ram sees hanuman as rishi

Siya Ke Ram – Read 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 195]

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12th June Episode starts with

Ram saying we have to leave now. The lady wishes them a happy journey, and shows the Dakshin direction going through the mountain way. Ram says sure, now allow us to leave. Maryada Purshottam Ram…..plays…………… Ram and Laxman leave. Sita holds the soil and says by touching the soil/earth, I feel like you are walking towards me, I can feel you close to me, my heart and all senses are just waiting for you.

Trijata walks to her. The Asur lady beat the plates and throw colors. Trijata says Sita, you did not agree to me, I told you not to insult Lankesh, but you did not agree, now Lankesh has sent a gift for you, won’t you wish to see, its such gift that will end all your sorrows, then you won’t have any other option than to accept Lankesh, then you will believe that there can’t be anyone more powerful than Lankesh. She shows her Ram’s cut head. Sita gets shocked. Trijata thinks her idea worked. She says you are the culprit for this disaster, you have rejected Lankesh, there is still time, you agree, else you may have to lose your life.

Sita covers that head and goes back. Trijata gets thinking. She says how is this possible, Sita did not get affected. She says I did not see such heartless woman, your husband died and you don’t care and don’t have any sorrow, for that man who was your life and love, you are sitting here as nothing happened. Sita says your magic can break my belief. Trijata asks what magic, you are not believing this truth. Sita says this can’t be true. Trijata says the proof is infront of you. Sita says there is difference in Pramaan/evidence and Aastha/devotion, my heart knows Ram is coming to me, you don’t know, but Ram is born for special motive, which did not fulfill till now, then how is his death possible by Lankesh’s hands, when Raavan’s death is certain by Ram’s hands.

Hanuman sees Ram and Laxman. Ram looks at the Rishi Parbat/mountains and goes ahead. Ram Ram….. plays………….Hanuman sees him and cries, recalling the shadow on the mountain and the vision he has seen…… He says no, why am I getting emotional seeing him….. I should not forget that my first duty is to ensure Sugreev’s safety, I have to find out these two Sanyasis’ truth first, if Bali has sent them, then they won’t tell me their reality seeing me in this real form, I have to change my appearance.

Trijata tells Sita that she is Raavan’s Lanka, everyone comes and goes from here with Lankesh’s wish, your husband can’t reach here. Sita says if you knew Ram, you would have not said this. Trijata asks really, whats special in Ram, that you have such belief. She says Ram is devotion for devotee, trust for love, and Dharm, if Ram is with you, weak becomes strong, handicapped people can walk without legs, he has much knowledge, no magic can fool him, no enemy can kill him. Trijata says its not possible for such man to exist in the world, its your thinking as you love your husband a lot, no one can be like this. Sita says its possible that its my thinking, but you think once if this is reality then….. Trijata says if your Ram is such in reality, I will believe it by seeing him. She leaves. Sita says refusing is first step towards devotion, and by refusing to Ram’s truth, you took first step towards devotion.
Hanuman stops Ram and Laxman. Laxman makes bow ready and asks who has stopped us, come infront. Ram feels something and smiles. Hanuman says I stopped you, and comes there in Rishi’s disguise. Ram Ram…..plays……………….

Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on. Devi Parvati says you are meeting Prabhu Shri Ram in your Rudra avatar of Hanuman. Mahadev says yes, I took this avatar to meet Ram in such sweet form, there was a lot of waiting since many years, but Ram is standing infront of my eyes today. Parvati says you are meeting him after many years, but your Rudra avatar Hanuman had to meet Ram by changing his appearance. Ram and Laxman greet Hanuman.
Laxman says sorry, but why did you stop us. Hanuman says you both don’t look Sanyasis, but warriors to increase prestige of kingdom, you both look mighty people, I feel like sun and moon have come down on earth by their wish, you look Devtas in human form, let me know your identity and the reason to roam in the jungle. Ram says your words are like any knowledgeable Rishi, you are recognizing us well, it feels like you were waiting for us since years. Hanuman looks at him.

Ram asks him to give his entire introduction. Devi Parvati smiles and asks whats this, you both are asking your introduction, whats introduction in Lord and devotee’s meet. He says Ram and my meet in Hanuman’s avatar is a worldly meet, Ram is doing Leela in human form, and trying to make Hanuman understand the reality, he is making Hanuman realize that Hanuman is his devotee, Hanuman is not able to understand that Ram is Narayan, Hanuman will understand it, as this is his motive, which he is finding since long. She smiles.
Hanuman says I m ordinary Tapasvi, I m finding my Prabhu and stay at Rishi Parbat, but whats the reason for your arrival here. Laxman says we came here finding Sugreev, its good we met you, can you tell us where we will get him. Hanuman says Sugreev…. And thinks did Bali send them to kill Sugreev.
Precap :
Raavan says I forgot war and woman are won by power, if I got Sita here by power, then I can make her my wife too.


** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman sees ram and lakhman coming

hanuman take form of rishi

ram got to that he is hanuman

ram joins hands to shabri

ram looking cute pic

ram meets hanuman

ram sees hanuman as rishi

ram sees rishimukh parvat

sita sees her raghunandan

sita smiles remembering memories

sita tells trijata abouts ram

sugreev on rishimukh mountain

trijata ask sita who is raghunandan

trijata do maya by showing false head of ram

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