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Siya Ke Ram – Read 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 156]

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The Episode starts with Chatayu coming to Ram. He says I heard Virat’s story, he is cursed, he can’t be killed by any weapon, he can just die if he is made to fall in a deep pit. Ram says Laxman….. Laxman leaves. Sita worries for Ram. Ram looks at her and leaves. Ram shoots arrows on Virat and says I m here. Virat attacks him and Ram runs making Virat hit the ground. Laxman goes far and aims an arrow. A deep pit is created by it. Ram runs towards Laxman and stops near that pit/valley.Virat comes there and loses balance. He falls down in the pit….. Ram and Laxman look on. Maryada Purshottam Ram….plays…. Ram shoots an arrow on him to give Mukti to Virat. Virat diminishes. Chatayu looks on. Ram asks Sita not to worry, they are safe now. Ram thanks Chatayu for saving their lives by telling the way to kill Virat. Chatayu says I should be thanking you for protecting all the jungle residents by killing such big Asurs. Sita worries seeing Ram’s wound and ties cloth. Laxman too worries. Ram says I m fine Sita and smiles.

Mayavi shouts and asks Bali to come out of his palace. He says I will take revenge. Bali scolds him and says I will kill you too, like I killed Dundhvi. Mayavi thinks to run to Rishi mountain. Sugreev stops Bali and says maybe its Mayavi’s plan. Bali says if I sit quiet after he provoked me, he will think I m coward, whatever happens, I will not leave Mayavi alive. He leaves.

Sita applies a lep to Ram’s wound. Chatayu says Ram, Virat was terror reason for Panchwati for 10 years, you ended his terror and freed Panchwati residents from him, but there is a new problem. Ram asks what. Chatayu says Virat was one of the head soldiers of Raavan, killing him is equal to attacking Raavan, Raavan will eye us now and will send someone to take revenge, this problem can be big for us, sow e have to protect ourselves. Sita worries. Ram says Raavan, Lankapati Raavan? Chatayu says yes. Ram says if Virat was from Raavan’s army, what was he doing here in Dandakaranya. Chatayu says Raavan can’t control some places directly, he sends Virat to control the place. Laxman says no need to be scared of Raavan, we can kill him, its good if he is coming here, we will free earth from Asurs in one go, he does not know Raghuvanshis’s power and courage.

More Asurs from Raavan make some plan to attack sanyasis. Bhushan says I gave command to my army to attack them, come and see. They see the huge Asur army. Bhushan says we will make such Chakravyu, that those Sanyasis can’t survive, they will die by our one command.

Sita tells Laxman that he is right that Raavan does not know Raghuvanshi’s power and courage, but we should not underestimate enemies, and never if enemy is Raavan. Ram asks Sita does she know Raavan. Sita says Raavan came in my Swayamvar, I did not see such egoistic and rude person in my life, he can do anything in his ego, we have to be careful. Ram agrees and says Raavan is reason of many Rishi’s trouble since years, its our Kshatriya Dharm to take revenge, if he has Asur army, we have blessings from Guru and common people, we are ready to face any challenge by him. He says Laxman, its time to revive the Divya-astra given by Maharishi Vishwamitra. Laxman says sure.

Bhushan and his brother talk about Sanyasi. The Asur says I heard the Sanyasi’s life is in Rishimuni and villagers, we will kill those villagers and then kill those Sanyasis, we will rule Panchwati then. They laugh. Laxman guards the place. Ram does Dhyaan. Ram looks around for Sita. He calls her out and thinks where did he go.

Sita waters plant and sings Aayenge wo palanhaar… Ram comes there and looks on. He walks to her smiling. She sees the sun and tells plants that they will be green after getting sunlight. Ram asks are you talking with plants. She smiles and nods. He asks how do you know they understand your words. She says if we talk like watering plants or picking dry leaves, they stay green, else they don’t grow well, don’t you believe me. He says no, I never have doubt on any of your words, I was just thinking if I talk to them, what will happen, and if Laxman talks to them, how will plants sign and react. She laughs. He requests Sita not to go far from the hut, risk can occur anywhere, its necessary that they stay careful for their protection. She says fine, I will not become any reason for your worry.

The Asur army kill the villagers and Rishis. Chatayu flies and witnesses this terror. Asurs laugh as their army kill innocent lives. The people try to escape and save lives. Chatayu thinks to inform Ram.

He flies to Ram. Laxman looks on and goes to Ram. Ram and Sita see Chatayu. Chatayu seems disturbed. Sita asks why does he look so worried, what happened. Chatayu says it happened what I was afraid of, Raavan’s Asurs started to take revenge of Virat’s death, they are attacking villagers, I can’t tell how they are killing villagers, in much cruel way. Ram says I know Sita you want to save them, but it will be right for you to stay here. He asks Laxman to stay here and guard the hut. Ram leaves. Ram Ram….plays… Chatayu flies after Ram. Sita and Laxman worry.

Precap :
Ram fights with Asurs boldly. Surpanakha spots him and gets impressed by his bravery. She finds him deserving of her and smiles.

** Jai Shree Ram **
jatayu siyakeram
ram kills virad
ram kills virad

sita feels trouble

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ram sita looks each other

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