parvati gives ravan the gold mahal

Siya Ke Ram – Read 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 162]

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The Episode starts with Sita thinking she is that woman whom Ram saved. Surpanakha asks why is this happening with me. Sita tells about lotus which stays fine in dirt, but does not let its purity ruined. She asks her to touch lotus with true emotions and love. Surpanakha holds a lotus and that also turns black. She gives that lotus to Sita. Sita holds the lotus and it turns alive and colorful again. Sita smiles and says I m sure this will get possible by constant tries, is there any reason to take these lotus, or do you want them for puja. Surpanakha says yes, puja. Sita asks what type of puja. Surpanakha says you please Lord with this, I want to please a man by getting ready by these flowers, I want him to see him and get glad, I love him more than my life.
Ram opens eyes and looks around. He calls out Sita. He sees the lotus kept there and leaves. Sita says do you know these lotus are used for puja/worship, not Shringhaar/adornment. Surpanakha says everyone should be independent and choose their puja, the man I love like this lotus, my love is my puja, there is no bigger puja than love. Sita says your thoughts are so beautiful, i wonder how you did not get married till now. Surpanakha says I got married, he cheated me, now I can’t trust anyone. Sita says love means selfless dedication towards someone, there is no greed and jealousy, what will we get without any devotion.
Surpanakha asks how will we get satisfaction of completeness then. Sita says we should just love and not expect anything, its our right to truly love, no one can snatch our right, you forget the past and make a new start, its time, your heart is ready to trust someone. Surpanakha says someone explained me about love as a friend, advised me as a sister. She thinks if this is only way to get love, I will open the doors or my heart, I will forget past and become dedicated, I will see how I don’t get my love. Ram calls out Sita.
Surpanakha says I think you are preparing for any puja. Sita says yes, now I should go home. She goes. Surpanakha stops her and picks the fallen flower garland. She says its very beautiful. Sita says my husband made this for me. Sita sees the flowers turned black. Ram calls out Sita. Sita turns. Surpanakha disappears. Sita worries seeing the flowers.
Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that Raavan had great devotion before, what happened to him now. Mahadev says when the hardwork, prestige and power makes the person egoistic, he loses senses to differentiate right and wrong. She tells how Raavan has pleased her by making a bhavan for her before, he has lighted diyas in the palace, but Mahadev snatched everything from her. Mahadev smiles. FB shows Mahadev meeting Raavan. Mahadev says you have pleased Parvati by making this bhavan, ask me anything, make any wish. Raavan asks him to bless him with that bhavan.
Mahadev says but you made it for Parvati, you want to take it now. Raavan says yes, I want to take it to Lanka. Parvati smiles seeing bhavan. Raavan goes to her and greets her. She says I m happy with your devotion, ask me any wish. He says what I had to ask, Mahadev already gave me. She says great, what did you ask. Raavan says Mata, I have asked this bhavan from Prabhu. She gets shocked.
Raavan says yes, I asked him to give permission to take this gold bhavan to Lanka. She says you made it for me, why do you want to take this, did Mahadev permit you. Raavan nods. She says like he wills, if he wants to let you take this, you can take it to Lanka. She goes to Mahadev and says you did not think about me before giving a wish to Raavan. He says I did, I blessed him with his wish, he is my biggest devotee, I asked him to make any wish.
Mahadev holds Parvati and says you know my dilemma. She says I surely understand. FB ends. She asks what is the reason that Raavan changed so much. He says time changes person, time can make any person different, Lankesh is Swami of three loks, such success can blind any man, power, prestige and richness, its natural to have pride, Raavan has such esteem that he does not realize his devotion now. She says if he has changed, it does not mean we ignore him.
Mahadev says no, till my devotee does not call me, its not right to go to him, Raavan should understand his mistake, he should know the way on which he is walking, he will be just ruined. She says that’s why, you should explain him once, its necessary. He says I will make a try if you say, but I don’t think he will have a change of heart. She says if he does not agree to you, I know what I have to do, whom I have to talk.
Raavan looks at the Shiv idol. He says Mahadev, did you see my Vaibhav/glory, Kirti/fame and Shakti/power, look at me, I got this by my hardwork, you did big mistake by insulting my devotion. Mahadev appears there. He asks won’t you know reason of my arrival. Raavan says no, I had been your biggest devotee, but you did not bless me, when I called you, you did not come, today you came by your wish, your coming and going do not matter to me. Mahadev asks him to realize his behavior, and why I did not help him, you don’t know you are going wrong way. Raavan says no, I realized its being helpless and weak to not trust oneself, now that I realized this, I trust myself. Mahadev says I wanted to give you some message by not helping you. Raavan argues.
Raavan says I tried to get you in Lanka by my devotion, what did you do, broke my trust, I did much Shlok path and did rituals, you did not hear that, it was your Dhanush, just I had right to lift it, but I could not, I have got all this great glory by my hardwork, why shall I give place to you here. Mahadev asks him to come out of this illusion, this power, bliss sand glory, I came to warn you, think what I said, else till you realize truth, it will be late.
Raavan says I have become powerful on my own, even if I go towards ruin, I will not agree to your words, I love my morals and now I don’t need your thoughts. Mahadev says its Dev’s rule, we don’t interfere in anyone’s independent thoughts, whenever you need me, call me with a true heart, not by greed, I will surely come. Raavan asks him not to worry and rest, I will never need you. Mahadev says its fine, and leaves.
Precap :
Sita tells Ram that she met that woman whom you saved today. He looks around. She asks are your eyes finding her. He says no. Sita says she loves someone, I think you are that man. She jokes. Surpanakha gets ready and adorns herself.
** Jai Shree Ram **
sita see sad lotus
sita meets supranakha
shiv parvati talks about ravan
shiv appears in front of ravan
ravan talks to lord shiv
lotus siya ke ram
parvati gives ravan the gold mahal
ram wakes after meditation
ravan ask for gold mahal
ravan is becoming rude

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