kill me, I understood everything, I think I heard that woman’s call, it was your wife Sita’s call. Ram asks what call. Sugreev says a woman was calling for help, something from the sky too, I will just get it. He goes. Ram gets restless. Hanuman looks on. Sugreev shows the pearl beads and says this ornament fell from the sky/upwards. Ram takes Sita’s anklet and cries.
Trijata says you have illusion of Ram’s existence. Sita asks do you want to see him. Trijata says yes , I want to see him. Sita asks do you really want to see him. Trijata says yes, I want to see this love by which you are sure of his presence. Sita asks her to close eyes and with devotion, think of Ram. Trijata closes eyes and sees Lord Vishnu. Stunned Trijata opens her eyes and cries. Sita smiles. Ram Ram….plays……………

Ram cries seeing Sita’s anklet and recalls her. He closes eyes and sees Sita wearing anklet. She asks do you remember this, you chose this pearls from the lake and made this for me, its very valuable to me. Ram opens eyes, and shouts no, Raavan you did very bad to kidnap my wife, you did Adharm, many generations will hate your name. Sugreev, Hanuman and Laxman look at Ram’s anger and pain.

Sugreev says I understand your pain, as our pain is same, even someone has snatched my wife, my brother has captured my wife. Ram says don’t worry Sugreev, our problems are same, so solution will also be same, that man has no right to live who puts an evil eye on someone’s wife, there can’t be bigger Adharm than this, this is about a woman’s respect, don’t get sad, Bali will get killed before Raavan. Laxman gets shocked. Hanuman, Janvanth and Sugree look on.


Precap :
Akampana gives the poison and tells Meghnadh that this poison acts slowly, and makes the person sleep forever. Meghnadh says Bua ji, your time is over. Surpanakha is jailed. Jamvanth tells Ram that only that man can kill Bali, who strikes all the seven trees in a row in one shot.


** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman apologize he unable to recognize ram

hanuman apologize he unable to recognize ram

hanuman feels happy hugs ram

hanuman gets emotional after knowing about ram

hanuman joins hand infornt of ram and apologize

hanuman reveal his identity

laxman sees sita's abhushan

mata parvati get emotional

ram cries by remembering sita

ram decides to kill bali

ram hugs hanuman happy

ram says hanuman its ok

ram sees hanuman pics

ram warns ravan

ram will use manpower to marry sita

sita tells trijata about raghunandan

sita waiting for ram

sugreev tells ram about sita

trijata ask about ram

trijata got to know about ram's identity

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