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Siya Ke Ram – Read 22nd May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 175]

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22nd May 2016 Written Episode starts with Ram coming to the hut and calling out Laxman and Sita. He wonders where did they go, and sees an arrow marking direction. He goes there. Laxman stops him and says stop here, sorry, Sita asked me to ask you to wait here. Ram asks where is Sita, what is she doing. Laxman says don’t know, but whatever she is doing is for you. Ram asks can’t we go there hiding and see what is she doing. Laxman says no, I can’t go against her. Ram says fine. Sita comes there. Ram asks her why did she stop him here. She asks him to close eyes and come with her. He asks how will I walk if I close eyes. Sita says you have to close eyes. Ram asks Laxman to close eyes too. Laxman says sure and closes eyes. Ram smiles and closes eyes. Sita holds Ram’s hand and takes him. She asks Laxman to come. Laxman holds Ram’s hand and they go to see something.

Sugreev tells Hanuman that I knew Bali will not agree, he is adamant, his anger ended his senses. Hanuman says friend, don’t worry, I will find some way to explain him. Sugreev says I m worried for Roma, not myself, nothing should happen to her, did you see Roma there. Hanuman says yes, but I could not talk to her. Sugreev asks how is she. Hanuman says she looked worried. Sugreev says Roma is not safe there, Bali can cross any limits, maybe he will punish Roma, get Roma soon, I can’t stay without her. Hanuman says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Devi Roma, I will get her here.

Sita asks Ram and Laxman to open their eyes. Ram and Laxman open eyes and see the surprise. She shows a small Panchwati model she made with flowers. They smile. Ram says its great, very beautiful…. Entire Panchwati got live by this art. Ram sees himself and Laxman’s miniatures and asks but why are you not here. Sita says this is your test, tell me where I m in this art, if I m not here, then why. Laxman says I know why Sita is not in this, she has made herself, is she is busy in art, how will she be present there. Sita laughs. Laxman says I was just saying, you find Sita in it, I m better at the security phase. He goes.

Ram holds Sita and tells Sita that I know why you are not seen in this art, its because you stay in my heart, so no one can see you in this art, but I know your presence. She smiles and says if Sita has any place in the world, its your heart, no one can make me away from your heart, when you feel me away, you will always find me in your heart. They hug. Mareech as Swarn Mrigh runs from there. Sita says I felt that Swarn Mrigh is around. Ram says no, you maybe mistaken, Swarn Mrigh are not found in this jungle.

Surpanakha says there is no news till now, don’t know what happened in the jungle. The men come there. She asks them to say fast, did Raavan take revenge of her insult. The men say sorry, we did not know anything, Raavan is doing his work so secretly that no one in Dandakaranya knows about it. She says if you can’t do this small work, your life is waste. She gets long nails to kill them. Meghnadh comes and stops him. he says you know Raavan, he will take revenge. She says you don’t know Raavan’s nature, he can forget revenge and fall in love seeing Sita’s beauty. He asks her not to say a word against Raavan, you went Dandakaranya without our consent, you should repent for that, but Raavan has gone there to take revenge for sister’s insult. He tells Sulochana that she also did wrong by supporting Surpanakha, she will be punished some day.

Sita smiles seeing the Swarn Mrigh. She gets worried seeing the deer crying and wounded. She says deer is wounded, that’s why came to me. She asks deer to come to her. The deer runs away. She says stop…. And looks on. Ram asks Sita whom is she calling. Sita says I have seen a golden deer in wounded state, deer needs treatment. Ram says I told you this jungle does not have golden deers. She says yes, but I have seen the deer. She asks Laxman did he see the deer. Laxman says no. Ram says you like deers, maybe that why you have seen the deer. She says no, how shall I explain you, the deer is wounded and needs treatment. Mareech thinks my plan got successful, I have to take Ram and Laxman away.

Raavan and Akampana see the Panchwati model. Raavan says ashram has mountains and this river, if anyone goes across the mountain, he will take one day to return. Akampana says its according to our plan, Mareech reached there and Sita has seen the deer. Raavan asks but when will those two Sanyasis leave. Akampana says Mareech planned to enter the ashram, when Ram and Laxman follow him, he will take them away towards that mountain, but…. Raavan asks but? What happened? Any problem? Akampana says Mareech had a worry, will he succeed in taking both of them away, maybe they will feel its not safe to leave Sita alone and return. Raavan laughs and says if Mareech succeeds to take those two Sanyasis away for one moment, Raavan will not do any mistake, just one moment is enough for Sita haran.

Surpanakha says why did Raavan not return now, why is my brother taking so much time. Sulochana comes there and shows the letter. She says you should have not cheated me, you wrote this letter to me that you are in love with Ram, if you told me that he is married, I would have not supported you in this crime. Surpanakha asks how did you call my love a crime. Sulochana says making a wife away from a husband is crime, cheating someone is crime, planning to kidnap Sita is crime. Surpanakha says I won’t let anyone define my love. Sulochana says I m not defining any love, I m saying there is no power mightier that love in this world, if we separate two lovers, the result will be very bad. She goes.

Sita makes some lep for the deer. Ram asks for whom is this lep. Sita says deer will come back for the treatment. Ram smiles and says I will also help you. Laxman says even I will help you. She says I will do it myself. Ram and Laxman look on. Ram reminds her to add some herbs in the lep, I will get it. She says Swarn mrigh is my imagination, why will you both do efforts for my imaginative deer, I will do my work. She goes. Laxman tells Ram that Sita is sad. Ram says Sita does not say anything without any reason, if she is saying she has seen Swarn Mrigh, deer would be really there. Laxman says how did I not see the deer, I missed. Ram says yes, we both did mistake, you missed to see deer and I did not believe Sita. Mareech comes there. Sita comes back and sees the deer. She asks Ram to see there. Ram and Laxman get shocked seeing the golden deer. Ram says Swarn Mrigh..


Precap :
Sita says your delay would have increased the deer’s pain. Ram says deer is shot, maybe deer is afraid and came here. Sita asks Ram to hurry up, the deer needs immediate treatment.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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