ram comes in his vishnu avtaar

Siya Ke Ram – Read 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 174]

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21st May 2016 Written Episode starts with Mareech becoming the Swarn Mrigh. Devi Parvati gets worried seeing this. Mahadev asks why are you worried. Devi Parvati says Lankesh is proceeding to Panchwati for Sitaharan, Sita and Ram love each other, I can’t imagine their separation, they are two bodies and one life, their love is unmatchable in the world, will Ram and Sita have to get separated. Mahadev says their avatar is to for Dharm’s foundation, its Narayan’s Leela, sorrow and pain has to be bear for love and happiness, they have to bear pain of separation too. She asks what is the need of this separation, why are you silent Swami…. Mahadev says Rishi Bhrigu’s curse got true, that’s why Narayan has to get away from Devi Laxmi.

She asks about the curse to Narayan and Devi Laxmi? He says earth will get ruined some day, and Devi Laxmi will also get finished, then when new world, Devi Laxmi’s get her rebirth. She was born as MahaRishi Bhrigu’s daughter Bhargavi. FB shows Bhargavi smiling and standing under the flower showering. Mahadev says Bhargavi had to get in Devi Laxmi’s avatar. Shri Vishnu tells everyone that Bhargavi will get in Devi Laxmi’s avatar when I marry her in human form. FB ends. Mahadev says that’s why, to get Devi Bhargavi’s love, Shri Vishnu had to take human form and stay in Rishi Bhrigu’s ashram for many years. FB shows Vishnu and Bhargavi smiling seeing each other. He works in the ashram. She says guests are to be seen by hosts, not to work here. He says but Devi, you are guest here. She smiles. FB ends.

Mahadev says Hari Vishnu has won Devi Bhargavi’s heart, and one day he has told his truth to Rishi Bhrigu’s wife. Parvati asks what truth. Mahadev smiles and says Vishnu told her that he is Hari Vishnu and wants to marry Bhargavi. FB shows Bhargavi’s mum Devi Khyati thanking Vishnu for staying in his ashram, and says I did not realize your presence, you are great. Vishnu says there is a big reason for my stay here, I want to marry your daughter Bhargavi. Bhargavi hears this and smiles. Khyati says if Bhargavi becomes your wife, it’s a thing of pride for me, when my husband comes from ashram, we will get our daughter married to you. FB ends.

Mahadev says but before MahaRishi Bhrigu could come back from ashram, Devasur Sangram started, and Devtas won and Asurs lost, Asurs asked Devi Khyati for help and protection. FB shows Khyati helping the Asurs for their protection. Mahadev says Devtas requested Khyati to handover Asurs to them, but Khyati refused, all the Devtas got angry and went to Hari Vishnu with this problem, they asked Hari Vishnu to explain Khyati. FB shows Hari Vishnu explaining Khyati that Asurs are bad and culprit of Devtas, its necessary to punish them. Khyati says I promised to save their lives, it won’t be right to not keep my promise. Hari Vishnu says I promised Devtas too, that I will end all Asurs from the world, you are Mata of my would be wife, you are equal to my mother too, I request you not to come in our way. Khyati says we have morals by Rishi Bhrigus, we can’t break the rules, you can’t kill Asurs till I m alive, I request you to either leave the Asurs or take my life. She closes her eyes. Vishnu takes her soul….. She falls down. Bhargavi gets shocked and cries for Khyati.

Vishnu throws a Chakra and beheads all the Asurs. Bhargavi asks Vishnu why did you kill my mother, she was equal to your mother, then why did you do this. She cries. She says now I will not marry you, my heart got hatred for you now, you leave from here. Vishnu says our relation is not of few months, but of many births, you don’t know this, but you are my wife Laxmi, we get separated after the end of every world and unite after a new world is made, so that world is founded again. He tells her everything. She cries and visualizes her Devi Laxmi’s avatar. FB ends. Mahadev says Bhargavi realized that this is just a way for her union with Narayan.

Mahadev says that auspicious time when Hari Vishnu and Bhargavi were getting married, when Bhargavi had to become Narayan’s Laxmi again. Bhargavi and Vishnu get married and smile. Bhargavi’s father comes there and says Narayan, you killed my wife and separated her from me, and you are getting married, this is impossible, I m Rishi Bhrigu, I curse you, the way I m feeling the pain of separation with my wife, you will also suffer this pain of separation in your every birth. Bhargavi cries and runs to her dad. She says father does kanyadaan at marriage’s time and blesses the daughter, but you cursed your daughter to be always sorrowful, take the curse back by accepting my request. Rishi Bhrigu says my curse can’t be taken back, but I can say that you both will take birth for Dharm’s foundation and world’s blessings, when that motives are fulfilled, you both will get united. Bhargavi looks at Vishnu. FB ends.

Mahadev says Shri Ram and Devi Sita have to get separated because of this Rishi Bhrigu’s curse, in every birth, Narayan places a new Maryada to get Devi Laxmi, Ram will also place a new Maryada, it will protect Dharm and do good to the world, all the sins have to end for sure.

Mareech says Lankesh, I will become Swarn mrigh, but we have to get Ram and Laxman out from there, Sita will just come out seeing me, what else. Raavan tells him that you don’t know about Sanyasi’s nature, they have sympathy and can’t see anyone wounded, you will go there in wounded state, Sita will come out to help you, then our planning will start. Mareech says but I m not wounded. Raavan gets an arrow and hurts him. Mareech asks what did you do. Raavan asks him to go to Sanyasi’s ashram, try to succeed this time, else….. Mareech turns into a golden deer and goes. Raavan and Akampana look on.
Precap :
Sita sees the golden deer and smiles. Sita tells Ram that deer is in pain, deer needs to be treated. Ram asks her not to worry, we will not let anything happen to the deer. Raavan smiles.

** Jai Shree Ram **

hari vishnu siya ke ram

bhargavi getting married

bhargavi asks bhrigu to forgive

sita as cute laxmi mata

sita as bhargavi siyakeram

parvati mata siyakeram

ram in rishi bhrigu asharam

ram comes in his vishnu avtaar

ram as hari vishnu

mata of bhargavi siyakeram

mahadev and parvati mata siyakeram

shiv and parvati mata standing

lord shiv siyakeram

maharishi bhrigu gets angry

maharishi bhrigu talks with bhargavi

mahadev and parvati mata siyakeram

lankapati about to do destruction

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