sita as the purest woman in the world

Siya Ke Ram – Read 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 184]

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1st June Episode starts with

Surpanakha going to Sita with a jug of water. She asks do you want water, you have to get on your knees and beg for water, then you will get water. She pours the water on the ground. Sita looks at her. Before Surpanakha could take a step to harm Sita, Meghnadh gets his sword. Surpanakha stops and says I m not doing anything, if Sita does not bend till tomorrow, I will break her. She goes. Meghnadh also goes.

Kaikesi does some yagya and names Mandodari. She then names Sita and havan kund fire blows high. She says I have to inform Raavan. Raavan goes to Sita and says deeds and their result, you said this, you are a live example for this, if you married me, your life would have not been this, you can’t understand this, you are not capable to understand, you are bearing the fruit of your deeds to marry Ram, you got this hell. She says if my coming to Lanka is my deeds fruit to marry Ram, then this Lanka, this hell is my heaven, you are not capable to understand this. He gets angry. Kaikesi come there and looks on. Raavan leaves and sees Kaikesi there. Kaikesi gets shocked seeing Sati in Sita.

She talks to Raavan. Raavan asks Sati, how can you compare her with Sati, I don’t understand. She says Mandodari is worried that Sita has come as your destruction and bad fate, but that woman can save you from destruction, she is your protective shield. He asks how. She says I did not see such pure woman till now, you got Amrit from Mandodari’s Satitva/purity, if Sita’s Satitva becomes your protective shield, then even Tridev can’t do anything to my son, and the woman who will come as your Kaal can’t do any harm, but you don’t behave bad with Sita, make her your wife…… Raavan gets shocked. She says yes son, go and make Sita your wife. He smiles.

Its morning, Surpanakha asks Sita is she scared to be cuffed with chains and helpless in Lanka. Meghnadh comes with Sulochana. He says Bua ji, you can’t harm Sita, remember. Surpanakha says no one can stop me today, and asks Sita if she is getting scared. Sita says no, I m not cuffed alone here, we all are tied, someone’s chains are seen and someone’s chains are not visible, I m in metal chains and others are in gold chains. Surpanakha sees her gold jewelry and says fool, no one can save you from me. Raavan comes and asks Surpanakha to move. He walks to Sita with a sword. Surpanakha says you look my brother today, take revenge from this lady for my and Lanka’s insult. Sita looks at Raavan. He cuts her chains. Sita and others get shocked.

Surpanakha gets angry. Raavan tells Sita that your place is not here, its inside Raj Bhavan, come with me. Surpanakha blocks his way and says love with enemy’s wife, I was afraid for this, my insult happened because of Sita, and you fell for her, now you will shower love and flowers on her, if I m saying wrong, whats the truth. He says this is Raavan’s Lanka, whatever I do, if anyone raises question, its equal to going against me, you very well know the result, if you don’t believe me, you are free to leave from here, but this time, no one will come after you, you have two options, move off my way else get away from Lanka. She gets shocked and leaves. Raavan asks Sita not to test his patience, you won’t get such comforts in all the three loks, whatever you like will be yours, look high and see the beautiful Kaksh, choose your Kaksh, where you will get much happiness. Sita goes from there.

Raavan, Vibhishan, Meghnadh and Sulochana follow Sita. Raavan asks Sita not to be hesitant, you will get whatever you wish for. Sita sees a huge tree and smiles recalling Ram. She recalls how they used to sit under the tree’s shadow and talk. Raavan says you are thinking which Kaksh to choose, as all Kakshs are beautiful, choose any Kaksh you want, it will be yours. Sita smiles being lost in Ram’s memories. She walks towards the tree. Raavan stops Meghnadh and looks on to see what Sita is upto. He says I think she wants to express sorrow of separation, let her be, when her sorrow ends, she will come inside on her own.

Sita looks at the tree. She says as the tree’s nature, I will also not be in sorrow, I will just wait. She sees the plants around and says no I will stay here, under this tree’s shadow, either till Ram’s death or my death. She cries. She sees some lotus flowers and gets restless. She looks around and cries.


Precap :
Sulochana asks Meghnadh how does he agree to Raavan, when he is doing this Adharm of kidnapping a woman. Meghnadh signs her to stop saying so. Surpanakha is seen angry.


** Jai Shree Ram **

beautiful ashok vatika in lanka

beautiful of garden of ashok vatika

mata kaikeysi sees sita as pure woman

ravan came with his sword lanka

ravan cuts sita's handcuffs

ravan gets angry after sita words

ravan sita talks in lanka

sita as the purest woman in the world

sita eye contacts with supranakha

sita happily sees the beauty of ashok vatika

sita remember's the moments of her and ram

sita sees ashok vatika in lanka

sita sees flashback with ram

sita sees lanka all around

supranakha brings water for sita

supranakha surpadkha pics in lanka

supranakha teases sita in lanka

supranakha waste water in front of thirsty sita

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