bali holds ravan breathing

Siya Ke Ram – Read 8th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 161]

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The Episode starts with Laxman asking Sita to wait here, he will pluck mangoes. She says till you get mangoes, I will get lotus from the lake. Surpanakha goes to get lotus from the lake. She holds the lotus and that turns dark and dried by her touch. She gets angry and says I m a woman, if I can kill anyone, I can revive these flowers too, just for Ram. Sita comes there and takes lotus. Surpanakha and Sita see each other. Surpanakha gets the lotus by the tree branch. She fails to get any lotus and gets angry. Sita stops her from hitting the lotus angrily. She says sorry to stop you, but I got hurt seeing you angry on flowers, I could not stop myself, can I know why you are doing this. Surpanakha says they are dying by my touch. She holds a lotus and shows Sita. Sita gets shocked. She recalls that dried flower she got before.
Meghnadh is worried. Malyavaan asks why is he worried, is everything fine. Meghnadh says I informed Raavan about Bali’s death, he did not believe this that Bali can die so easily, Sugreev’s Rajya Abhishek preparations are happening in Kishkindha, even then Raavan does not believe. Malyavaan says Mayavi would have returned if Bali died, but he did not return, did you find out why did Mayavi return to Lanka. Meghnadh says maybe he died while fighting with Bali, if he was alive, he would have come out of that mountain, but Bali and Mayavi did not come out, there was just blood. Malyavaan says there was no witness for their death.
Meghnadh says if Bali was alive, Sugreev’s Rajya Abhishek would have not happened, what evidence do we need, why is Bali’s death confirmation so imp. Malyavaan says because Bali was the only king who stopped Lankesh’s Vijay yatra, Raavan’s strength did not succeed infront of Bali. FB shows Raavan saying what is in Bali, that my army came back, this is my insult, I will fight with Bali myself. Malyavaan says no, we should be careful, Bali is not an ordinary monkey, he takes half power of opponent, we can win him by planning, I suggest you to get friendly with him and then think about failing him. Raavan asks friendship, did you think I m weak and coward. Malyavaan says no, but fighting with Bali will not be bravery and smartness, we should make planning against enemy, just victory is imp in battle, be it any way. Raavan says Bali should have thought this before challenging me. Raavan fumes.
Raavan goes to fight with Bali. He challenges Bali to fight with him. Raavan sees Bali and says you are the one who challenged me. Bali says its good you identified me, you are the king of lost army, I m glad seeing you. Raavan says don’t be glad, you have to face Raavan today, who is becoming Swami of three loks. Bali laughs and says I think you are dreaming. Raavan says you will know difference between reality and dream. Bali says you will see when your dream shatters, till I m here, you can’t win Kishkindha, don’t make my Praja afraid, come with me.
Raavan and Bali have a fight. Bali falls down and gets up. Raavan asks did you realize whom are you fighting with, there is difference in fighting between any ordinary man and Lankesh, I heard you snatch opponent’s half power, if you did not have this power, you would have failed. Bali shouts and they both run to fight. Bali overpowers Raavan. Bali says you will never be able to forget your failure Lankesh and kicks Raavan down.
Raavan gets up and continues the fight. Bali beats him. Raavan tries his best. He asks Bali not to try to make him scared and throws Bali in air. Bali does not lose and gets up again. Bali holds Raavan’s neck and lifts him in air. Bali says I told you Lankesh not to fight with me, who will save you from me now. FB ends. Malyavaan tells Meghnadh that Raavan did not come out of this insulting failure till now, Bali is a stain of Raavan’s battle skills, Raavan does not believe Bali is dead, till Raavan does not see Bali’s dead body, he will not believe this. Meghnadh says so this is the reason, if Mayavi died, who will inform us. Raavan comes and says it won’t be useful to stand here and guess, send soldiers and find the truth. Meghnadh agrees and says I want to become your yogya son. Raavan says nothing will happen if you become yogya son, yogya mantra is more imp, I did not expect this big mistake from you. Malyavaan says time teaches everyone, you also learnt from mistakes. Raavan says I know my mistakes, when my son does same mistakes, I don’t feel happy. Meghnadh says I will try my best to not make you regret again, I will send soldiers and get Bali’s death news. Bali is alive and fallen semi conscious in the cave.
Precap :
Meghnadh tells Raavan that Surpanakha wrote letter to Sulochana and asked for jewelry, because Surpanakha has fallen in love with a Sanyaasi, his name is Ram. Raavan says Surpanakha was always different. Meghnadh says she is willing to get Ram, he is my enemy.
** Jai Shree Ram **
supranakha finds lotus
ravan's mantri malyavan
ravan to attack bali
ravan sitting in singashan
meghnad siya ke ram
bali holds ravan breathing
bali shouts at ravan
bali tries to strangle ravan
lankapati ravan in lanka
malyavan siya ke ram
bali after killing mayavi

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