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Siya Ke Ram – Read 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 157]

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The Episode starts with Ram running towards the village to save people from terrorizing Asurs. Ram sees people wounded and in bad state, some running to save lives and some fighting with death. He sees Asurs and shoots them with arrows. Surpanakha comes there and smiles seeing Ram. Ram shoots the Asurs, without any fear on his face. She gets impressed with his bravery and shooting skills. Ram shoots down more Asurs. She smiles and says this man is extraordinary, fearless and courageous, commanding warriors shake hearing Raavan’s name, but this man is very daring and courageous, as if he does not know against whom is he fighting this battle. She smiles and eyes Ram.A lady asks her son to wake up. Asur goes to kill her. Ram shoots the Asur. The lady thanks Ram. Surpanakha says my life’s search got completed today, he is the man whom I was waiting for, he is brave and powerful like my brother Lankesh, this man is deserving of me.  The villagers bow down and greet Ram thankfully. Lady says you have protected us. Ram closes eyes and prays for the dead’s soul peace.

Mayavi thinks this way goes to Rishi’s mountain, I have to take Bali there anyhow. Bali and Sugreev follow him. Bali tells Sugreev that its tough to catch Mayavi this way and sends him by other route. Bali and Sugreev catch Mayavi. Bali says there is no way to escape now. Mayavi runs inside some cave. Bali asks Sugreev to wait for him here, he will punish Mayavi. Sugreev says I will come with you. Bali says no, I m enough for that Mayavi. He goes.

Ram asks everyone to take others to safe place and help. The man says we will be thankful always, but Asur’s attack scared us. Ram says trust me, Asurs will not attack again, start life without any fear. He senses someone’s presence and turns to aim arrow towards Surpanakha. She sees Ram and smiles. Ram shoots the arrow to kill the Asur behind her. She smiles and says you are very lucky to get killed by Ram, the arrow which was shot for my heart, you snatched it from me and did injustice, but maybe that man protected me with his arrow, there can’t be any other reason, his aim is perfect. She turns and sees Ram gone. She looks for him. Someone holds her and she smiles thinking its Ram. She turns and sees Asur army head. He asks how did you reach here. She says by fate…

Sugreev waits for Bali and says its so late, don’t know what happened, Mayavi is very clever. Bali shouts to Sugreev, asking him to run away and save his life. Sugreev starts leaving and stops, saying why would Bali ask me to leave from here. He sees the blood flowing, and says how did Mayavi fail Bali, how, no one can make Bali lose, if Mayavi killed Bali, then how can I face him. He says Mayavi killed Bali, he will kill me too if he comes here, I will shut this cave door, Mayavi will die inside, this will be my revenge. He moves the big rock and shuts door. He cries for Bali’s death. He apologizes to Bali as he could not save his life. He cries and leaves from there.

Asur head asks Surpanakha to stay here, its safe place, when Raavan knows his dear sister is here, he will get angry, this jungle is not safe for Asurs now, think Raavan will be worried for you, how did you take this decision. Surpanakha recalls Ram. He asks are you listening, look, you have to promise me, that you will not go leaving this place. She promises that she will not go anywhere from here. She smiles. He goes. She says I promise I won’t go anywhere, as I have got my love here.

A guy explains Jayant not to regret on losing Roma, he can get any other pretty girl. Jayant says I m not upset for Roma. He sees Sita talking to a pigeon and smiling. He gets mesmerized by her beauty. His brother asks what happened Jayant. Sita feeds the pigeons. Jayant says such beautiful face, eyes, she is unique, Lord gave her such beauty, I don’t find anything beautiful than her, I m struck by her beauty, I love her. He asks his brother to go. He says I will meet this unique beauty. He goes to Sita and hides to get more of her glimpse. He steps on some wooden sticks which make a sound. Sita hears the sound and asks who is there. Jayant walks to her. Sita smiles…..

Sita asks who are you. Jayant says I m Indra’s son Jayant, since I have seen you, I forgot my sorrow seeing your immense beauty, I did not see such beauty before, I realized whats called love, your beauty is useless here in the jungle, who will admire your beauty, give me a chance, I will take you to heaven, there are many Apsaras, but there is no one beautiful like you, don’t you have to say anything. She says you look from good family, this behavior does not suit you, you should leave. She goes. He thinks women are shy by nature, she is shy and not accepting me. He shouts I will win you by my love, I will become bird to get your love, as you love these birds. He turns into a crow and thinks I have to get you, this is my aim, avatar does not matter.

Precap :
Jayant praises Sita’s beauty. She asks him not to say such things. Jayant says you insulted me, who are you to scold me, see how I punish you. Ram looks on.

** Jai Shree Ram **

jayant looks sita

demons attacks villagers
ram face close up
ram close up of face

ram shoots arrow

ram cute lips smile close up

ram dashing shoots arrow close up

supranakha impressed by ram

mayavi escapes to kill bali

bali goes inside the cave
ram kills demons close up
jayant impressed by sita beauty

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