Siya Ke Ram – Read 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 143]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

ram looks to sita

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The Episode starts with Laxman taking Sita to show that place. Ram smiles. Laxman shows the beautiful place and asks Sita to see its beauty. Sita sees the birds nests and thinks the birds made the nests upwards, when birds always make nests down, its against nature. Ram says Sita. Sita asks what is important for environment. Laxman says beauty, calmness and pure water around, its all necessary to make Sita’s house. Sita asks can’t we make hut anywhere else. Laxman says no, look at this place, its best. She says fine, as you wish. She looks at the trees and nests. Ram looks on, and asks Sita is there any problem, you can tell me.

Sita says sometimes experience is necessary to understand situation. He asks what does she mean. She says nothing, come Laxman, we will start building the new home. Laxman says sure.

Hanuman and Sugreev go to Gandharao’s palace. Hanuman asks Sugreev to wait here, I will meet princess Roma and come, if meets is in our favor, I will call you. Sugreev says promise me you will get things in our favor. Hanuman says have patience, and stay here, wait for me. Sugreev says sure. Hanuman skips guards’ sight and enters the palace. Sugreev prays that Hanuman succeeds and come. Hanuman sees the statues and says those coming here are really girls. He hides and the girls spot his tail. The girl says whose tail is this. Hanuman extends his tail. He thinks they can’t find me now, and diverts them. He wonders if Roma is one of them, and pulls his tail. He comes out. They scream seeing him. He greets him and asks is this flower theirs. They run away.

Ram digs some soil to lay foundation. Sita gets the green bushes stems. Ram smiles seeing her and thinks our meet was unique coincidence, Sita ‘s Swayamvar was happening and I was killing Rakshaks, I attended Swayamvar by Guru Vishwamitra’s command, then I lifted Shiv Dhanush and broke it. FB shows those moments. He thinks then Sita and his marriage was fixed, Sita was very happy after their marriage, she is known as a lovely princess as Mithila, Janak got away from his duty when it came to do her bidaai, I promised to keep her happy always, our love got more pure after our marriage. He thinks how Ayodhya welcomed them, and Sita’s grahpravesh, but he could not keep his promise, he has got this lovely princess in van, Sita did not say anything and did not worry of problems, she always supported me as my strength and marked my path, she faced such tough situations, and did not show a sign of regret and worry, its unique selfless love and tolerance, is this expected from ordinary women too, I wish that all women become like Sita, so that every man considers himself lucky as I do. Laxman gets the woods. Ram, Sita and Laxman make the hut. It looks beautiful. Laxman helps Ram and asks him to do Dhyaan, as its time. He goes to Sita and asks her to take some rest now. Sita worries seeing the nests again.

Roma dances in her raj Kaksh. Hanuman sees her. Roma stops and continues dancing. She looks lacking focus and restless. The girl asks where is your focus Roma. Hanuman hears that she is princess Roma. He sees the flower in her hair and says aloud that she is princess Roma. Roma and everyone see him.

Laxman says see hut got complete. Sita says really beautiful. Laxman asks them to go inside and see. Ram and Sita go inside the hut. The girl asks Hanuman who is he. Hanuman asks are you Roma. She says no, I m her friend. He says sorry, I came to talk to Roma. Roma says tell me. He says I m Sugreev’s friend Hanuman, Sugreev has sent me, you know he loves you. She smiles. He says according to him, you also love him, I asked him to ask you, that’s why I came here to ask you do you love my friend. Roma gets shy. Hanuman says he wants to marry you, would you like to marry him. The girl says Roma, you love Sugreev, I did not know this. Hanuman says such good news, I will rush to inform my friend, he will be waiting. Roma stops him and asks where are you going, you came to talk about my marriage. He says I did and took your approval. She asks who will talk to my dad and take his approval. He asks really, do I need to talk to someone else. She laughs and nods. He says fine, I will talk to him. The guards come and catch him. Hanuman says I was myself going to meet king, no need to catch me, come. Roma gets tensed.

Sita gets restless in sleep and wakes up. She rushes outside. She sees Ram sleeping and Laxman guarding. Laxman asks her whats the matter. Sita looks around and sees the nest. He asks why did you look restless. She says I came to see the birds, I feel they are scared by hearing their sound. She asks him to come fast and wakes up Ram. Ram asks what happened. Sita asks Ram to just come soon. Ram says yes, but… why is this change in environment. Sita says come Laxman. Laxman says we will save inside hut, come there. Sita says there is no time to think, come fast. Ram asks Laxman to come. They leave.

Precap :
Ram, Sita and Laxman get shocked seeing the water flood breaking and washing off their hut.

** Jai Shree Ram **

roma in siya ke ram

roma in siya ke ram

sita in shaadi vivaah dress siya ke ram

hanuman smiles pic

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