ravan hurt jatayu badly and thrown him

Siya Ke Ram – Read 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 182]

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30th May Episode starts with

Sita screaming in fear and getting away from Raavan. She takes a knife and warns him that if he tries to come close to her, she will kill him. She throws the knife and he holds her. He says you are also skilled in wars like those two Sanyasis, but this is useful infront of Raavan. He breaks the knife. She says there is still time, you stop, else Ram will not leave you alive. Raavan walks to her and says Mama Mareech has taken him so far, till he returns, you will reach Lanka. She runs and calls out Ram for protecting her. Ram and Laxman are still running through the jungle. Sita calls out Ram and Laxman.

Raavan asks her to shout in more high voice, they won’t come. She says you call yourself trilok Swami and cheated to kidnap a woman. He says this is not called cheat, its called planning. She says I heard everyone is afraid of you, are you not ashamed to kidnap a woman, if you have power and any prestige left, then fight with my husband Ram. He says I will fight with Ram and kill him too, but after separating you from him. She calls out Ram and runs. He disappears and gets behind her. He holds her hand and laughs. She calls out Ram. Ram and Laxman are on the way. Raavan drags her. The diya blows. Ram’s feet bleeds. Ram tries reaching the ashram. Raavan takes Sita to his air chariot. She calls for help. Chatayu hears Sita’s call and thinks Sita is in some danger. The chariot takes off. Sita gets worried and calls Ram and Laxman for saving her. Raavan laughs.

Chatayu sees Sita in Raavan’s chariot. Sita sees Chatayu….. She calls him for help. She says this Adharmi Raavan is kidnapping me, save me. Raavan asks what did you do this Sita, you called Chatayu here for protecting you, you have made his death definite now. Chatayu lands in the chariot and turns to human form. Sita cries. Chatayu looks at her and protects her. He says Raavan, free Devi Sita. Raavan says foolish vulture, go and tell Sanyasis that my revenge got fulfilled. Chatayu says your motives can’t succeed till I m here. He fights with Raavan and gets beaten up. Sita worries for Chatayu. Chatayu tries hard. Raavan injures him. He gets his magical sword and hits Chatayu. Raavan cuts both of his hands. Sita cries. Raavan laughs.

Chatayu looks at Raavan angrily, and gets up. He goes to hit Raavan by his head. Raavan holds his neck by his sword and pushes him down the chariot. Sita cries and shouts to Chatayu. Chatayu apologizes to her. Raavan laughs and asks Sita to come, Lanka is waiting for her. She gets tensed. She removes her jewelry and throws down. Raavan stares at her and walks towards her. He holds her hand and drags her. She frees her hand. He eyes her evil way. She gets away and falls down. Sita faints. Ram and Laxman are still seen running in the jungle.

Sita gets conscious and recalls how Raavan abducted her, and Chatayu’s death. She sees Raavan infront of her. She tries to get up holding some wooden pillars. She looks down the chariot and goes to Raavan, while he stands facing other side. She takes his sword. He turns to her and sees her. She says I know you are doing this to take revenge for your sister’s insult, I accept the consequences, you can kill me and take revenge, but its against my Stree Dharm to go with you to Lanka, I will give away my life and save my prestige, I can’t accept this Adharm.

Raavan says you have lifted the sword, I m excited to see what will you use this for. Sita holds the sword towards her neck. He takes back the sword and says death is not a punishment, its freedom from punishment, I did not give you permission to die, the crime you and your husband did, you have to bear punishment forever. She says the Adharm you are doing, its result is just destruction. He says foolish woman, you don’t know me, I m immortal, powerful, supreme, trilok Swami. She says my father told me how Raavan’s ego has failed Raavan’s knowledge, I have seen it today. He says you gave me one more reason to hate you, Janak’s daughter I remember the insult which your father did in Swayamvar. He recalls the Swayamvar and Janak’s words. He says now you will bear punishment for your husband and father’s deeds, you have to bear this all your life. He laughs and says you are welcome in Raavan’s Lanka Sita, this is your jail, your new place is waiting for you. He shows Lanka to her.


Precap :
Kaikesi does some yagya and names Mandodari. The fire on havan kund does not get high. She then names Sita, and much blazes glow. She gets shocked and says I have to inform Raavan soon. Sita is seen sitting sad under some tree in Lanka.


** Jai Shree Ram **

jatayu come to protect devi sita

ram laxman runs to save sita

ravan folds knife like paper

ravan had done sita haran

ravan holding sita hand forcefully

ravan hurt jatayu badly and thrown him

ravan pull sita tighly

ravan takes sita from her kutiya

ravan thrown jatayu and sita crying

sita ask jatayu to help her

sita ask ravan to show his power

sita crying seeing jatayu being beaten

sita falls down on the floor

sita is harassed due to of ravan

sita is helpless on udan vahan

sita is upset after sita haran

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