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Siya Ke Ram – Read 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images of Episode [Episode : 163]

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The Episode starts with Ram calling out Sita and coming near the lake. Surpanakha disappears. Sita looks at the black flowers and worries. Ram tells Sita that I did not find out when my dhyaan ended, where is Laxman. Sita says I think I met the woman, whom you saved. He looks around. She asks are you finding her. He says no. She says I think she is in love with you. She jokes and laughs.


Laxman comes and asks Ram… you here, is there any problem. Sita says there is big problem, a woman is in love with Ram. Laxman asks who is that woman trying to come between you. Ram says Laxman, she is just teasing you and me.


Surpanakha adorns herself with the lotus flowers. She recalls Sita’s beauty and fumes. She throws away the lotus and says I want to look beautiful…. She looks at herself and says Ram will see my beauty when I get ready completely and come face to face with you, I will get engrossed in your love so that my beauty glows.


She says I will write a letter to Sulochana and ask for all the jewelry. She writes a letter to Sulochana… I did not expect Panchwati will be so beautiful, I have seen a Divyapurush here. She describes Ram in detail. Sulochana gets her letter and reads smiling. Surpanakha writes Ram is very brave, he has saved Rishis and villagers by fighting with all the Asur army alone, he stays as a Sanyasi in this jungle, his name is Ram, I have given myself to him by my heart. Sulochana is glad reading the letter. Surpanakha asks her to send all the jewelry and a Daasi along, so that her beauty gets glorified, she wants to please Ram by looking the best.


Sulochana says what happened to Bua, and asks Daasis to arrange Shringhaar items. Meghnadh comes and asks where are you going without informing me. Sulochana hides the letter, and says nowhere, I was just getting some new jewelry. He asks what is she hiding and gets that letter from her. He reads Surpanakha’s letter and gets angry. He says Ram… it means one of that two Sanyasis….. He asks how can you help Bua after knowing about whom is she talking, why, if you try to help Bua, I will not leave you, you will forget whats light, you and Bua will not get forgiven, and not even that Sanyasi Ram. He leaves angrily.


Raavan is in his Kaksh. He plays dice with some of his ministers. Meghnadh comes there and tells Raavan that Bua wrote letter to Sulochana and asked for jewelry, she is in love with some hermit, his name is Ram, did you hear anything… Raavan takes it light and says getting angry like this is not your nature Meghnadh, Surpanakha has always been crazy. Meghnadh says yes, but the Ram she is loving, he is our enemy, our Asurs are getting killed by Ram, it can happen that your sister’s madness can become a reason of our ruin. Raavan asks minister to play his turn. Minister says I think you will lose now. Raavan gets angry and says I don’t know what is failure, roll dice again….. Minister does as Raavan tells him. Raavan smiles after winning. Minister says I don’t have any solution now, you have won Lankesh….


Surpanakha gets ready wearing the jewelry and tells the Daasis that she has got more beautiful now, she will now succeed to get Ram. She says this scented water made me full of good essence, Ram will be mesmerized seeing me and get willing to get me. Daasis make her wear more jewelry. Daasi compliments her and says even heaven Apsaras can’t do such adornment, anyone can fall in love with you. Surpanakha says I just wish to get Ram, if anyone comes between us, that person has to regret.


Sita walks to Ram. He sees some women. Sita says these women are going for Amavasya puja. Ram says you want to go with them, you can go, and tells how Sati has kept this fast to get Mahadev, Mahadev was pleased and blessed that whoever woman keeps this fast, she will get her husband’s love. Sita says yes, whats why I want to keep this fast. He asks why, do you doubt your husband’s love will get less for you. She says no, women keep such fasts and pujas to make love more strong. He says you said true, human’s love can protect the world, till love is alive, humanity is alive, the world will be beautiful, but Sita, Laxman should go with you to village, it will be right to ensure your safety.


Meghnadh scolds Sulochana for sending jewelry to Surpanakha after he refused. She says I did what was right. Bua ji is in love, if she wants to adorn herself, what problem do you have. He shouts I have problem, you have made my dad helpless infront of Ram. She says if your dad gets weak infront of anyone’s love, it will be his failure, not greatness. Raavan comes and shouts Sulochana. He says what you did by helping Sulochana, you went against my rules, you know the punishment for going against Rajya. She says I m ready to die, if I will be punished for supporting a woman in love, I m ready.


Malyavaan comes and says Lankesh… He tells something to Raavan. Raavan turns and leaves with Malyavaan. Meghnadh too leaves.


Ram gets water pot. He hears someone running and turns to see. He follows that person. Ram enters some cave. He sees fire getting lit. Surpanakha walks in. Ram says you…. She smiles and says yes, I knew when my life is in danger, you will come to save me, you are ready to kill my enemy. He asks who is your enemy and where is he. He says Kamdev is my enemy, he has entered me and troubling me, kill him today, free me of Kamdev’s tortures today.


Precap :
Surpanakha asks Ram to marry her right now. She asks him not to cross limits. She says I set my own limits, what is that love who do not cross limits. Ram pushes the garlands away.

** Jai Shree Ram **

supranakha getting ready

supranakha picks lotus

supranakha thinks about ram

suprankhaa lotus siyakeram

laxman finding ram sita

meghnad angry at supranakha

meghnad warns sulochna

ram smiling cute siyakeram

ravan sitting in singhshan 1

sulochna reads supranakha letter's

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