Siya Ke Ram – Read 17th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 140]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 17th April 2016 Written Episode Update

ram sita hugs siya ke ram

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The episode starts with ram asking laxman where is Sita she should be here. He gets really worried and asks in a stern voice where is Sita then he tells laxman something and goes in search of her. Ram gets relieved seeing Sita in the river bank. Sita feels Rams presence and turns and smiles. They walk to each other and she asks him aap yaha he tells laxman told me but I was worried and. She smiles and asks if should get lost in the forest ,he gets shocked and holds her and saying that he will find her come what may as ram can’t live without his Sita she tells something aap ke Siya and hugs him and she holds his hand and tells him to come after sunset.

He smiles and agrees and she hugs him again and ram murmurs Siya. I missed bajrangbali Bali scenes I mean I couldn’t understand properly. Actually they would go somewhere atop the mountain and the little boy would see ram carved in the Rock and asks hanuman who is it. Hanuman replies he has trust that he will see him one day. Hanuman recalls someone hugging him (young ram I guess) and he looks at the carving and asks who are you he goes near and prays to it and Lord surya dev appears they have some convo and Hanuman again this time smiling tells something to the carving of ram and ram comes after sunset and a beautiful set of rocks with diyas is shown and Sita is standing. he calls her out and she turns.

She goes near him (Siya ram ram plays) and she when she moves her cloth fireflies fly ram smiles and praises her. She asks him to close his eyes and he asks why but she convinces him to close and takes him where laxman is standing. Flower garlands have something hidden and Sita gives a string to ram to open it and he gets emotional seeing statues of the ayodhya family. Laxman hugs ram and gets his blessing….Ram pays respects and Sita gets teary eyed. Sita tells something you will be in my eyes (netromein) for yugas( janmas) and I will occupy your heart. I think she says this and then hugs him. Then rishi Atari is explain about the atrocities of the rakshas and tells u will face a lot of difficulties. It is not a good idea to have janak nandini by your side . She can stay in this ashram she will be protected. Ram tells that he will convince Sita.

Precap :
Ram comes to Sita she asks him to tell and he explains her to stay in the ashram. She gets shocked.

** Jai Shree Ram **

cute sita

cute sita

cute ram

cute ram

surya dev arrives

ram shadow in hanuman dream

hanuman sees ram in his dream

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