sita sees moon and smiles

Siya Ke Ram – Read 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 170]

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The Episode starts with Ram doing the Shiv puja. Akampana comes there and looks on. He thinks he is the sanyasi who have killed Asurs, now they will be ruined. Ram does rituals with the shivling. Sita and Laxman look on and pray. Shiv idol is founded by Ram. The villagers pray. Akampana thinks Ram has Raavan worry, he has made this Dandak forest free of Asurs, he has killed Asur chiefs, this Sanyasi has cut Surpanakha’s nose, but I don’t think he has any special powers.

Pandit asks Ram to take the water and take five rounds of Shivling, then use this water to put in Dandak van, to make the land pure and free of sins. Ram takes the water and takes the rounds around Shivling, along with Sita. The people come and sing Ram Ram…..

Vishwamitra and Guru Vashisht are shown in FB. Ram’s achievements and great deeds are shown. Akampana hears the great things said about Ram in the song sung by the men and get shocked. The man sings about Ram and Sita’s marriage, fulfilling Dasharath’s promise, coming to stay in van and protecting Rishis and Munis. Ram and Sita continue taking the rounds. Ram’s strength to said to be Sita. Akampana stares at Sita. The man praises Ram in the song. Ram sprinkles the water in four directions of the dandak van to purify the place. Akampana thinks so this is the truth of this Sanyasis….. He leaves from there.

Akampana goes to Lanka. Raavan asks him the reason of his silence. Surpanakha looks at Akampana and says you were saying big things before going to Dandakaranya, I knew Akampana can’t do anything. She asks Raavan why are we waiting and wasting time. Raavan asks Akampana did he not fetch any info about those Sanyasis. Akampana says you have misunderstood my silence, when Akampana goes to get any info, I do not come empty hand, but this time I have fear…. Raavan asks what fear? Akampana says fear of death, that you can kill me knowing the info.

Raavan says why will I kill you, tell me. Akampana says we thought that man is ordinary, but he is extraordinary, such man is born once in many generations, he has born by Rishis’ blessings and tapasya Maharishi Vashisht and Vishwamitra have made him skilled, they have given him their Divyastra to make him more skilled, he has all weapons, he is the best warrior in the world, he has killed Tadaka, Subahu, Virat and Asur chiefs, he has killed all of brave Asurs with just one arrow, not just this, Maharishi Parshuram who has made this earth lose the brave warriors 21 times, he also got speechless infront of Ram, when Ram gets angry, when Lord can’t control him.

Raavan gets angry. Akampana says that’s why, leave the thought to battle with such a mighty brave warrior, because this time victory is not possible. Raavan shouts Akampana….. and walks to him. Raavan says you are singing song of my enemy infront of me, that Ram can be mighty and brave, but he did not face me till now. Akampana says sorry Lankesh, but he has proved himself to you once. Raavan asks what. Akampana says yes, the Shiv Dhanush which you could not move, that Sanyasi broke it and married Mithila king’s daughter Sita.

Raavan shouts Akampana and holds his neck. He lifts him and says I did not send you to Dandakaranya to find about my enemy’s greatness, but to find his weakness. Akampana says sure Lankesh, he has one weakness. Raavan drops him and says say it soon…. Akampana says his weakness is his strength, his wife Sita…… She is a very beautiful woman, Sanyasi Ram loves his wife Sita a lot. Raavan says I understood what I have to do…. Mandodari looks on…

Hanuman crowns Sugreev. Everyone cheer for Sugreev. Tara and Roma smile. Sugreev tells everyone that he is not deserving like Bali, he is accepting this throne so that he can serve this Rajya which was dear to Bali. Bali gets up and sees the mountain shut. He says who would have shut this door….. Sugreev says I m not Kishkindha’s Swami, I m accepting this duty as Bali’s sevak, the way Bali has served you all, I will also promise to serve you all. Hanuman signs to Sugreev and pacifies him.

Bali calls out Sugreev and says you have gone leaving me, now I understood you have shut this door, it means Sugreev is my enemy, not Mayavi, Sugreev has done this crime to cheat me, now no one can save him from my anger. He hits the stone and the stone bursts. Bali comes out of the mountain cave and shouts Sugreev….

Surpanakha tells Raavan that a good king is one who ends the work on time, delay ruins the king and Rajya, then why are you waiting. Raavan says they have insulted our Kul’s woman, our revenge will be fulfilled with the end of his prestige and respect, the man’s biggest respect is his house’s woman, I will snatch this from that Sanyasi. She smiles. Mandodari worries.

Sita looks at the sky. Ram walks to her. She asks him to see the moon, we left for van from Ayodhya on Poornima day, we have completed 13 years in sanyaas, not after one year, we will return Ayodhya, Mata and sisters will be waiting for us anxiously, we can meet all of them. He says yes, I m sure that our one year in van will pass peacefully and happily, and we can do our duties well in this last year. Ram Ram….plays….

Raavan says that fool does not know he will suffer and die when I kidnap his dear wife Sita. Everyone get shocked. Raavan says Sita had to come here, she would have come as queen, now I will make her a Daasi, Raavan’s Daasi. Surpanakha gives a evil grin.
Precap :
Surpanakha says what will you do now Ram, your Sita will become Raavan’s Daasi, my heart will calm down when I see you restless for Sita. Mandodari asks Raavan why is he punishing Sita when his battle is with Ram. Raavan asks her not to interfere where she is not needed. Ram and Sita are seen happy in the van. Raavan leaves from Lanka.

** Jai Shree Ram **

bali tries to open cave's mouth

meghnad siya ke ram

ram cute smile

ram joins hand and bow

ram sita laxman joins hand

ram sita workship mahadev

ravan gets angry at anukampa

ravan plans a strategy

sita ram looks to sky

sita sees moon and smiles

anukampa keep eye on ram

anukampa in lanka

bali inside the cave

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