Siya Ke Ram – Read 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 155]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

virad attacks ram

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The Episode starts with Ram saying Sita that the more I know you, I feel I know you less, we humans don’t think about what we do, but you proved injustice is injustice even with enemies. They smile. Wind blows. Ram says how did air/wind got so strong and shouts Sita, as she flies away in the wind. Bali fights with the bull/Dundhvi… Sugreev looks on. Dundhvi overpowers Bali. Bali too gets all his strength to win. Mayavi wishes Bali dies today. Bali makes Dundhvi fall down and beats the bull again and again, hitting very hard. Bali wins the fight. Mayavi gets shocked. Sugreev smiles. Bali starts leaving. Dundhvi gets up. The bull rages and kicks Bali from behind. Bali turns and hits Dundhvi with the weapon. Bull turns to Dundhvi. Bali and Sugreev get shocked seeing him. Bali says Dundhvi you… Sugreev says he is the one who tried to kill me last time. Bali says how dare you, this time you won’t be alive. Mayavi and Dundhvi run away. Bali runs after them.

Hanuman beats Rahu and Ketu and ask them the truth. Rahu says forgive us, Raavan’s son Meghnadh has sent us here with a motive, the motive would be fulfilled till now. Ketu says Bali or Sugreev, or both would have died till now. Hanuman gets shocked and says no, this can’t happen, I have to go back soon. Virat opens his mouth to swallow Sita. Sita flies in air… and gets shocked seeing the giant Virat. Ram shouts Sita…… and runs to her. Ram also flies in air and holds Sita’s hand. He saves her in nick of time when she was about to enter Virat’s mouth. Ram brings Sita on the ground. Virat laughs and says Sanyasi, you killed all my Asurs, but today your death is infront of you, you will die by my hands. He hits the ground with his giant feet. Ram moves Sita away. Virat laughs. Ram and Sita run away.

Ram asks  Virat to go away and gives him last warning, else he won’t be alive. He shoots arrow on Virat and nothing happens. Virat says your arrows won’t affect me and laughs. He bends to pick Ram. Ram jumps and falls down. Laxman comes there and gets shocked. Laxman asks Ram are you fine. Laxman takes arrow and shoots. Ram too shoots. Virat laughs and arrows fall down hitting him. Laxman says our arrows are not affecting him. Ram says there will be some way. They continue shooting arrows. Virat gets his magical weapon. Ram asks Laxman to move and get saved. They all run away. Chatayu comes there and sees them. Ram asks how did you come here. Chatayu says I heard about Virat, he is cursed, nothing will affect him, and tells some solution. Ram says Laxman and goes with him, while Sita worries.

Bali runs after Mayavi and Dundhvi. Mayavi says we have to do different directions. Bali asks Sugreev to go after Mayavi and goes after Dundhvi, saying I will take your revenge today. Dundhvi asks Bali will you arrack on me, I don’t have any weapon. Bali keeps his weapon down. Dundhvi attacks him and Bali makes him fall. Mayavi looks on. Dundhvi thinks of Mayavi’s words and turns into bull again. Bali gets angry and fights with Dundhvi again. Bali lifts Dundhvi and throws him in the air. Mayavi cries and says Dundhvi, my brother… Dundhvi falls near some sanyasi. His blood falls on Rishi’s face. Rishi sees the blood and the dead bull. He shouts who broke my Samadhi, who insulted me. He gets angry and says whoever did this, I.. Rishi Matang curse him, that if he steps on this mountain, his head will shatter in pieces. Bali and Mayavi look on.

Mayavi goes to Meghnadh and cries. Malyavaan asks where is Dundhvi. Mayavi says Dundhvi got killed by Bali, Bali is very powerful, he has thrown Dundhvi on Rishi’s mountain and got curse that if Bali goes on that mountain, his head will burst. He cries for Dundhvi. Meghnadh says we should not cry for brave soldier, we should give him tribute, now we can easily kill Bali, by taking him to that mountain. Mayavi says I m not in any state to do anything, after Dundhvi’s death, send someone else. Meghnadh says no one else can do this work, Bali will not follow anyone, he will just follow you, this is right time. Mayavi says you said true, I will take revenge for Dundhvi’s death. He shouts Bali, you have to die, I m coming. He leaves. Meghnadh and Malyavaan smile.

Raavan does a yagya. Malyavaan comes and looks on. All pandits are seated. Malyavaan tells something to Raavan. Raavan shouts. Everyone get up…… Raavan goes and sees his soldiers fallen dead. He sees the nail bites on the soldier’s face and recalls Surpanakha. FC shows Soldier stopping Surpanakha. She gets angry and gets long nails. She kills all of them by using her long dangerous nails. He says she has surely gone to Dandakaranya, she disobeyed my command….. He gets her ring and says Surpanakha, my sister. He asks Malyavaan to send soldiers to Dandakaranya and find out if  Surpanakha is safe. Malyavaan nods and goes.

Precap :
Rahu and Ketu attack Rishis and kill many. Rahu says now they will know the result of enmity with us. Ram is shown.

** Jai Shree Ram **

ram smiling pic

sita smiling pic

sugreev siyakeram

bali to kill dhundvi

virad creates storm

ram saves sita

ram hugs sita lovely

virad enters panchwati

ram sita very cute

ravan angry pics

suprnakha escapes from lanka

ravan looks on pics

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