Siya Ke Ram – Read 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episodes [Episode : 125]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram, Sita and Laxman walking ahead in their journey towards the other ashram. Laxman thinks Ram and Sita look upset, I have to do something. He smiles seeing the flowers and asks them to see the beautiful flowers. He smells a flower, while Sita calls him out to stop. Laxman starts sneezing and asks Sita to do something, else he will die. She looks around and asks him to wait. Ram smiles. Sita sees some flowers. Laxman says I m sneezing and Ram is smiling. Sita gives some other flower petals and asks Laxman to smell it. Laxman gets fine. Sita asks Laxman did he not remember that white flower’s smell will cause sneezing. Laxman says I remember, but I can smell the such flowers of the entire world to make you and Ram smile. They smile.

Guru Vashisht tells Bharat that this diya should be lit for 13 days, it is sign of Dasharath’s soul peace, we will do rituals and our sorrow will get less, we will immerse this diya along with pind daan. Kaikeyi comes there and calls out Bharat. Everyone look on. Kaikeyi asks Bharat what Adharm is happening. She says Sumitra, your son Shatrughan has broke all limits, he is beating Mantra, a woman, she is like my mother, no one has right to punish her, and why are you silent Bharat…. Bharat gets angry. Kaikeyi says Mantra is equal to your mother too, you have to protect you, why are you silent seeing the maryada/limits breaking. Bharat says you started this, Shatrughan is doing this, I will start placing the traditions right, this will start by punishing you for your sins, what you did was against Ayodhya’s good, you have hurt entire Ayodhya, you have no right to stay in Ayodhya. They all get shocked. Bharat says your punishment is you have to leave from Ayodhya. Kaikeyi asks what, will my son make me leave from here.

Bharat says yes, I will do. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He drags her out. Kaushalya slaps Bharat and stops him. she asks what are you doing Bharat, how can you behave such with your mother. Bharat asks Kaushalya to beat him more, maybe my guilt gets less by your beating, maybe my inner anger and regret gets less. He cries and says beat me more if you want, punish me, but I request you that you don’t stop me today. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. He says woman does not become Maa by giving birth to a child, the woman who becomes reason for her husband’s death, the woman who plots to send her beloved son to vanvaas, its foolish to regard such woman as human, Kaikeyi is culprit of entire Ayodhya. He takes Kaikeyi with him, while Kaushalya asks him to stop. Guru Vashisht cries.

Ram, Sita and Laxman go ahead. They see a big tree. Sita says this is so pure and spiritual. Ram agrees and says Devtas stay in such pure trees, its said that whatever we wish by doing praying here gets fulfilled, people tie threads and take rounds before making a wish. Sita says then we will also make a wish. She goes ahead and stops. She smiles seeing him, and holds his hand. Siya ram…plays…… She takes him. They smile seeing each other, and pray. She wishes for blessings that Ram and her love is always unbreakable, their future is always bright, her face always shines by his love, she always stays with him and Ram always succeeds in his motives. Ram looks at her. She smiles. They tie thread and take rounds of the tree.

Ram asks her what did she wish. She says wish can’t be told to anyone. Ram thinks Sita if you tell me or not, but I know you will wish for our love and duty fulfillment. They smile.

Kaikeyi asks Bharat to leave her hand, where is he taking her. Bharat does not listen to her and takes her outside the Raj bhavan. He throws her on the ground and says you don’t have any relation with us and our Kul, leave from here. She gets shocked and says you are sacrificing your Maa. She shouts Bharat. He goes inside Raj bhavan and the main gates get shut. Praja looks on.

Sita likes the place. Ram says this is Chitragupt’s pure place, we will stay here. They see some birds coming that way. Laxman says so many birds are coming here, I feel its sign of some trouble. Sita says don’t worry, its not sign of danger, they are coming to welcome us, the trees and birds look so happy by our coming here. Ram asks how did you aquire this knowledge. She says I m Bhoomija, I m born from the earth, same way the trees are also born from the soil, there is a relation with them which I can’t express, so I know trees and birds too. Ram says every incident has a reason for sure, vanvaas was my fate, but you are with me, its my luck, all my doubts got away, I m stay with you in van without any worry.

Rishis come there. Rishi greets Ram and says we are lucky that you have come here at Chitragupt’s pure land. Laxman greets Rishi and asks how did you know about our arrival. Rishi says Maharishi Bharadwaj informed us, come with me to our ashram, accept our invitation. Ram says sure.

Rishi Jabali sees Kaikeyi and says Rajmata you are here, now Kaikeyi has become an ordinary woman, why is anger seen in your eyes, are you still thinking why did Bharat punish you this way, I pity you, you lost your senses such that you don’t realize your mistakes, if you realized it, then your crime would have not let you be alive for a moment, this is your biggest misfortune. He leaves. Kaikeyi cries and looks at the shut gates. She leaves from there. She says what did I do, such big mistake.

Precap :
Kaikeyi goes to take Jal Samadhi and says I have no reason to be alive now, this Jal Samadhi is the only option now. A man informs Kaushalya and Sumitra about this.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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