ravan's sees suprankha cutted nose

Siya Ke Ram – Read 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 167]

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The Episode starts with Surpanakha running to the Asur sena. The chief asks what happened. She shows her cut nose. He asks who did this bad thing. She says those Sanyasis did this, go and kill them. Ram and Laxman see the dust storm and hear sounds. Ram says Laxman, I think Asurs have attacked, go to Sita soon, I will manage them. Laxman says but… Ram says I can manage them, I m enough for them, you go to Sita fast, you have to be with her.

Sita walks in jungle and recalls Surpanakha’s words. Laxman goes in search of her and sees her. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks what happened, you look very worried, did that Surpanakha…. She asks him to control his anger, anger just knows to ruin things.

Ram looks at the Asur army. Chief asks the army to attack. Ram shoots arrows and kills all of them. Ram Ram….plays…….. chief says now you will die by my hands.

Laxman says but that woman was trying to kill you, how could I let this happen. She says you have cut a woman’s nose to protect my life, do you know what you did, is this right to insult her like this. He says I did not have time to think anything. She says what you did will not let Surpanakha realize her mistake, because you have made her helpless to live with this insult. Laxman says but you know what she was trying to do, even Ram explained her a lot, how can you have sympathy for her, its my duty to protect Ram and you, else my life has no meaning. She says you can’t justify your doings, what you did was last way, you should have punished her such that she realized her mistake, I m ashamed of your doings.

Chief throws some light ball and Ram shoots to defend. Chief throws a fire ball. Ram aims and shoots, and then his arrow strikes the chief. Maryada Purshottam Ram…..plays……… the other Asur gets angry.

Laxman says whatever happened was accidental, I did not wish to cut her nose, I know Ram and you will feel this bad, but I m sorry. She says whatever happened, the result will be bad, whenever a woman is insulted, the consequences are bad, we three are responsible for Surpanakha’s state, we have to bear its consequences. He says no, I have done this, why will you and Ram bear this, I won’t let any bad fate strike Ram and you, if anything bad is going to happen, I will bear the result. She sees the stormy sky and asks him to leave her alone for some time, and control his anger, as anger gives birth to ruining, hatred and sin. She goes to the hut. Laxman thinks why did Ram not come till now, I can’t leave Sita alone.

Sita cries and thinks of Surpanakha’s warning. Ram battles with the other Asur, who tries to best to attack Ram. Ram then gets a miraculous arrow and shoots. The other Asur gets killed by it. The rest of Asurs run away. Ram comes back to hut and asks Laxman about Sita. Laxman says she is upset, she did not come out from hut since long time, she asked me to leave but I could not leave her alone. Ram asks how much time passed. Laxman says its been long…. Ram goes to Sita.

Ram says Sita…. She goes to him and hugs him. she asks are you fine. He says yes, why are you so worried. She says I m worried for you, today’s unexpected incident made me tensed, don’t know where is this incident signing. He says whatever happens in world, there is some motive, we will know the motive of today’s incident when right time comes, but you don’t worry especially for me, till we are together, no bad fate can affect me. They hug. She smiles.

Surpanakha goes to Lanka. She asks everyone to see her bad state, and witness this, they don’t know what serious humiliation it is. Kaikesi says Surpanakha…. Kaikesi, Mandodari and Sulochana look on and go to see. Surpanakha goes to Raavan’s Rajya Sabha. Raavan, Malyavaan, Vibhishan and Meghnadh look on. Surpanakha says I m Lankesh’s sister, three lok’s Swami’s sister, how did I get insulted, and Raavan did not know about it, Raavan does not think who can harm him, but his success and power are useless, which could not protect his dear sister, he could not protect her from getting insulted. Raavan asks her to say what happened, he has no time to solve her riddles, what is the meaning of hiding face. She says let it be hidden, I fear seeing my face, my family’s head can bow down by shame.

Raavan asks Vibhishan to ask Surpanakha what does she want to say. Vibhishan asks Surpanakha to say what is the matter, you are saying you got insulted, tell us what happened and who did it, Raavan will get justice for you. She asks will getting justice clean this stain from me, if he was worried for me, my protection would have made more clear-cut. Meghnadh says we knew you went to Dandakaranya, and sent soldiers for your protection. She asks for protection or for keeping an eye on me. Mandodari says you are very angry, I suggest you take rest and calm down, then talk to us. Surpanakha says yes, I m very angry for what happened with me. Kaikesi asks her to show her face and tell what happened. Surpanakha asks what will happen if I show face, will anyone take revenge, I don’t know anyone has this courage. Raavan shouts Surpanakha and stands up. She removes the cloth and shows her cut nose to everyone. They all get shocked. Raavan fumes with anger. Surpanakha cries. Raavan looks on.

Precap :
Raavan asks who has made his family’s ruin definite by insulting Raavan’s sister. Surpanakha says those Sanyasis, your enemy Ram. Meghnadh says I will kill them before morning. Raavan says this time, I will go there, not you…

** Jai Shree Ram **

chief demons got killed

supranakha nose got cutted

siya ram hugs love

siya get shocked

ram shoots arrow

ram to kills demons

ram to kills demons

ravan's sees suprankha cutted nose

sita depressed

ram looks face zoom

ram looks cutely

ram awesome scene

nature wind

demons army

cute ram siyakeram

mandodari with sulochna shocked

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