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Siya Ke Ram – Read 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 179]

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26th May Episode starts with

Sita asking Laxman why is he waiting, just go and protect Ram. Laxman says I know Ram well, wait for some time, truth will be out. She asks are you saying this after hearing his call. He says I m sure its not his call. She asks why, don’t you identity his voice. He says I know his voice well, I can identify his voice even in sleep. She asks then who will call out in his voice. He says my guess was right, this deer is Mayavi and its his call. She asks him how can he stand so carefree after saying its Mayavi power, you have to go to Ram and protect him, if Ram is trapped in some plan then, there is no time to think, just go. Laxman asks her not to worry, Ram is the one who saved everyone, what will I protect him, his one arrow killed Tadaka, entire Asurs, and the Asur army, he has alone made Dandakaranya free of Asurs, he does not need help, the truth is that deer is in problem right now, not Ram, you don’t worry. Sita says I have seen Laxman not worrying for Ram for the first time.

Mareech says I did not wish to die by that sinner’s hands, so I chose to die by your hands, forgive me. Ram asks whats Raavan’s plan, what does he want. Mareech says Sita….. and dies. Ram says Sita….. and worries. Sita reminds Laxman his motive to come in jungle, its true that Ram is brave, but can’t you go to protect him on my saying, this danger is not ordinary, Chatayu has alerted us about Raavan, maybe its Raavan’s plan, he may have surrounded Ram alone in the jungle, you don’t know Raavan, else you would have not stayed here, you have been with Ram as his shadow, today Ram needs you, just go, listen to me, don’t leave me alone, don’t know in which danger I have put him by sending him after the deer. He says you are right that this can be Raavan’s plan. She asks him to go then, what are you thinking, will you go or not.

Laxman says no, if this is Raavan’s plan, then his aim is not Ram, its you. She asks how can you say this Laxman. He says if Raavan had to attack Ram, he would have done this before, but he did not do this, he left and wanted to take Ram out of ashram, so he has sent that Mayavi deer, so that he can harm you. She gets shocked. He says I did not forget my motive to come here, its my duty to protect you and Ram, I m not going as its Ram’s command to not leave you. She says I m also commanding you to go and protect, without any delay. Laxman apologizes folding hands and says its Ram’s command, till he comes back, I don’t go anywhere leaving you, even when you send me away from ashram.

She takes the bow and arrow….Laxman asks what are you doing. She says if you can’t go, I will go to protect Ram. He says stop, this is not right. He comes in her way, and says its not right for you to go out of ashram, try to understand me. She asks him to move off her way. He takes the Dhanush from her and says I m not going anywhere leaving you, I will not let you, try to understand, our one mistake can become a curse for entire life, go inside ashram.

Raavan tells Akampana that its all happening according to my plan, Mareech played his role well. Akampana says Mareech made Ram may miles away from Panchwati, even if Ram wants to return, it will take much time. Raavan says its good news, but why are you worried. Akampana says Laxman is still there, Sitaharan is not possible. Raavan says the way Mama Mareech has called Laxman in Ram’s voice, Laxman has to leave from ashram. Akampana says they knew about your arrival here, Laxman will doubt and not leave from ashram. Raavan says he will go for sure, you don’t know women’s nature, if Sita believes her husband is in danger, her senses will go nil and she will just think of Ram’s life, she will cross all Maryada and send Laxman to Ram, you just see, Laxman has to leave from the ashram. He shouts Surpanakha, your revenge moment is close, very close……

Hanuman flies in air and goes to meet Surya Dev. He greets Surya Dev. Surya Dev says you have saved my son, I m thankful, I was worried that Bali would try to hurt Sugreev, but you have protected him. Hanuman says the promise I gave to save Sugreev is my Dharm now, nothing will happen to him. Surya Dev says you have to be alert, you will need some knowledgeable man to understand Bali’s plan and answer him, who can become a minister in this Dharm yudh. Hanuman asks who can it be, where will be get him. Surya Dev says such person is there, Brahma’s son Jamvanth….. Hanuman says Jamvanth? Jamvanth is shown. Surya Dev says there is no one more sensible, knowledgeable than him, he is born for such special motives, he is immortal, he will be on earth till the end, Jamvanth will help when there is problem. Hanuman asks where will I get him. Surya Dev says he is doing tapasya on some mountain, its time for his special part in this yug now. Hanuman says I will surely go to meet him, and greets him.

Sita says you did not obey my command today and disrespected me. He says no, I have vowed to protect you. She says I m thinking there is no one who loves Ram more than you, but I understand I was wrong, you just pretended to protect him, you cheated him, you were waiting for this time. He cries and asks what are you saying. She says yes, your love, service and care was a fake show, you were waiting for Asur powers to get Ram, you would be happy today as this chance came. He asks her to punish him, but not stain his feelings for Ram and his character, my life is to serve you both, I m not going to Ram by leaving you, as I m bounded by my duty towards Ram’s command, this time my Dharm is to protect you. She asks what will be Sita’s life importance when Ram won’t be there. He asks what are you saying, if anything happens to you, how will I face Ram. She asks if Ram is not there, whom will you face. He asks how can she say this. She says I have identified you today in this tough time. He asks her to say what to do to prove his dedication. She says there is just one way, go to Ram and protect him.

Ram recalls Chatayu’s warning. He realizes Mareech’s words meaning and wonders does Raavan want to harm Sita, Sita is definitely in danger, I have to reach ashram soon. He runs. Laxman requests Sita not to send him, and cries folding hands. She asks will you go if I m not alive. She holds an arrow to hurt her neck. Laxman stops her. She says no Laxman, you made me helpless to give up my life to send you to protect my husband, this is only way to make you free of Ram’s command, I m doing Shree dharm to protect my husband’s life. Laxman says no, I m going, please move away his arrow, I m breaking Ram’s command for the first time in my life, please move away this arrow. She moves away the arrow. Her neck gets bit hurt by the arrow tip. Laxman looks on worried.


Precap :
Laxman makes a limiting line/Laxman Rekha and tells Sita that no Asur power can enter this, but this Rekha will not bound her. Akampana tells Raavan that last hurdle got clear too. Raavan says now Sitaharan will happen…


** Jai Shree Ram **

laxma about to leave asharam

mareech says sorry to ram

ravan smiles-sita haran

sita forces laxman to leave asharam

sita holds bow-ban

sita looks laxman

suryadev siyakeram

ram denies sita's order

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