sita surrounded with guards in lanka

Siya Ke Ram – Read 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 183]

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31st May Episode starts with

Raavan’s chariot landing in Lanka. Sita gets shocked. The army bows down to Raavan. Surpanakha comes there and sees Sita. She recalls how she got her nose cut. She gets glad seeing Sita. Vibhishan, Meghnadh, Mandodari and Sulochana come there and look on shocked. Surpanakha says you got Sita here, I knew Raavan will take revenge and get justice for me, I m very happy today, I can’t express my happiness. Mandodari cries.

Raavan walks down the chariot and goes inside the palace, without talking to Surpanakha or anyone else. Surpanakha gets angry and asks the Praja to get her Daasi, Raavan got this Daasi for me from Panchwati. The Asur women run to Sita and shout. Sita recalls Surpanakha’s warning and gets tensed. They women scare Sita making horrible faces and tie her by chains. Sita gets shocked. Sita is dragged by them. All the Lanka Praja shout seeing Sita.

Kaikesi comes and looks on. Mandodari cries seeing Sita’s state. She says this is the start of a huge destruction, its Lanka’s bad fate. Kaikesi agrees and says its not a humiliation/destruction of an ordinary woman.

Mandodari asks Kaikesi to do something, there is still time. Kaikesi says its time for my Sadhna and goes. Surpanakha asks the women to get Sita to her. She asks them to look at Sita with hatred, Sita is responsible for my insult, she got my nose cut and insulted every women in Lanka. The women say we will first insult her and torture her so that she knows the consequences of insulting a Lanka’s woman. The man tells Sita to be ready for her punishment now. He gets a stone and goes to hit Sita. Sita looks at him. The man stops and gets away. Surpanakha shouts move off, and goes to Sita. Meghnadh stops Sulochana from reacting. Mandodari cries.

Surpanakha asks Praja to stop. She reminds Sita what she told her in Panchwati, that she will do everything to take revenge, its her nature and who knows Sita has to bear the revenge burden. She says you may have not felt that this day will come so soon, now Sita will join the Bhavan’s Daasis, she will serve me. She asks Sita not to look in her eyes, and lower her eyes infront of her owner, else I will pull out your eyes. She says your Devar has cut my nose, now I will take its revenge by cutting each part of your body, atlast I will take your life, but first I will take your eyes, which are staring at me. She gets a knife.

Sita continues to angrily stare at her. Surpanakha is about to hit Sita’s eyes. Everyone look on shocked. Raavan stops Surpanakha and says no. Surpanakha asks why, you got this Daasi for me, I will decide what to do with her, my decision is Sita has to die. Raavan says this is Raavan’s lanka, if anyone is alive, its by Raavan’s wish, if anyone dies, that too is by Raavan’s wish, I will decide when to kill Sita. He says right now, Sita is a medium to hurt Ram, who has insulted you Surpanakha, Sita will be alive till revenge gets fulfilled. Surpanakha asks Raavan did you start liking Sita so soon. Raavan and Sita get shocked and look at Surpanakha. Raavan then sees Mandodari crying.

Raavan says whoever stays here for another moment, I will take away their eyes. Everyone leave from there. Sita looks at him. Mandodari cries and leaves. Raavan asks Surpanakha to start agreeing to him, else the end won’t be good. Sita’s chains are pulled. She gets shocked and cries. Raavan says if anyone can’t get controlled, taking away person;s life does not give satisfaction, it will show your weakness, first control the person and then kill, then its your victory. Surpanakha says I know to control a person. He says I have seen it, you went to control a man and got your nose cut, now when you tried to control a woman, you could not make her eyes look down, let Sita stand here without food and water, let her stay without sleep, till her eyes are not capable to look up. Sita stares at him angrily. Raavan goes away. Raavan asks Meghnadh not to let anyone go close to Sita, with intentions to either to help Sita or harm Sita, if anyone tries to reach Sita, you have permission to use your weapons. He leaves. Surpanakha gets angry seeing Sita.

Later, Sita is standing cuffed with chains. Raavan looks at Sita…. Surpanakha comes there. Meghnadh stops her and guards the place. Surpanakha goes. Sita sees Raavan. Sulochana worries seeing Sita. Sulochana sees Raavan and goes. Sita’s eyes turn red and teary. Time passes. Mandodari cries seeing her. Vibhishan comes there and feels bad seeing Sita. He stops seeing Raavan. Sita’s courage does not break.


Precap :
Kaikesi talks to Raavan. She says I did not such see pure woman in my life, if Sita gets linked to you, even Tridev can’t harm you. She asks him not to misbehave or harm Sita, but make Sita his wife. Raavan smiles.


** Jai Shree Ram **

asur come to hit sita by stone

its time to take revenge of supranakha

lankapati ravan and his family

mandodari crying after seeing sita as prisoned

ravan after sita haran in lanka

ravan orders supranakha to be calm

ravan punished sita in lanka

sita as a prisoner sees asurs

sita contacts eye with ravan lanka

sita face zoom pic after sita haran

sita having very hard time in lanka

sita looks supranakha camly sad

sita sees asurs in lanka

sita surrounded with guards in lanka

sulochna and meghnad seeing sita in lanka

supranakha sees sita as prisoned

supranakha to hit sita's eyes

vibhishan came to know about sita haran

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