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Siya Ke Ram – Read 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 173]

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20th May 2016 Written Episode starts with Chatayu asking Mareech where is his ashram. Mareech lies that its 50 kms away. He says I heard Ram saved the villagers from Asurs, if Ram does not come with me to protect us, I will end my life. Ram says don’t worry, its my first most duty to protect people, I will surely come. Mareech thinks once you two brothers are away from this hut, Raavan will take his revenge by kidnapping Sita. Ram asks him to come. Mareech tells him not to come alone, the Asur is very powerful and dangerous, I think you should take Laxman along. Laxman says sure, but what is the name of your village….

Mareech starts coughing and gets tensed. Sita gives him water. She sees a cloth made by animal skin. Mareech thanks her. She says this was my duty, but how did you get such beautiful Mrighjhaal/deer skin. He says its made by some special Mrigh/deer’s skin, I was lucky to spot that animal in the jungle, I have killed it. She says Rishi’s heart is filled with pity and compassion, they don’t have any feelings of violence in their heart, its duty of Dharmatma to protect birds and animals, but you don’t get hesitant to kill any animal, you killed the animal for your benefit, then what is the difference between you and Asurs. Ram says sorry Rishivar, Sita loves Swarn Mrigh/golden deer since her childhood, by killing the deer, you have hurt her heart, so she said so. Laxman says sorry Munivar, but seeing your behavior, I wonder you are any Rishi or not…. Mareech makes excuses and says I came to ask for protection, but you have insulted me by this questions, is this not bad, if you don’t trust a Rishi, I will go back and get my wounded villagers, then maybe you will believe my problems.

Laxman says such incidents happened in this jungle, doubting is natural, I think you are saying right, go back to your village and get your family and villagers here, they will be safe here and free of fear, Asurs will feel they got succeeded, and we can attack on Asurs. Mareech thinks to run away and save his life before they know his truth. He says as you wish, I will come back with my family and villagers, allow me to leave. Ram says Rishivar, Dharm is the most imp thing for Rishi, there is no need to be afraid of Adharm by walking on the path of Dharm, we are always there to protect you. Mareech says no doubt in it, and greets Ram. He leaves from there.

Raavan and Akampana wait for Mareech. Raavan asks where is Mama Mareech, did he run away. Akampana asks him to have patience, he would be coming, it needs time. Raavan says if he comes with failure, I will not leave him alive. Mareech hears him and hides. He thinks Raavan will kill me, and if I go back to Ram, even he will not leave me, I will run away from here. He runs away.

Raavan says he is a coward, I feel he has run away seeing problems. Akampana says he can run away, but not away from my sight, I will see him.

Hanuman meets Bali and asks him to think about Sugreev again, Sugreev loves you a lot, everyone knows this, you have protected him always, how can you doubt on him and think to kill him, I request you to end these bad feelings for him. Bali says I won’t, he has cheated me, he is my culprit. Bali says its your illusion, when you did not come out and blood was flowing out, Sugreev thought Mayavi has killed you, he has shut the cave door with a rock to protect Kishkindha Praja, so that Mayavi dies inside the cave. Bali asks Hanuman not to lie, it does not suit you, Sugreev knows no one can kill me, how can he think Mayavi killed me, did he say this and you all believed him, crime has a motive, Sugreev wanted to become Kishkindha’s king. Hanuman says no, it was not like this. Bali says I will not forgive him, I will kill him, tell that coward that his death is close. Tara and Roma worry. Hanuman says I have come to protect two brother’s relation, but Sugreev’s life, you are losing a brother and best friend, and remember Sugreev is my friend, and no one can kill him till I m there. He leaves. Bali shouts Hanuman, if this is your challenge, I accept this, I will kill Sugreev and show you.

Roma says forgive us, and holds Bali’s feet. She says we will go away from Kishkindha, forgive my husband. Bali moves her away and says who will let you go away from Kishkindha….. He angrily leaves. Roma cries. Tara holds her.

Mareech runs and says but Raavan will surely find me, he is trilok Raj, I have to find some other way to protect myself. He recalls Ram’s words and says now just Ram can protect me, if I tell him my entire truth, maybe he will forgive me, I have to go to him now. He turns and gets shocked seeing Raavan and Akampana. Raavan stares at him and asks did you think, I will not know this. Mareech says I was coming to you and lost my way. Raavan gets his magical sword in his hand and walks to him.

Mareech begs him not to do this. Raavan angrily gets to strike him. Akampana stops Raavan and says hear out Mareech once. Laxman tells Ram that he did not believe that Rishi. Chatayu says even I did not believe him. Ram says but whoever come to us with plead for protection, its our duty to save him, its possible he is lying, but we have to do our duty always without getting afraid.

Mareech tells Raavan that he tried to get Ram and Laxman, but they are very alert, they know about your presence, they did not move from there and doubted on me, so I came here. Raavan says maybe there is some weakness, some solution. Mareech says I don’t know, I was there for some time. Raavan asks him to think. Mareech asks him to leave Sitaharan thought, you can think anything else to take revenge. Raavan says I feel you know the solution, will you say it or die. Mareech says don’t do this, let me think. Raavan says I don’t have much time, so hurry up. Mareech recalls Ram’s words about Sita’s love for Swarn Mrigh. He says Ram’s wife Sita loves Swarn Mrigh, and Sita is dear to both Sanyasis, I think if Sita tells them anything, they will do it for sure, Sita wanted to see Swarn Mrigh/golden deer since childhood. Raavan asks what is this nonsense and gets an idea….. He smiles.

Laxman says it’s a matter to think about, I did not see this before. Sita says my dad told me about the special deers, the musk is found in special musk deers, during the last phase of their life, their color gets golden, so they are called golden deer. Laxman says if its true, I also wish to see such a golden deer. Raavan says golden deer….. will you not fulfill Sita’s wish before her kidnapping. Mareech asks how will we get Swarn Mrigh. Raavan laughs and says you… you will become Swarn Mrigh. Mareech asks I? Raavan says yes, there is no better Mayavi than you, either become Swarn Mrigh or let me kill you. Akampana asks Mareech why is he hesitant, you are great Mayavi, become Swarn Mrigh. Mareech nods and sits to turn into a golden deer. Raavan laughs and says be ready for Swarn Mrigh… Sita….
Precap :
Devi Parvati says Lankesh is proceeding to Panchwati for Sitaharan, will Ram and Sita have to get separated, why are you silent Swami…. Mahadev says Rishi’s curse got true, that’s why Narayan has to get away from Devi Laxmi.


** Jai Shree Ram **

mareech was unsuccessful to do ravan work

sita looks to mareech

sita laxman talks siyakeram

roma asks bali to forgive sugreev

ravan and mareech

ram angry at mama mareech

ram looking downward

ram talks to mareech

ravan about to kill mareech

mareech scared due to ravan

mareech converts into deer

hanuman visits kiskinda

hanuman says bali about sugreev

bali and sugreev wifes

anukampa looks on

ram sita laxman

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