ravan takes rishi form

Siya Ke Ram – Read 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 180]

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27th May Episode starts with

Sita asking Laxman what are you thinking now. He says I will go to find Ram, you have to promise me that you won’t go outside ashram. She says fine, I won’t go outside ashram. He says its possible Asurs can come inside ashram, so I have to secure this ashram, I m going to make a Rekha/line to secure you and ashram. He holds an arrow and says Lord, if I have sincerely served my brother like a true brother, with true efforts, if I served my Bhabhi like a son, give me such powers that no Mayavi power, Asur or Adharmi cross the line I stretch here. He prays. He gets a lightning powers from the sky in his arrow. He thanks Lord and takes the lightning arrow. He makes a Rekha there on the ground. Sita looks on.

Laxman says Bhabhi, this is the Rekha made your Devar Laxman, who is equal to your son, no evil power can cross this Rekha, there are many Asur powers who take avatar of birds, animals or Rishis, in any situation, you will not cross this line, you and this ashram are secured with this Rekha, this Rekha will hold power and significance by your promise, if you promise to not go out of this Rekha, its power will be intact, if you step out of this Rekha, its power will end. She says fine, but you now proceed towards the jungle. He says sure and goes away from the ashram. Akampana looks on. He sees Sita alone and goes to inform Raavan. He says Sita is alone in ashram now. Raavan says my revenge time has come, now Sitaharan will happen, those Sanyasis will know what is the meaning of cutting nose…

Akampana asks what is the command for me now. Raavan says your work is completed, whatever will happen now will be from my side, go to Lanka and inform everyone that Lanka will get a new maid, Raavan’s Daasi, tell Surpanakha not to let her revenge fire calm down, Sita will fall to Surpanakha’s feet and beg for her life…. revenge, insult, Sita….. He fumes and walks to the ashram.

Mandodari tells Vibhishan that her heart is restless and worried since Raavan went to Panchwati, you have knowledge of fortune telling, can you see Raavan’s kundli and tell about his future problems, if there is any danger. He says sure, I will see his kundli and predict his future. He checks the kundli and gets worried. She asks is there anything to worry. He says according to Grah and nakshatra, Lanka and Raavan’s future isn’t safe, I feel Raavan will do big Adharm, which can become a reason of Lanka’s destruction. She says Sitaharan, what can be bigger Adharm than that, we have to stop Raavan from doing this. He says but that Adharm is very close now, we can’t stop him so soon. She says Mata Kaikesi, just she can help us now.

Sita worries and says I hope Laxman did not get late to reach there. Raavan walks to the ashram. He smiles seeing Sita…. Sita says now just Prabhu Shiv Shankar and Mata Parvati can help me. She prays to Mahadev and Parvati to protect Ram. Devi Parvati says fate is such, problem is coming on Sita, and she is praying for Ram. Mahadev looks on. Raavan laughs and says that moment has come, when Raavan will take revenge.

Sita goes to tulsi plant and prays. Raavan walks close to the ashram’s entrance and stares at her. He recalls Surpanakha’s words. Parvati says this time is not bad that Sita is going to get kidnapped, but its because a woman is going to get burnt in two men’s war, I m afraid that in future, evil men can take Raavan’s step as an example and torture women like this. Raavan steps ahead and gets back by the Laxman Rekha. He says whats this and steps again. He is pushed away and thinks what kind of power is this, it seems a protection line, maybe those Sanyasis made this by their Divya Shakti for Sita’s security, they forgot every Divya Shakti is waste infront of Raavan. He tries to break that Rekha by using his powers. He fails and says this Rekha can’t fail me, I have to think some other solution.

Laxman shouts Bhaiya….. Ram calls out Laxman. Laxman says I m here, I m coming. He meets Ram and asks are you fine. Ram says I m fine, but you here. Laxman asks about that call, that was not yours. Ram says no, that was Tadaka’s son Mareech’s call, we got cheated, where is Sita, I told you not to leave Sita alone, why did you come then. Laxman says I was not coming to you, but Sita asked me to go to you, she commanded me to leave, when I did not agree to you, she tried to end her life, what could I do. Ram says Sita is in problem, we have to reach ashram soon, come. They both run hurriedly towards the ashram.

Raavan smiles and takes a Rishi’s avatar. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Raavan smiles holding the empty utensil, and says I can’t go inside this Rekha, but Sita can come out of it. He starts acting and says Bhiksham Dehi/give me alms….. Sita is lost in her prayers. He shouts asking for Bhiksha/charity….. She hears him and turns to see.

Sita says forgive me Rishivar, I could not hear your call while doing Shiv Aradhna. He says foolish woman, no Devta is greater than the guest, you insulted me. She says forgive me, I was thinking something in worry, come, you are welcome in the ashram. He thinks if this Rekha was not here, I would have not needed your welcome. She asks him to come. He asks don’t you know about Rishis, I don’t enter any family oriented/householders ashram, go and get food for me here, else I will go. She says sorry, I will just come. He smiles and moves back. She looks at him and walks to him. She stops near the Rekha recalling Laxman’s words. She gives him food. Raavan says its insult if Bhiksha is giving by hesitance, don’t you know this, why this dilemma. She recalls Laxman’s warning. She looks at Raavan….. He thinks does Sita get doubt on me….


Precap :
Raavan asks is it imp to insult me more. She says I will break the promise to my Devar and do my Raghukul Dharm to give Bhiksha, as guests are like Lord. Raavan smiles as she crosses the Rekha. He throws away the food and laughs. She gets shocked.


** Jai Shree Ram **

anukampa sees sita in kutiya

anukampa strange look

laxman discovers laxman rekha

laxman extends laxman rekha

laxman leave sita to find ram

mandodari tensed about ravan's future

ravan ask for bhiksha

ravan sees sita praying

ravan smilimg in panchwati

ravan takes rishi form

sita about to give bhiksha to ravan

sita looking tensed

sita prays to tulsi

sita waiting for ram to come

sita waiting for ram

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