Siya Ke Ram – Read 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 124]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bharat apologizing to Kaushalya.  Kaushalya holds him and says its not your mistake, Ram, Sita and Laxman know this too. She says when Ram got to know about promises, he became very happy, because you were going to become king, he requested Praja that they should love you same, you are dear to Ram, we all know this, and that’s why, you have to manage Ayodhya’s rule now, this is necessity and you have to do this, you have to accept your duty. He says no, the throne on which Ram has to sit, I can’t increase my sin burden more by sitting on that throne, whatever happened was not in my control, but whatever will happen now is in my control. He cries.

Ram tells Rishi that he got peace in heart by doing final rites of the deer, thanks to you for allowing me. Sita says the deer’s death sorrow was not less than sorrow of any loved one for us. Ram says that’s why, we want to do ved paath for the deer’s soul peace. Bharat says I don’t deserve to become the king, I m not suitable. Guru Vashisht says Bharat, do you believe that Ayodhya’s betterment is most imp for Ram. Bharat says yes.

Guru Vashisht says if Ram was the king, then Ayodhya’s  betterment would be secured, but even then he accepted vanvaas, why, Ram did that as he was sure that his most dearest brother is suitable to become Ayodhya’s king, if you really love Ram, then learn to respect Ram’s belief, this is your test. You have to face tough situation and serve your duty, I gave four brothers this teachings in gurukul, you have to do son’s duty first, you have to do Dasharath’s final rites first. They cry.

Mandvi and Kaushalya console Bharat. Bharat says I can’t do this Maa. Rishi tells Ram thought about Ved Paath maryada for a deer’s soul peace, just you could think of this Ram, you proved that animals and human’s soul are equal to you, this is the truth, there will be one more benefit, the moment the deer died, if any living being died at that time, that person will also get Moksh. Dasharath’s final rites are done by Bharat. Everyone cry. Ram is doing Ved paath for deer’s soul peace. Rishi tells about the Ved, the sound produced by the ved spreads around the world, whomsoever’s final rites are done at this time will have a place in heaven.

Shatrughan looks on. Bharat gives fire to Dasharath’s funeral. Shatrughan thinks whoever has made my father die, its time to punish that person. Rishi says Ved paath is over. Ram thanks Rishi for completed Ved paath with them. He says after completing this, my heart got peace, all the restlessness ended. Sita says yes, all doubts and fears ended by Ved mantras. Rishi says you know why, we are sorrowful by some things, by Ved mantra, our sorrowful heart gets calmed.

Shatrughan comes to Mantra’s Kaksh and ruins the things. Mantra asks what are you doing, stop.  Shatrughan says your sin pot has got complete, you ruined Raghukul, you are responsible for my father’s death. He drags her out. Mantra shouts for help. Kaikeyi comes there and stops Shatrughan telling about Dharm and Raghukul’s rituals. Shatrughan says you do not look good to say about Dharm and traditions of Raghukul.

Kaikeyi says Mantra is like my mother, Bharat also regards her mother. Shatrughan says she has poisoned our Raghukul, its better not to have such mother. Kaikeyi commands him to stop, and says I m your mum. Shatrughans anger is at peak and he argues. He says you lost all rights to give command, you are not my mother anymore. He takes out sword and says move off my way, else I will forget you are Bharat’s mother. He drags Mantra and takes her out. Mantra asks Kaikeyi to save her. Kaikeyi cries.

Ram asks Rishi to allow them to go ahead. Rishi says Ganga Yamuna joining link is pure place for Rishis, I wish you stay with us in my ashram for 14 years, you won’t have any problem here. Ram says we will always be thankful for your love, but this place is close to Ayodhya, its not good for our vanvaasi life to meet Ayodhya’s people, because of this reason, it will be good if we leave from here. Rishi says your worry is right. Ram requests him to guide them, which place will be good for their sanyaasi life. Rishi tells him the place for Rishi, muni, sanyaasi, there are many ashram there, Sita won’t have any problem there, you can stay there with other Rishis. Ram thanks him for guiding them, and takes leave. Rishi blesses them. Ram, Sita and Laxman leave from the ashram.

Shatrughan pushes Mantra out of the Raj bhavan. Mantra asks Praja to save her, injustice is happen with her. Shatrughan tells Praja that Dasharath died and Ram went for vanvaas because of her, she is culprit of Raaghukul and entire Praja, so you all have right to punish her, you all decide now. Praja gets angry on her and says she has no right to be alive. He takes stone. Mantra cries and recalls her dream. She starts laughing and says I m Mantra, I m Kaikeyi’s Daasi, no one can punish me, I will change everyone’s fate and ruin them. Praja throw stones at her. She runs from there. Shatrughan looks on.

Precap :
Bharat pushes Kaikeyi and says you have no relation with us and our Kul. Rishi Jabali says I m shocked to see you lost your senses such that you don’t realize your mistake, if you realized, your crime would have not let you be alive, this is your bad fate. Kaikeyi cries…

** Jai Shree Ram **

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